Jaat Ki Jugni 5th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaat Ki Jugni 5th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bittu asks Munni if she will marry him. Muskan says Jyoti is right, Bittu and Munni are made for each other. Pratap says pandit is still her, marry Bittu and continue their relationship further. Munni says how can she when Bauji is in jail. Pratap says they should not wait for good things to happen. Muskan says she should give them chance do perform her kanya daan. Munni agrees. Muskan gives her bangle and says it is mother’s right to give bangle to her daughter before marriage. Marriage starts. Pandit performs rituals and Bittu and Munni follow his instructions. Panditji then says their marriage is complete and they can take elder’s blessings. They take all elder’s blessings. Muskan cries hugging Munni. Dadaji says let us take both bahus home.

Bauji is send behind bars. Savita cries she will go home without him. Bauji asks Sunaina to take Savita home. Bheem says he has to stay here only tonight as their lawyer will bail him out tomorrow. Bauji asks where is Munni, if she went home. Bheem says Pratap and Muskan got Munni and Bittu married. Bauji shouts how can it be, he will not spare them once he is out.

Phool Kumari takes both bahus home and asks them to hit rice bowl and enter home. They do same. She then takes them to home temple and prays, then tells that she got daughters instead of bahus. She then asks Munni if she forgave her. Munni says she is a mother and mother does not make any mistake. Phool Kumari emotionally hugs her emotionally. After sometime, Monty decorates Bittu and Munni’s room. Bittu walks in and Monty congratulates him. Phool Kumari enters with Munni and asks Monty to let the couple spend some quality time. She locks door from outside and leaves. Bittu tells Munni that he knows what she is going through, she must be thinking about her bauji. He further says they will not carry their relationship to next level until all the issues are sorted out. Munni happily hugs him. Bittu says they are best friends and will carry their friendship slowly, their bonding will be most strong.

Muskan serves tea to Savita. Savita throws it angrily and shouts how dare she is to help Munni and send her Bauji to jail. Bheem brings Munni’s bags and says he will throw away their death sister’s bags and asks Sunaina to clean everything before he returns. Savita sees Munni’s photo and angrily throws it on floor.

Precap: Bauji stops Munni from entering home and warns never to come back again as she is dead for them, she ruined their family’s respect. She says she will not go without his blessings. He says she is dead to them.

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