Jaana Na Dil Se Door 31st January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 31st January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Suman informing Sujata about Ravish getting national award. Suman asks them to come in award ceremony. Sujata says its thing of pride, congrats, whatever he did for all us, its unimaginable, he has shown maturity in young age, if Ravish was not there, I would have not managed Atharv, he did not just give love to all relations, but also respect, I m proud of him, we will surely come. Suman says talk to Vividha, if she does not want to come, its fine. Sujata says Vividha is your daughter, she will come, I want to tell something about Atharv and Vividha. Suman says we will meet tomorrow and ends call.

Atharv hears Sujata. Sujata tells him about Ravish winning award. He says I m getting late for factory, I will come back and talk. Sujata goes and tells Uma and Dadi about Ravish’s achievement. Vividha says I have to tell Atharv that I did not write Ravish’s name in rice plate. Dadi says its great thing, Ravish deserves more honor, we will go there. Vividha rushes and says I m going to Atharv’s factory, I have to give him designs, where is my purse. Uma says it would be in room. Vividha sees her purse in hall and asks who kept this here. Dadi says leave it, you got it now. Sujata tells Vividha that Ravish is receiving big honor and national award, Suman invited us, will you come.

Vividha asks did you talk to Atharv. Sujata says he left in hurry, you talk to him. Vividha says I felt proud hearing this good news, I don’t think Atharv will agree, you all go, I will stay back with Atharv. She goes. Sujata says Ravish hopes both Vividha and Atharv come. Uma says this decision can change their lives, so they should decide it. Sujata agrees.

Atharv talks to staff at factory. Vividha comes there. He asks did you get designs. Vividha says yes, I got designs and made notes ready. She gets her diary out and her marriage pics fall down. Atharv gets shocked. He picks the photos and says we will keep these designs later, keep this, I will tell you other imp things, come. He explains things to staff. Vividha thinks of her purse kept in hall. She worries.

Vividha talks to Uma and Dadi at home. Uma and Dadi ask how is this happen, first Ravish’s name in rice plate and now Ravish’s pics in your purse. Uma asks Vividha is she sure she did not keep Ravish’s pics. Vividha asks why will I keep his pics in my purse. Uma says I mean maybe you forgot, you are in stress, relation breaking has impact on person. Vividha says what are you saying, I love Atharv, not Ravish. Dadi says Atharv would be upset, he would not like Vividha to have someone else in mind. Sujata comes and asks them to get ready early, we will leave for Delhi in morning. She asks Vividha to tell her if she changes mind. She says I would say this to Atharv too.

Vividha says no, we can’t come with you, its not good for us to come there, but I want to give a letter for Ravish, please give that to him. Vividha writes letter for Ravish. She says you know my helplessness, and you will understand why I did not come, you have bear a lot of sorrow because of me, I wish I could take time back and do something that gives you happiness, I wish you get all happiness which you want, something which you did not expect, wish you happiness, always be happy, congrats for the award, yours Vividha. She gets a friend’s call and says yes, I m in Ajmer, Atharv and I got engaged. She goes out to talk. She gets busy on call.

She goes to room and takes the letter. She gives the letter to Sujata. Sujata asks her to keep it there. Vividha asks did Atharv not come till now. Sujata says not yet, Vividha will you really not come with us. Vividha says yes, and goes. Sujata says Ravish will not say anything, but he will feel bad. Vividha calls Atharv to clarify the matter. Uma asks her to rest, talk to him when he comes, he will understand. Vividha says no, I will wait. Uma says when he comes home, bike sound will come, take rest. Vividha goes.

Atharv comes home. He parks his bike and goes upstairs. Sujata switches on light and talks to him. She says your bike sound did not come. He says engine got bad. She asks him to talk to Vividha. He says I will talk, you sleep. She says we all are going in Ravish’s function, switch off lights before going to sleep in stable. He changes clothes and takes some files. He leaves.

He gets a letter and picks it. He checks its for Ravish. Atharv reads Vividha’s words. Kailash manipulates the letter. He reads with love, yours Vividha…. He gets thinking. Vividha rests to sleep. Kailash sees Atharv.

Atharv introduces Vividha as neighbor in front of reporters. Vividha asks what did you say, I m your neighbor, tell me what is the matter. He asks her about Ravish.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hi vitharv fans iam frm kerala.yesterday’s epi was so bad.Ifeel sad for atharv.I cant understand what is in vivi’s mind .why did write yours vivi.i think atharv dbt abt viv is natural.no one cant blame atrv.writers are tryng to make us fool

  2. Find out??
    Bahut thandi hai….??? Confused in -2 or -4 degree….
    Koi nhi jhel lo mere pyaaron…..bs saath saath mein masti bhi krte raho

    1. Even you saw Shivani , How she was saying what Vikram was saying.
      He told -2 so she was also saying it’s -2.
      That was a good one.

  3. Please no misunderstandings now.. let vividha atharva unite without any hurdle n deal with that evil kk.. please don’t bring our mahaan ravish into the mess and let him show some valour for the country n win more awards like this..
    I can’t see him suffering with Vividha.. let us see him happy without any responsibilities..

    1. Actually I don’t know what will happen in today’s episode but all are went to manali for outdoor shooting. ..
      As per spoilers vivida and atharv went to save ravish from terrorist I don’t know it properly but it is a rough estimation..
      And kk track will not end now.. b’coz in middle only they went to manali..

      1. Ohh gawwd.. govt should launch shoot on sight notice for kk..
        Why don’t vitharva marry and go to manali for their honeymoon.. and meet ravish there with his new love..
        Even sargun will be fine but not vividha..

  4. He is Manali Atharv sujatha..Shooting gold medalist you knowww

  5. https://www.instagram.com/p/BP9VFIzDyon/
    How is our vikku with new payal? ?

    1. Both are really cute???

    2. Soooooo cute

    3. Podi kayuthe

  6. @gud evening everyone.wish all vitharvians to a nice epi today.¿@neeth actually i am a malayali from kerala.i am first year bsc biochemis student.i am frm [email protected] bchechi,mubi,aliya,143,and all my vitharvians especially malayalis gud evening all….p

    1. 143k.gud evng

    2. Oh..i visited trivandrum n kerala…its such a beautiful place…with lots of greenary…good evng..

  7. @143 hi
    Have a great day

  8. @aliya chechi sry chechi enik ariyillayrunnu chechi enne kallum elder aanennu athukonda chechi yunnu vilikkatheee…!sooorrryyy chechiiii….chechiii….

    1. @143k,iam also degree first year student.Then what is the need of calling chechi.If iam elder to you also there is no need to do so.
      Gud afternoon dear

    2. @143k ,iam also degree first year student.Then what is the need to call me chechi.If iam elder also there is no need to do so

  9. have a nice feb month all…hope saari vitharviañs ko ye maheena acha hooo….

  10. Dimpurose11234

    Any one read spoilers of jndsd, sad news for vitharv fans.
    Atharv breaks the engagement with vivi and thus atharv will say to vivi to choose her own life.
    I hope it will not true.

    1. What are you saying ?
      No no no … This can’t happen.

  11. Xyz thoori,143,Naveen,Karan,Sachin,Anam
    Aailya kundi,Nikh,Nikhat,suman,sunanda,dimpurose,Nazeen
    Nidha Aapi,happy fan,143kmubi,Joe neemu,neeth etc

    1. @u nameless scoundrel (anju) .I know u r provoking us again and again to reply u.I don’t want to give reply to u rascal. But u crossed ur limit now.so get ready for hearing from my mouth.
      D nashichavale, nadinum veedinum apamanam ayavale.Ne Ippol upayogicha vakkukalundallo athu ne Ninte veetil poyi parents nte mukathu nokki vilikkadi.enikkaryam ne avarkku yathoru vilayum kalpkkunnillannu. But ninnyokke ithrym ayttim vach poruppikunna avar ithokke kelkkan badyastharanu.chette.

      I know u r unseemly,salacious,offscourings and by using those dirty words u proved it again.u beggar ,rough neck u can only making these type of vagabondage on this page u cadger, if u will come infrnt of me I will slap u tightly untill u bcm unconscious. And will throw u into a garbage.u have no right to be on earth.
      Bl**dy sourpuss.

    2. @Anju,poyi chavadi ningal oke.Ningal randu thendi kalk naragam thill koodi sthanam undavilya.Ningal enthu ganga ill
      Poyi mugzhi koolichalum papam gal theerillya.Nine oke adopt cheiyutha parents inne venam parayan.Ninte oke naku poyuthpouvadi.
      Nertha ni atharv inne kurich paranjpol maruvadi parayan ariyatha kond alle.Enik ariyam nine oke enthu parajalum oru karyam illya ennu.Nine oke adopt cheiyda pakaram oru patti enne adopt cheiythu mathi ayirunu.
      Nink endath alle deshiyam,athkondu njan povam,ni mattula vare theri vilikankanda to .

      1. Dear aailya. Enthina aailya pokunne?
        Evideyada pokunne?
        Vendatto.a nashichvlodu pokn para.avalkku ethra kettlm oru nanavmlla. Waste fellow.
        Angne aailya poyal pinne avlde munnil thottapolakum.
        Avaranu adikapattu.so pokendathum avlmar thanneya. Allthe aailya alla.
        Aval avide kidannu peppattyippole kuraykkatte. Mind chynda.orunal arenglm avle kallerinj kollm allengil pey mooth kurachu kurachu chavm aval.
        So a nashoornathinuvendi aailya nammleyllm upekshch povrthu. Ketto.
        Pinne avalkku dairym illthknda mlylthl theri vilkunne. Hindylo englo vilichal avalkkrrym pani palumennu.
        Appo njn prnja marknda to.

  12. Good afternoon everyone. ..
    Happy vasanth panchami to all jndsd fans..
    May the goddess saraswati maa clear all the hurdles for atharv and vivida and of course for ravish also..☺??

    1. Good afternoon dear @Nikh,same to you dear

  13. Gud afternoon everyone.

    1. Gud afternoon chechi

    2. Podi patti choolae

  14. Today haldi track in telugu. Waiting for 2.30

    1. Suman di that was in yesterday’s episode na??

      1. S. But today special haldi of vitharv to each other ??. Yesterday it is done by all other family members.

    2. @suman Podi nayae ,thendi,patti,Chule,adivasi,kayuthe,Virthikettaavale nari

  15. @143 wat r u doing?where r u frm?i am also 143k .k stands 4 [email protected] chechi,mubi,aliya chechi,nidh,neeth,sunanda,etc…did u all have ur lunch ..dears.,m

    1. Hi.. @143k. i m from Andhra. Telugu.

    2. Hi dear…ya had my lunch…wat abt u??

  16. Atharv Haldi or Vividha haldi???

    i mean, is it temple one or Atharv at home??

    1. 2nd day of Temple.

      1. Suman started pradakshina around temple

      2. Bahusha oo chanchala(allu arjun song from varudu) background music. ??

      3. Ha ha ha …
        I’m also watching. ..
        But that stupid song.. I don’t like it..

  17. Suman can u reply for my doubt is it vitharvian cannot reunion. If this one will happen I will quit this show Iam seeing this serial only for atharv
    I am from kurnool then what about u suman

    1. Hi am from warangal…actually its VIITHARV…dont worry coz atharv n vividha r main leads of the jndsd…so dont worry…ravish is parallel lead…
      Dont wory if atharv snd vividha to ravish also he wnt accept her…coz he knw hw much vividha lov atharv n he cant seperate dem…vividha is nw ravish bhabi coz VITHARV r engaged

  18. @aliya o.k dear as u wish i call u only aliya o.k…

  19. @nidha u r malayali…i am also malayali i am frm tvm.where r u frm dear?and wat0r u doing?

  20. Seriously cvs are going nuts i thnk…
    Vividha is a history student…hw cn she draw designs fr rennovation…now a days engineers r using auto cad to draw designs…atharv is having laptop she can use it n draw right…n one mre thng in this 4g generatn instead f sndng a txt msg she is writing letter…i thnk cvs hv gone mad n making us mad…

    I hope today all d misunderstandngs get clear btwn dem….good evening guys..

    1. @Neeth gud eve dear

  21. My first words after seeing the number of comments.
    “Oh my God, Itna kuch hogaya mujhe pata hi ni chala ”

    How are you all ?

    1. Fine dear neemu

    2. @Neemu
      Fine Thank You.
      How are you????

  22. Guys, If Shivani posts a pic with Shashank Vyas off screen also , I’m just becoming like “Vikram hai na uske paas jao , Ye Shashank Vyas ko bhool jao Shivani “.

    And coming to the show We all want Vitharv.
    But if Ravish is with Vividha utna gussa ni aaya kabhi mujhko jitna Mr.Shashank Vyas ka Shivani ke paas hone se aata hai.

    I’m wondering What’s going on?

    Hope our episode goes well today.

    1. I’m not saying I want R and V.
      If Ravish speaks to Vividha.
      And I was not much provoked with RV’s dance .
      But as I say Shivani off screen pic with Shashank .Boht gussa aaya ?

  23. @143k. @Neetha.. yeah.. kerala was nice place…i also visited kerala Once..with friends on college trip.
    firslty after reaching kochi..we went for boat shekar..in evening times..for an hour full of joy with friends in boat in midle of the sea….hurreyyy.
    after that..one night stay in kochi hotel.and then in next morning stared to tiruvanathapuram temple..reached noon…after visiting temple. started to kanya kumari for sun raise.
    after that one day in kottayaum.. night stay…in an island..night supper with kerala famous fish curry…yumiee

    really kerala was a nice place.
    Thanks @Neeth..by ur words of describing kerala only i got recollected those days

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