Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki 13th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Lakhan forcibly takes Suman’s home, Badal in danger

Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki 13th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Arjun and his mum watch the news about Suman and Pujan Pandey’s statement. His mum tells that she was doubtful about Suman and that they lied to us. Arjun tells that he can’t hear anything against Suman and don’t believe media. She says it is a matter of your life. Arjun says he will talk to Pujan uncle. Rukmani asks Pujan not to hide his emotions and says you are good husband, father and brother. Pujan tells that he saw his daughter in an objectionable position with Badal and thought to kill her right there, but couldn’t do that. He says I couldn’t give her good upbringing and that’s why she blackened our face. Arjun calls Pujan Pandey and says I want to talk to you. Pujan says I will come wherever you call me.

Suman shows sindoor bottle to Badal. Song plays… Badal asks what my wife wants to have in breakfast. Suman says aloo puri, kachori, sweets and asks him not to forget milk and chocolate powder. She says since childhood, she used to drink chocolate milk and chocolate biscuit. Badal checks the money which he has and asks her to adjust for now and says he will buy chocolate factory for her. Suman asks him to buy vegetable and says she will cook food. Badal says you and asks her not to make food. Suman gets upset. He says he has to go far and that’s why he is saying. Suman says ok. He says he will come. Suman asks him not to say that and asks him to bring food fast else she will become suchundi. He hugs her.

She locks the door. Badal knocks on the door and asks her not to open the door. Suman asks him why is he joking? Badal says you are doing stupidity and says I am serious and asks her not to open door before hearing the noise. He calls Chotu…and goes. Chotu is murdered and thrown there, but badal don’t see his dead body.

Lakhan knocks on the door. Suman opens the door thinking Badal came. She sees Lakhan and tries to free her hand. Lakhan asks her not to run away and says I am very angry. Goon checks inside and tells that badal is not here. Suman says I was alone here and asks who told you that I am here. Lakhan says that guy won’t be saved. He makes her sit in car and they come home. Pujan tells Rukmani that he will bring Suman to right path. Rama informs that lakhan brought Suman home. Lakhan brings Suman and pushes her on ground. Pujan Pandey looks at her. Badal comes back home and gets shocked seeing the door open and drops the food down. The goons aim gun at him.

Suman asks Pujan Pandey with what right Lakhan brought her back and says she is mature enough to take her own decisions. She says badal didn’t kidnap her, but Lakhan Chacha has kidnapped her. She says she has full right to choose her life partner and be with him. She says I love him and he is my life. She says I chose him. Pujan Pandey asks her not to come near him and says I am ashamed of you. Suman asks what wrong did I do? Pujan says you have ruined my respect and says how dare you to stand infront of me and looking in my eyes. Suman says I shall ask you and says you are standing still after killing many people and you didn’t feel ashamed so why shall I? She says she wants to fulfill her marital relation, but that guy whom he hates so much refused saying until you give approval to our marriage, we will not move ahead. She says she is married to badal in a registrar court and shows sindoor in her maang.

Pujan Pandey says I told you that it is not applied without the rituals and asks her to wipe it. She stops him and says you are feeling bad as I am married to the guy from the community whom you hate. Badal runs away and requests someone to give phone, but nobody gives. Pujan says whenever woman crosses her limits then what do they get and gives Sita ji’s example and asks what did she get? He says I shouldn’t have let you go outside to study. She says you gave me a chance to see the world, but later I came to know that your world is small. She says I got married due to your fear as I thought you will accept Badal as you loved me so much. She says I never crossed limits after marriage and tells that he is very small than her thinking.

Precap: Pujan puts water on Suman’s head to wash away her sindoor and tells that badal will be dead. Arjun refuses to marry Badal.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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