Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 24th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 24th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sunny hearing the song. He says why are they singing sangeet song instead shouting slogans. He goes out and sees Raju and Nandu coming with Garima and Nani. Raju and Nandu dance with the ladies. Sunny looks on shocked. Pandit asks Raju and Nandu to exchange garlands. Raju and Nandu exchange varmalas. Everyone clap. Raju and Nandu smile.

Arvind Sethi comes there and calls out Raju. Raju signs him and tells Garima that he will get his guest, send everyone by making them have food. Raju meets Sethi. Sunny goes to Nandu. She says you trapped me more, why did you call these NGO ladies. He says I called them to break your marriage. She says they are making me marry Raju again, do something. He says I will try. He dances with ladies and tries talking Prabha. Prabha says you had problem that Raju and Nandu are staying without marriage, so we are getting them married. Sunny gets angry. Prabha asks where is Raju. The lady says I think he is discussing his wedding night, he is talking to his friend. Sunny sees Sethi and gets shocked. He says whats Sethi doing with Raju. Pandit asks for groom. Garima says he will come.

Sunny says thanks for coming Sethi, you made my plan easy, now Raju’s marriage and wedding night will end before start. Nandu thinks do any plan Sunny, your plan will trap you only. Sunny keeps a recorder there. Raju and Nandu sit for marriage. Pandit chants the mantras.

Sunny leaves from there. Sunny gets inside Raju’s house. He looks around. Nandu and Raju smile seeing each other. They do the rituals. Everyone smile seeing their eyelock. Sunny gets Garima’s phone and calls to his number to check whose phone is it. He deletes his number from call log and says now whom will Garima call. Garima does their ghatbandhan. Bairi piya…………….plays…………… Raju and Nandu see each other and smile.

Sunny calls Luthra from Garima’s phone and says I m Shekhar Talwar. Luthra says this is not your number. Sunny says I have a news, Sethi gave your supari to Raju Kaushil. Luthra gets shocked and asks what…. Sunny says another news is Raju has taken your supari, but don’t worry, I m here with you, I made plan to secure you, this phone is of Raju’s home, I will send threatening messages and you have to just reply to this number, this will be proof, you can give this to police, Raju can get trapped, you can get saved. Luthra agrees. Sunny asks him to bring his picture. Luthra asks why. Sunny says we will talk when we meet. Pandit asks Raju and Nandu to stand for wedding rounds. He tells about wedding rounds. Raju and Nandu take the rounds.

Sunny tries finding the cash everywhere. He sees the cash in the briefcase. He calls Luthra. Luthra says I have filed FIR in police, I m coming to model town, but I m scared to challenge Raju. Sunny says I m here, are you getting picture. Luthra says yes, but you did not say why is that needed. Sunny says I will tell everything, come. Sunny stops hearing a lady singing. He says there was no one at home, everyone is outside, then who is this. He gets shocked seeing Rashmi….. and thinks I can’t believe this, Rashmi is alive, they played a big game with me, it means Nandu…. All that was a drama. He cries and gets angry.

Sunny recalls everything and says it means they all were together and made me hear what I wanted to, it means Rashmi was with them in their plan, Nandu made fun of my love once again, see the result now. Raju and Nandu take the wedding rounds infront of everyone, and it gets recorded.
Sunny calls Luthra again. Luthra asks why are you not calling me from your number. Sunny says I m doing this for you, car doors should be locked when death is around. Luthra asks whose marriage is happening. Sunny says Raju’s marriage, Sethi has come too, will you wish to meet. Luthra says no, why did you need my pics, and gives him pics. Sunny writes his name on pic. Luthra says it seems you are giving my supari to someone and laughs. Sunny smiles and shoots him. He says I killed you and now blame will come on Raju and his family.

Police comes in model town. Inspector gets supari pic and cash, and arrests Garima.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Omg.. Wat s sunny up to now?

  2. I couldn’t watcha at two epi… I made it up today. I’m loving the new twist. And yesterday raju-nandu moments were so adorable!!!!❤❤❤❤?

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