Jaana Na Dil Se Door 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 8th June 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kangana recalling Kailash’s words. She shouts Ravish and cries. Atharv asks her to think what happened here, who killed him, did you see anything, tell me. She faints. Sujata looks on. Vividha recalls Ravish and gets sad. The jail inmates see her. Constable asks Vividha to have food. Vividha refuses. Constable scolds her and asks her to come. The inmates ask Vividha not to come. Sujata feeds Khushi. Madhav says you said you will get mumma. Atharv says yes, I promise I will get her. Madhav refuses to have food. Atharv says I can’t see Madhav this way, you think you can fulfill this promise, Kangana is also not in senses. He says how did the killer not leave any clue, as if he came in air and flew. She says maybe there is no clue, I know its strange, but is this possible, that Vividha is saying true. He says no, Vividha can’t do this, we know this, don’t know why is she lying, she is ready to leave me, I feel we are not able to see truth, its infront of us. Khushi looks on.

Vividha sees the inmates beating a lady. She asks why are you two doing this. The ladies slap and twist her hand. They push Vividha and scold her. Constable comes and takes Vividha. Atharv asks inspector why is he not releasing Vividha on bail, its normal formalities, leave her soon. Inspector says let us do our work, please wait. Constable tells about prisoners fighting, Vividha got hurt. Atharv says what happened to Vividha, none can stop me now. He runs and meets Vividha. He asks her is she fine and hugs her.

Inspector scolds the ladies. He asks Vividha how did she get in this fight. Atharv asks for first aid box. Inspector says don’t worry, everything will be fine. He makes Vividha sit and cleans her wound. Main tenu samjhawan….plays….. He hugs her. Kangana hugs Ravish’s shirt and thinks of him.

The servant gets Ravish’s pic with garland. Kangana gets sad and recalls his death. She gets dizzy. Guddi holds her. Guddi makes her sit and pacifies her. She says if you sink yourself in sorrow, Ravish won’t come back, get this pain out of you before this pain ruins you. She asks Kangana to have food. Kangana holds Ravish’s watch and refuses to have food. Guddi says its not just your pain, I m also bearing same pain, I have hated you a lot in past, today we are in same boat of pain, Ravish loved you, not me, if Ravish sees you this way, his soul will be hurt, for Ravish’s sake, have some food. Kangana eats food.

Atharv says nothing will happen to you, I will get you out of here soon. Vividha says just one thing, face the truth, your false hope will hurt you, truth is I have killed Ravish. Atharv says I won’t believe this, I have your heart in me, this heart can give happiness to others, but can’t kill anyone, bail papers are ready. She says I don’t want bail, I killed Ravish with that knife, I want this case to end soon, don’t do anything for me. She asks inspector to send Atharv. Atharv asks how did you get that knife, by which you stabbed Ravish. She says it was there in room. He says you were with me, you had no knife. She says I got it in room, don’t ask me. He says its Kailash’s room, you have thrown all things out, which could harm Kailash, then how did that knife come there, who had that knife in hand.

Atharv says I m finding the truth, you can lie, but can’t hide the truth. Vividha looks at him. Atharv sees one knife missing. Khushi comes to him. He gets shocked seeing a knife in her hand.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Asana321

    Oh! Feeling very sad ???
    Day by day I am become very sad ???
    Coz our show is going off air ???
    I can’t think my evening without jndsd???
    Really jndsd become part my life ????
    How can I see atharv sujatha , vividha ???
    I am gonna miss vitharvv???
    We have only few days in this page ???
    I can’t control my tears ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  2. Asana321

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    You can post pictures, videos ,audio etc
    Please come there
    There have lots of people

    1. Aastha1

      I will try. I also feel same . thanks for writing

  3. Oh.. After a long time.. Vitharv hug..
    Nice episode.. But dragging
    One thing disappointed me.. Why atharv didn’t become angry to those ladies for hurting vivdha…
    And one more thing, from which day jail stated to provide colourful dress?!!

  4. Veer

    AtharvSujatha, this man will do anything for his girl. The way he said, The entire police station cannot stop him from going and meeting Vividha, when he heard about injury to Vividha and police didn’t allow, was SUPERB. AtharVividha, they find solace in each other. That scene, the background music and brilliant ShiVik expressions, emotions, and how delicately Atharv treats Vividha’s wounds, man they’re real. How can this cruel people take them away from us. I’m legit broken after today’s Vitharv scene. ShiVik are giving life to ViThav. I’m not sure how would we face JULY 1st.

    1. Vigneswari

      its nice to see your comment veer bhaiya after a long time….

  5. I think vividha knew that Kailash killed ravish..It was all because of vividha bringing Kailsh home..that’s why she is putting blame on herself..she is feeling ashamed of telling Atharva that it’s Kailash’s work as it was all bcz of foolishly believing him even after everyone warned vividha. he may have been escaped after stabbing ravish and had run out which vividha have seen..

    1. I don’t think so.. If she knows that kk is acting.. She will never hide that for shame.. Because he is such a dangerous person and will harm anyone.. And will harm atharv also..she may sacrifice herself but not her family.. So definitely vividha is unaware of the truth.. And her foolishness is that she hide whatever she saw from atharv.. She can hide it from the entire world but no point of hiding the truth from atharv..

    2. I think that Kailash manipulated Kushi and made her kill Ravish, may be by saying that it’s a game. In order to protect Kushi, Vividha took the blame on herself… This is all Kailash’s game plan. Remember how he said to Ravish “you all are fools and you’ll never understand my game”. I think he actually wanted Atharv to take the blame n get arrested but instead Vividha got stuck. Now he might use Vividha’s crime confession to part Atharv and Vividha… Its just what I think

    3. Yep I agree with u @Sweety , but the qstn is can khushi stab sum1 hard enuff to kill them , that to in his heart ? Could b that kk stabbed him n then gave the knife in khushi’s hand …

    4. Sweety10

      Hey..Who are you..?? Is it this anju?? If not… please change your name because here everyone knows me by this name..
      If you are anju I will give reply in Malayalam English is not enough for you..


  7. Diya30

    soooo much emotional… we always want to see their hugs(happywala) but not this type of crying crying scenes…?
    vitharv madhav khushi guddi….everyone sad…that’s not our Jndsd…we’re always Hungry for a smile of vitharv… not Rona dhona…

  8. Diya30

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    1. Diya30

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    6. Hi! Is there a JNDSD twitter page? Can u give me the name so that I can also join you all?

  9. really that vitharva hug was so precious for me that i had captured it and it brought tears in my eyes so super only
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva

  10. Sunanda12345

    Awesome awesome episode….just cried by seeing vitharv ????????????????luv u atharv….u r dashing….u r love is mind blowing…???get u r vivida soon atharv ?

    Precap is interesting. …

  11. I really really feel sad for kangana and guddi especially kangana I didn’t like her before but now I feel she loved ravish more than herself what has she done to herself I can’t see her like this ????? I think kangana might again go into depression for losing her love again

  12. Guddi is right both of them never got true love in their life .Atharv we r all with u plz find the culprit and crush him under ur feet all the best

  13. Atharv and madhav trust/love on vividha is unbeatable in this world. Even after separation(twice), now recently the weird change in vividha behaviour nothing shakens atharv love and trust on vividha. My madhav is missing his mom. Hope atharv will find out the mystery soon and take vividha to home for happy reunion of family. I want kk story to end soon coz I want some happy moments of vitharv, I want that same charm of phase 1 in all weeks of this month. That vitharv hug is bliss to watch. in today epi that dialogue of atharv to vividha, that pain in atharv eyes seeing vividha wounds everything is perfect. It reflects intense love of vitharv.

    May khushi directs her dad towards clue and help him to find culprit. thanku to the policemen for allowing vitharv to hug in station.

  14. Sreelekshmi

    Nyc episode waiting very eagerly for next episode ???????

  15. I think khushi killed Ravish that’s why vividha say Iam a morder she want save khushi

  16. Guadalupe Kumar

    I think Kushi Killed Ravish and she is covering for her daughter. The grandfather trained her to be a kilelr.

  17. khushi may have killed Ravish but when you think about it, Ravish used to be in the army and I don’t think Ravish would let a little girl stab him. I think it is Kailash. Also, Kailash may have influenced Khushi to kill Ravish as khushi is below the age of 10 and is unable to think what is right and wrong, or Kailash may have stabbed Ravish, then Khushi got hold of the knife and later, vividha got hold of the knife from khushi. I think. this predictiction could be entirely wrong. I hope it’s not Khushi, I don’t want vividha and atharv’s child to become a murderer.

  18. Sandy17

    A husband who believes his wife/his life…this much ?
    Atharv will succeed in bringing vivi out of d jail because he never breaks his promise…the promise given to madhav.

    World’s best son
    World’s best lover
    World’s best brother
    World’s best father and
    World’s best ever ever ever … Husband…

  20. Khushi is not the killer. How can she stab ravish heart easily. He is 6 feet height and khushi is a small girl. Also if it is khushi, ravish can easily defend her. Its kk or ankit. Khushi is the witness. May be vividha find that knife in khushi hand and so taken blame on her.

  21. Khushi cannot be the murderer. But my doubt is that how vividha could believe that khushi killed ravish ( if she saw khushi with knife) and without thinking she took blame. Is vividha this much stupid enough to think a small kid without any help killed a full fledged person!!!that too an army man. And she is very adamant that she will never say the truth.. If the CVS are not insane then there should be some valid reason for vividha to took blame…

  22. If kk told khushi to kill R, then it is clear that he is not affected by truth serum and it will be an alert message to R. So R can defend himself from kk.

    I think kk already knew about that truth serum plan somehow. I think he himself reveal truth to R and suddenly stab him with knife. with Khushi entry to room, he may placed that knife in khushi hand. Also iam not trusting ankit. Coz there are no sharp things in kk room like knife. Then how come kk suddenly come up with a knife in hand. I think its a plan by kk and ankit. Its purely my speculation

  23. Aleya.marzan

    cryyyiing all day.
    show is ending

  24. @neenu

    Completely agree.

  25. RAOne

    Hey guys i’m back again…i was really sad about off air news….
    I will not be able to see Shivani on tv again when don’t know…..

    Really missed u all that is why back with some thing special soon…..i soon gonna end my both ff so guys get ready after end of my FF…..
    Guys hope after show ends u will not gonna stop reading FF please do support after shoe ends….. Aab na jao dil se door
    Or aab na janay dengay dil se door. Hope for second season with Shiavni ji.

    Yes my Twitter account please add me to there…….

    @Pinky please add me too……

    To all members hello and my blessing stay healthy and happy.

  26. Sachin how r u Dear missed u alot feeling alone very happy to see u Dear on previous page hope u will also comment on this page check my comment and reply me thank god u came Dear be with me if u could love u Dear

  27. I think khushi killed kailash n her mom took the blame

  28. Vismaya44

    Oh my god I can’t control crying u dirty starplus how cruel are u how can u take way thses ppl from us???????? and episode my votharv tight hug after long time ???????and the way atharv treated his wife oh my god with song perfect every girl wants a Hus like him I dont have any suggestions who killed khushi..kk,ankit let’s wait and c but truth is that one more day passes and during last stage they are giving awesome episodes and felt sad for kagana and guddi hope these case ends soon and romance in police station?????????

  29. Cvs should have continued the same love story of Atharva and vividha…by bringing vashisht family a beautiful love story has been spoilt.in my opinion I think ipkknd season 1 is the best love story throughout…but comparing Arnavkhusi..vitharv are best

  30. The show is ending???

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