Jaat Ki Jugni 13th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaat Ki Jugni 13th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bittu walks on road speaking to Monty over phone. A speeding truck hits him and speeds away. He falls on stone and collapses injuring his head. Monty asks him what happened, what was this sound. He tries his number repeatedly and thinks of calling Munni. Munni cries reminiscing Bittu asking if she will marry him. She thinks why Bittu did this, thinks of calling him, but then thinks she will not as Bittu alleged bhabhi maa/Savita wrongly. Monty calls him and asks where is Bittu. Munni says what happened, he left sometime ago. Monty says he was speaking to Bittu over phone and suddenly he heard some sound and Bittu did not speak next, he will try his number again. Munni thinks of taking Bauji’s help, then Pratap and walks towards their room when she hears Sunaina telling Savita that her plan is too good, but what is the guarantee that Bittu is alive. Savita says truck driver informed her that Bittu died on the spot.

Pratap and Muskan drive car searching Bittu. Muskan asks him to drive slowly as Bittu must not have gone far. They see people gathering nearby and walk to check. They are shocked to see Bittu unconscious and injured on road. Pratap asks people around to help him take Bittu to hospital. Muskan calls Phool Kumar and informs her everything. Phool Kumari drops pooja thali in a shock. Dadaji and Masterji ask what happened.

Munni sits in front of god’s idol. Saavita and others gather. Munni asks Savita why did she kill Bittu, what did he do to her. She thought they have a happy family, but she is wrong. She consumes poison saying when Bittu is not alive, what will she do alone. Bauji and Bheem rush to her. Savita says let her die, she is a problem for them since the beginning. Bauji is shocked more and says he thought she would be a good mother for Munni, but he was wrong. He breaks her mangalsutra and says their relationship is finished now. They rush Munni to hospital. Pratap brings Bittu there and asks what happened to Munni. Bauji says she consumed poison. Munni and Bittu are treated in different rooms. Phool Kumari requests doc to keep them in same room, they are each other’s life. Bauji says she is right. Munni and Bittu are shifted in same room. They both open eyes together. Bittu asks Munni if he is in heaven. She smiles. Bauji says Bittu is alive and has to spend a long life with Munni. He keeps their hands in each other’s hands and says they have to live together with them all. He apologizes them and when his family is no alive, what will he do with rituals. Munni requests him for forgive Savita. Bauji asks Savita to learn from children. Savita apologizes Munni. Munni says she is a mother and cannot be wrong. Bauji thanks Phool Kumari, Masterji and Dadaji for giving him a son. Phool Kumari says even she got a daughter. Bauji announces that whole village will follow Bittu’s philosophy and everyone will get their love, story has just begun. Bittu and Munni are seen smiling holding each other’s hands.


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    This show was different but lack chemistry of lead couples.. i was not regular watcher or reader but show was fine but actors and actress would have been better.
    Anyway good shown happy ending

  2. ya it was really nice show

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