Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki 19th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Arjun gives an offer to Badal

Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki 19th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Lakhan asking Rama if all the arrangements are done, says tomorrow is ladies’ fast so everything will be as per their wish. Rama says yes and says that she has kept which Pujan got made for Suman. Lakhan says Pujan wants everything to be fine between Suman and him. Doctor calls Badal and asks him to deposit the money soon. Badal says he could managed to get 50000 till now and asks him to make arrangements of operation. Doctor asks him to understand and says they have to do two operations, one of Mohan and other of him. Rukmani asks Lakhan to take care of Arjun. Lakhan takes him to Suman’s room while talking to him. Arjun comes inside the room. Suman recognizes him. Arjun introduces himself, looks at her mehendi and says would be husband’s name is written on it. Suman looks at him. She says you have seen my video and met Badal and me together. She asks why did you get ready to marry me even after knowing it. He says you also got ready to marry me. Suman says she did a deal with her father to save badal. She says I can’t love you. Arjun says I love you truly and is ready to wait for you. Suman says your wait will never end.

Chatura asks badal to take jewellery which she has kept for Guddi’s marriage and sell it. Badal says he will do something with his friends. He comes out. Arjun calls him and makes him recognize him. Badal says why did you come here? Arjun says I am Suman’s would be husband. Badal says I can’t let this marriage happen. Arjun asks today you can’t get your father treated and asks if something happens to her then how you will get her treated. He asks why you are pulling her in the pit of poverty. He offers to get Mohan’s treatment and says he will bear the expenses. He says he is sure that Suman will forget him if he goes away from him. Badal says how you will snatch the memories. Arjun says what you will do with memories when you can’t give her a better life. He says I will do your father’s treatment and will pay for the expenses and asks if he is ready to go far from Suman. Badal thinks of all the happenings and says I accept your offer.

Arjun says it is a deal then? Badal says I thought you wrong and tells that you don’t know love or have some childish definition. Arjun asks what you want to say? Badal says how you will make their memories fade away etc. Arjun says when you can’t give her a good life then why you are becoming thorn in her life. He says I love Suman very much and that’s why gave you an offer. Badal says you want to buy my love. Arjun says I am showing your value. Badal says I care for my respect. Arjun says you are broken and talking like this. Badal says he can protect his love. Arjun asks him to keep aashiqui with him and says he will have mohabbat. Chatura hears them. Arjun goes. She asks him to stop him and says you can’t make the arrangement. Badal says I can sacrifice my love, but can’t sell it.

Pujan Pandey comes to Suman and asks her to have samosa. She moves her face. Pujan asks her to have sweets. Suman refuses. Pujan says you are so upset and says I can’t see you like this and asks her not to punish him. She says I have done a deal with you and asks him to forgive Rukmani. She says if you are my father then she is my mother. Pujan says your future is just Arjun.

Sharmila tells Arjun tells Suman loves someone else and says this alliance can’t happen. Arjun says he was Suman’s past and I am her future. He says everything is clear now. Sharmila says marriage can’t be happen with force. Arjun says Suman is good girl and clean hearted. His mum gets worried for him. Arjun thinks time has come for our union.

Suman comes to room after bathing and is about to apply sindoor. She imagines Pujan and Badal asking her not apply sindoor and apply respectively. She asks I belong to whom? She says Badal is my husband, so how can I promise to marry someone else. She cries.

Precap: Sharmila and Arjun come to Pujan Pandey’s house. Arjun tells Suman that they shall be friends before marriage. Shashi thinks she won’t let this marriage happen.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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