Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki 21st August 2019 Written Episode Update: Suman accepts Arjun’s deal to save Mohan

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The Episode starts with Arjun takes Suman to room. Suman thanks him. Arjun says I am not doing a brave thing, but a stupidity, and says others shall not think it is stupidity. He asks her to remember their deal. Suman comes to room and sees Badal there. She closes the door and asks Badal why did you come here? Badal says today is your first Teej and our teej after marriage. Suman says although we love each other, we can’t be together. She asks when you will understand. Badal says you are just mine, I can’t see you with Arjun, can’t bear to see him touching you. He hugs her. Suman pushes him and asks him to take her and removes her dupatta. Badal is shocked and covers her up with it. He says don’t think me wrong, how can a husband see his wife marriage with another guy. He says I am dying daily to think that someone else loves you, will marry and get you, will take your name etc. Suman says I have decided that Arjun will be my future and asks him to accept his soon. She asks him to bury his love and move on in life. She asks him to do what he wanted to do in his life, says our love story was destined to be incomplete, what do we get by eloping, it is enough of bad reputation and asks him to go and never to come back. Badal says I will find some way. Suman says I am tired of this fight, I don’t want to be with you. Badal says how can you change? Suman says humans change with time, and I am human too. She makes him leave from her room and closes the door. She cries. Badal knocks on her door.

Suman cries sitting inside and says I have done a deal with Arjun, which you couldn’t do. She apologizes again and cries. She recalls confronting him for pressurizing Badal to accept the deal. A fb is shown, Arjun says I wanted to see how much he loves him. Suman asks did you see, what did he say that he will not do deal with you, and says you can’t compete with him in love, but can get my love by doing the same deal with me. She asks him to treat Badal’s father and says she will try to make a first move towards her and will try to come closer to him. She says I am ready to accept you and asks him to make Badal’s father fine and treat him for free. Arjun says it is a deal Mrs. Suman Arjun Mishra. Fb ends. Suman says I love you very much and can sacrifice my life for you, but I know that nothing will happen with that. She says I even know that we can’t be together, this is truth. She says if your mother gets happiness and your father gets a life then I will sacrifice my love. She hopes badal understands her helplessness one day.

Arjun asks Nurse to give insulin injection to Mohan. Badal comes and asks what did you do with my father? Nurse says he got your father operation done for free and says you shall be thankful to him. Badal is shocked and asks when I rejected your deal, then why are you doing this drama. Arjun says I was impressed by you or may be did for Suman. Badal says you might have got Suman accepted the deal and says you took advantage of her helplessness and that’s why she agreed to married you. He is about to hit Arjun, but Suman comes and asks him not to touch her would be husband. She says she is Suman Pandey and will never get forced by anyone, says she is marrying Arjun thinking about her future and says tomorrow is her marriage and says she will not invite him. He says I have a right to question you and holds her hand to take her to side. Arjun stops him and says she had enough talk. Badal says I will not let your marriage happen. Suman says this marriage will happen. She holds Arjun’s hand and takes him from there. Badal gets shocked. Arjun and Suman come home. Arjun says you shouldn’t have come there and says I would have handled him. He says if Badal has done something. Suman says Badal will not harm me and tells that she has to be saved from you. She says you tried to do deal with Badal behind my back. Pujan Pandey, Rukmani and others come there. Arjun says he took her out to show his hospital. Rukmani asks him to go and get haldi applied for the marriage. Arjun goes. Rama takes Suman with her. Shashi looks on.

Suman sits for her haldi rasam. Rama applies haldi to her. Sharmila applies haldi to Arjun. Lakhan, Chandrama, Shashi and others apply haldi to her. Suman smiles, but is sad. Rukmani sees her sad.

Mohan opens his eyes in his house. Chatura and Guddi are happy. She asks if you’re not happy. Badal says I am happy for you, Guddi and Papa. She asks if you are not happy. Badal says just like you can’t live without Papa. I can’t live without Suman and says his heart is wrenching from inside. Chatura cries.

Pujan Pandey tells Suman that today he has realized that he has ruined and destroyed many families and lives and promises that he will not do this anymore and will not touch Badal. He says you are killing me daily by not talking to me. He asks if I am your stranger, whatever I have done till now is for your betterment and loves you more than my life. He asks her not to hate him and apologizes for his mistakes. Suman holds his hands and says no daughter can hate her father. She says I don’t understand why a father can’t give liberty to her daughter to choose her husband. She gives Rukmani and Krishna’s marriage example and says why love is a sin. Pujan Pandey says if you stand on my place then will understand. He says I know that Arjun saved badal’s father life and says I also know that Badal insulted and rejected Arjun’s offer. He asks her to decide what she wants. Suman thinks she will have badal in her heart all life.

Pujan Pandey tells Lakhan that he has to kill Badal. Badal’s friends tell him that his family is went missing.

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  1. I love this show it’s really nice and I dont want it to end would like to see will love win or lose will Arjun change will he let 2 lover be in their love forever please guys support the show n don’t let it go

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