Jaat Ki Jugni 4th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaat Ki Jugni 4th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bittu points gun at Bade Chaudhry and says now there will be only love and not hatred. Phool Kumari apologizes Masterji and Dadaji and pleads to save Bittu. She gets Bittu’s call and gets up. At haveli, Pratap gets Bittu’s call and informs family that Bittu called them all to temple. Jyoti says Bittu will complete his promise as said. The all head towards temple. Dadaji with family and villagers enters and surrounds Bade Chaudhry and asks Bittu to relax now. Pratap and team also enters. Bittu asks Pandit to finish Vikram and Jyoti’s marriage today itself instead of after 2 days, he will show Bade Chaudhry that there’re is only place for love in this world. Bade Chaudhry gets angry, but stands helplessly. Jyoti says she told Bittu will keep his promise.

Panditji starts Jyoti and Vikram’s marriage. They both perform rituals as said. Pandit says marriage is complete now and they can take elders’ blessings. They both take Dadaji, Masterji, and Phool Kumari’s blessings and then touch Bittu’s feet. Bittu stops them and asks not to mae him feel old. Vikram says he is elder by his deed. They then try to touch Bade Chaudhry’s feet, but he backs off. They walk towards Savita, but Phool Kumari stops them.

Police comes. Bheem asks who called them. Jyoti says she called them to arrest Bade Chaudhry. Bheem asks what did Bade Chaudhry do. Savita also yells. Jyoti says he killed my father. Bheem asks what proof she has. She says Bittu has seen everything. Phool Kumari asks Munni to speak truth and says she knows everything. Munni reminisces finding Bade Chaudhry’s bracelet with Bittu and him telling he found this bracelet in Tauji’s hand. Phool Kumari continues pleading to save her love Bittu and tell truth. Munni says yes, Bade Chaudhry killed Tauji. Bittu says he has that bracelet and will give it to inspector tomorrow. Inspector orders constable to hand cuff Bade Chaudhry. Savita stops constable and says nobody can arrest her husband. Bheem warns inspector that he will repent for arresting Bhaisaheb. Inspector says he is doing his duty and takes Bade Chaudhry in jeep. Bheem follows jeep.

Phool Kumari apologizes Masterji and Dadaji Masterji asks to apologize Bittu. She does. He asks not to apologize as she is his mother and did for his good. She gives his hand in Munni’s hand and says their unity is by fate, but she wanted to break it blindly. Muskan and Pratap say Munni that she did right and because of her they are courageous to face truth now. Phool Kumari says she will get Munni and Bittu married now. Bittu asks Munni if she is ready to become his house’s second bahu. Munni smiles emotionally.

Precap: Bheem tells Phool Kumari that Pratap and Muskan got Munni and Bittu married. Phool Kumari greets both sons and daughter-in-laws home. Phool Kumari shouts once he is out of jail, he will not spare anyone.

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