Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki 16th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Suman and Badal part ways

Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki 16th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Suman crying and asking Badal to forget her. Pujan Pandey asks her not to turn and look at him and reminds her of her promise. He asks her to forget him as a bad dream. Manzilein…Hamari Adhuri Kahani plays… song plays…..Badal gets shattered and cries. He says why did you do this Suman. Pujan takes Suman from there. Arjun looks at Suman’s pic and says I love you and says if I have a chance to get a smallest place in your heart then I will not leave that chance and will make you mine. Suman looks at Badal’s pic and tells Rukmani that lovers are mad and think very good thing will happen in love and thinks the people around them good, but then the same thing happens to them which happened with us. She says bau ji is the badshah of hatred and separated badal and me. She says he is my heart and soul, how he will take him out from there. She says he has wiped sindoor from my maang, but how he will take him out of my breath and heart and asks her to say. Rukmani keeps hand on her head. Suman says what did he do by doing this.

Badal is walking on the road and thinks of Suman’s words. He thinks of his moments with Suman. Rukmani tells Suman that a woman shall agree to man’s sayings, which goes with the flow and who bear everything and says I tried to make you understand, but you didn’t understand. When I come to know about your marriage and love, I had told you not to walk on this path, you will feel pain. Suman cries hugging her and sees Pujan Pandey standing there.

Badal’s friend Ashok and Kamal give him some money and tells that he has sold the bike. Badal says they need money after the operation and says he is thinking to sell house. He says he failed as a brother, husband and son. Guddi says you haven’t failed in any relation and asks him to pray to make everything fine. She ties rakhi to his hand and make him eat sweets. She hugs him. Badal says I salute your thinking and trust. He says I have nothing to give you. Guddi says you are the best brother and asks him to go and bring Suman back. Badal asks her to forget Suman and says she sacrificed her love for my life. Guddi asks him to go and get her. Badal says I have many responsibilities. Guddi says Suman is also part of our family. Badal says when you have grown up and thinks you will be mine always Suman, you have broken our marriage, but not me. Pujan Pandey says you lied to me and betrayed 25 years of our relation. He says you are cunning and a liar, I don’t hope this from you. He says daughter has bad sanskar because you couldn’t give it to her. He says you could not become a good wife and mother and says I, Pujan Pandey breaks my relation with you now itself. I have no relation with you now. Rukmani cries.

Suman calls him and says claps. She says anyone shall learn how an adarsh man shall be. She says you are a double standard man and tells that Maa used to bear you and your doings since she left her father’s home and says when I did a mistake then you are blaming my mother. She says your sanskar could have saved me and says your sanskar are weak. She says your mistake was that you did a mistake by getting me educated and snatching my rights to think and decide. Pujan Pandey gets angry and signs Rukmani to see her. He goes. Suman cries hugging Rukmani.

Later Rukmani asks Shashi to keep Teej’s mehendi in Suman’s room. Shashi says Badke bhaiyya got my nose cut infront of her, but I will go as you are saying. Shashi comes to Suman’s room and asks if she left Badal. Suman asks why did you betray me when I trusted you and told about my location. Shashi says you are Pujan Pandey’s daughter who didn’t think before getting Anjali’s accident. Suman says you are taking revenge from me and says I didn’t tell you as because of you, I saw bau ji’s real face and spent some good time with Badal. Shashi asks with whose name will you apply mehendi, ex husband or future husband. Suman thinks why God is testing her.

Precap: Arjun comes to Badal and gives him an offer to do his father’s treatment and bear the expenses and asks him to forget Suman.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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