Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 15th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 15th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Nandu asking everyone to think about model town. She says this land is pure, people used to come here to see Ramleela, we don’t know we will get home or not, I doubt on Raval’s intentions. Dipika says yes, but what about our problems. Komal comes there and smiles. The ladies say yes, we all have problems, we are with Rambhateri, but practically Raju’s proposal is good. Komal says I think person should be practical.

Jaggu comes to Raval and says I wanted to talk. Raval jokes on him as he was drunk a lot. Jaggu says I was just enjoying, as you told me. Raval asks Jaggu not to come infront of him in this state, and sends him. Raju smiles. Jaggu says fine, I will go and then you will come to me. Raval gets angry and scolds him. he asks him to take the nuts for free. He throws it on Jaggu. Raju holds the plate and taunts Jaggu. He says we have come here to do some work and know about model town history, tell me about Rambhateri. Jaggu says no one can tell that more than me. Raval stops him and sends him with the guards.

Raju asks Raval whats the history. Raval asks what will you do knowing it, leave it. Raju says I don’t like history class, will you teach me now, I have to do research on you. Why do you get angry hearing Rambhateri’s name. Raval says Rambhateri took that place and got some people to do Ram Leela, she had to leave the place as law was with me, I m worried she will start staying there by Ram leela again. Pratap says I have filled forms, and now we just have to give advance. Raval says just one week time, else our dreams won’t be complete. Raju says maybe your dream won’t complete, but my dream will be completed, I will give that life as gift to my family.

Kishore comes to Komal. She asks him not to show anger, as Nandu gets happy seeing him angry. He asks where was she all night, did she not care for her son. She says I left my son with his father, sit down, lets put Billu in boarding school. He says such a small kid. She says she will be busy in project with Jaggu, so she won’t have time. Jaggu comes and says its too much now. Komal stops him and says Kishore wants to sit alone here, and goes to talk to Jaggu at home. Rambhateri looks at them.

Jaggu tells Komal that you all have removed me after all my hardwork and warns her. She smiles. He says he knows Rambhateri’s truth, she is back and does not know many things which he can tell her. Komal says you are 11 year old, and since then you are working for Raval. You know all his secrets of my and Raval’s relations, you know this as we made you know secrets, you don’t trust me and Raval now. He says sorry. She holds her hand and says you are my fav, more than Raval. She says we have to earn crores and fools him, saying we will start our own business, not with Raval. She gives him a wine bottle and asks him to trust her. He says yes. She asks him to bear things, He says I did mistake, sorry. He goes.

Rambhateri recalls Raju’s words and sees Jaggu drinking. She goes to him and asks why is he drinking alone, he has friends too. She says she has offered friendship before and laughs. He recalls the slap. He drinks more. She makes him drink a lot and tries knowing about Raju and Raval’s connection. He asks her why is she doing this for model town. She says I have come to get money, then I will go to my village. She says you can take 30% and fools him. Jaggu tells about Raval’s plan to make a big hotel here, and then model town residents will come on road. He tells about Raju, Pratap and Dheeraj working for Raval. Komal looks on. Rambhateri gets to know the plan.

She throws the wine on his face and asks him to come to senses, he knew everything and was seeing his profit. He says I had just loss. She says sit here, I will call everyone and you will tell this truth to everyone. He asks what, I don’t know anything, I was drunk, Mata ji I m not strong to say truth, everyone will beat me. He runs away. Komal says she will not bear Jaggu saying the truth.

Rambhateri tells everything that she got the solution, and will get rid of Raavan together. Nandu smiles. Everyone clap. Raju looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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