Jaana Na Dil Se Door 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 2nd June 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vividha leaving from Kailash’s room. Someone gets a wooden stick and goes to Kailash. Kailash looks on. Someone hits Kailash. Vividha attends Khushi. She asks her not to jump on the bed. She asks her to listen. Vividha takes her. Khushi runs. Vividha goes to look after her. She sees the blood marks and follows. She gets shocked seeing Kailash wounded. She runs to him and shouts. Everyone come there and gets shocked.

Vividha asks Kailash to open eyes. Atharv calls doctor. Doctor checks Kailash. He asks them to go out, he has to give injections to Kailash. They all go. Vividh asks who has done all this. Uma asks what are you saying. Atharv asks what’s this question. Vividha says one of the people standing here has done this, you all did not wish Kailash to stay

here. Uma asks what are you saying, how can this happen. Vividha says I just want to know who has done this. She asks Kangana did she do this.

She asks Guddi did she do this, as she hates Kailash. She asks Sujata and Uma did they do this. Atharv gets shocked. Vividha asks Ravish to say. Dadi asks what nonsense are you saying. Vividha says I just want to know who did this. Atharv says what’s this question, we know you felt bad, it does not mean you blame anyone. She says that helpless man is my father. He says maybe has has hurt himself, how can you ask anyone. She asks why are you defending them, are you saving yourself, he has got hurt, I have seen the stick, it had blood on him, come I will show you.

She takes him and sees the stick gone. They get shocked. Vividha says that stick was here, I have seen it. Doctor says I gave him painkillers, now he can sleep well, its dangerous to get hurt on the head, take care of him. Vividha asks is this any accidental wound. He says no, someone has hurt him, its a police case, I suggest you to report to police. Vividha asks Atharv did he hear what doctor said. They all go.

The kids see Kailash. Madhav enters the room. Khushi runs to Kailash. She wakes him up. Kailash hugs her. He calls Madhav to come. He asks them to get food for the king. Vividha comes and looks on. Madhav gives a chocolate to Kailash. Kailash shares it with them. Vividha says Kailash will make Khushi fine, why can’t anyone see this, what I can see. Ankit calls her. She goes.

She asks what happened, did you get the stick. Ankit says no. Uma says who can take the stick. Vividha says I know, when I spoke about stick, someone has hidden that stick. Uma says who can attack Kailash. Vividha says everyone is against him, Atharv, Kangana, Ravish and Guddi are against him, I can’t trust anyone, I can’t tell anything to them, I don’t even trust Atharv. Sujata holds Atharv.

Ankit says I have seen that stick in storeroom, its heavy, person should be strong to lift it. Everyone is shown.

Its night, Ravish takes that stick out in the lawn. He burns that stick. Sujata looks out of the window. She goes to see. Ravish turns and leaves. Sujata comes there and sees the fire. She sees Ravish going and thinks why is Ravish going that side towards back door. Ravish comes to his room. He sees Kangana and recalls Vividha’s words.

Sujata says I got this from ashes. Vividha says its part of the stick. Ankit says Ravish has done this. Vividha says I have proof Ravish has done this attack on Kailash. Ravish asks what proof does she has.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sunanda12345

    Is vivida got mad…she is doubting on atharv..idiot???
    This idiot ravish…is he really beat kailash..

  2. Hi I’m from Kerala

    I love atharv…. he is very Gud person.. ravish married kangana even though I like ravish guddi pair

  3. Atharv,vividha,ravish all the three characters turned upsidedown.. Atharv became dumb.. Ravish became negative… Vividha became total disaster..

    I think they will end the show like vividha getting mad and atharv taking care of her..Jana na dil she door plays….

  4. Wow what a plot…. Its gud they r wrapping up d show… And if they had to end d character of Ravish they could have ended it nicely why this murder attempt and all its not gud to see d army man who saved d country is hurting others. Just hate CVS for this.. How beautifully d character Ravish was portrayed but now they completely lost d it….sad… N how could Vividha say she doesn’t even trust Athrav hating her more n more these days…

  5. o ravish did this can’t believe it and I don’t know what to comment hope for the best and show extension only
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva

  6. In phase 3 atharv doubted vivi love on him, but atlast cvs showed him as,a helpless man who is suffering from a disease(fake). Audience are convienced with atharv act.

    Now vivi doubted atharv in the name of emotional obsessed daughter. She not even doubted atharv when his fingerprints are matched with guddi neck fingerprint. (phase2). Where is that trust vivi.

    This is the lowest blow to vitharv love. Actually I wondered y cvs created all those vachans in phase 1. Iam feeling low now. vivi need to apologize badly to atharv. Atharv need to teach her a lesson.

    Ravish is the person who attacked kk. Now kk gonna kill him, and that blame will fall on vivi. But my atharv know about his vivi. He will support her also fight for her.

    Cvs can ruin anyones character if they want but not atharv. Cvs need to end this kk fake drama track its getting irritating to watch blame games, foolish act.

    1. Sandy17

      If vivi trust him or not he will always stand for her and will always support her…do u remember the situation of manali where vivi went to rescue ravish…that time also he went with her as a shadow.

    2. Lakshmi9

      Hey I think mainculprit is Ankit..did they show ravish injured kk?

      1. Sandy17

        No they did not show ravish injuring but he burnt the stick which was used to attack kk and that was seen by sujata.

  7. Ohhh now they r making ravish as antagonist.

  8. Sandy17

    today the line which hurt me the most is vivi saying, “I don’t trust atharv also”…how can she say that?…I agreed that she got hurt when kk was attacked that does not mean that atharv has done that…does she forgot their vachan..trust each other.
    If atharv has to harm kk he would not have done hiding from anyone…if he is the culprit he will say it to everyone…he is not a coward…
    I doubt ravish and ankit …as this cvs is always misleading us we cannot confirm that ravish has done that attack.
    Madhav-khushi-kk scene was nice …their sharing and communication was also good to watch.

    1. Exactly! How can she doubt Atharv when she knows him so well? They have completely spoiled everyone’s characters! God knows why CV’s are making us hate JNDSD! They have completely ruined one of the best shows on Star Plus!

  9. totally nonsense ……
    i hate u writer. …you bluddy idiot..
    how dare u to do this with ravish charecer.go to hell…

  10. But I dont want to end the show. I want a track where atharv neglecting vivi and vivi trying to get his attention like phase 1. If show end like this, it will gives sour taste in audience mouth. its,better to get continue with vitharv moments in all over. to see their heartful love back we want extension.

    1. You are right Hima..
      For a happy ending of jndsd it should get an extention of at least 2 moths
      With the current track we can expect only a tragic end…

  11. Diya30

    what the hell is going on???
    vivi really I don’t know u how ????
    only the scene madhav khushi n kk was?
    mamta,yash,StarPlus…even now our jndsd are starting to hurt us…

    1. Sandy17

      They r trying to make us hate jndsd just as atharv made vivi to hate him as he want her to marry ravish due to fake disease…but we will never ever hate our vitharv ?

      1. Diya30

        yes dear always ?

      2. Vismaya44

        Ur crct chechi how much they tried we will never ever hate our vitharv????

  12. Aleya.marzan

    someone siap that dumb vivi how can she say “” i dont trust atharv also””

    when ath was claimed as guddi’s murderer she didnt suspect him. n there was alottt more things where viv did trusted ath blindly now what!!!!!

    she is mainly lunatic in serial . she should be sent to mental asylum for treatment . cz she suspected on a guy like ath who got beaten brutally for her sake

    vividha i hate u………………………………….

  13. Atharv is hardly given any screen space ,vividha is shown acting dumb in the name of a loving daughter and on top of that ravish who would always support and love others is turning – ve. Wow CVS great work ???? thanks for completely destroying the three main characters of jndsd I am proud of u ?

  14. This stupid CVS r out of their mind y r they showing ravish as -ve I think staying with a murderer he is also thinking the same way ,disgusting plot actually. I think ankit will kill ravish thank God ravish character will end I can’t see ravish turning into a villian

  15. Seems that they are scraping the bottom of the barrel to actually have a story. The really ironic part is that mad Kangana is making more sense that Vivida. Maybe if KK attacks Atharv again, then Vivida will understand. cant blame Ravish for leaving….utter nonsense

  16. Never liked Vividha’s character ever since the 4 year leap. She’s very narcissistic as everything is about her. I hate those types of people/characters. That should only be for the -ve characters. Now she doesn’t even trust her husband who is more loyal to her than she has ever been with him. What a joke! End this show quickly please.

  17. Aleya.marzan

    if the serial really end i wont watch star plus further more

  18. Lakshmi9

    @Veer we are missing ur comments. Where r u?

    1. Diya30

      veer, xyz,aaliya…where r u ?
      arronno kothay tumi?

  19. yes,it hardly believes that ravish attacked kk. May be it is kangana or ankit. As ravish recalls vivi words seeing kangana. So I think it is kangana. also he helped the person who did that act by burning the log.

    Cvs love for atharv and ravush is more than vivi. For cvs vivi is a character to do any experiment.

  20. My dear director… i think you hav got drunk and writing all the stupid story plots . We all know that jndsd is going to end but that doesn’t mean that yu have make each every character die or make negative ..!!!! There are many short term daily soaps which ended with good ending ( like iss pyaar ki kya naam doon and Ek hasina thi ) we really request you to show us a good story like in the season 1 .! Which will liked by many jndsd fans .!!!
    Hope for good track in coming days

  21. Ya nikh I think the director is drunk too jndsd has become utter nonsense and the main point is what is the need to make ravish -ve when he is leaving the show ?

  22. I have a doubt!!!
    How the blood marks came in the corridor and room..?
    Whoever beaten kk beaten him inside the room and not dragged to anywhere..isn’t it?? And that stick also left there.. Then how can be blood marks there???

    1. Vismaya44

      Yup neenu I to had that doubt after reading updates may be blood drops from log…don’t know becoz I didn’t watch

  23. Vismaya44

    Can’t able to watch episode due to hrsvey no electricity waiting for 7am but from reading updates I got irritated by vivi why can she trust her Hus who gave his life for her and imp thing is she is doubting for the person who destroyed her life great vivi???y atharv speak. No dialogue???ravish no I don’t think he did it may be kagana or ankit I think its kagana may be that’s y ravish burned it in order to help his wife???but CVS wy are u destroying characters do give justice plz???

    1. Vismaya44

      I mean heavy rain

  24. And they blame us for low TRPs , coz we are not watching the show, honestly where is the plot which made vividha , Atharva & ravish’s ‘a charecters iconic and unique for their personalities, now these poor charecters with their acting skills dragging this show on their shoulders, if
    It was not for these three, more then half geneta must have left the show long back.

    How wonderfully they created those vachans, I don’t remember all of them but , they could have thought abt unique track for each of their vachans and continued with the beauty of the show!
    Where is that Atharv , who talked abt taking care of Guddi and Ankit’s responsibilities when he was hit with bullet in phase 1, where is that vividha who promised to trust him in under circumstances!
    And ravish , really I don’t have much complaints against his character,as he was a loving husband for vividha and now playing loving husband to Kangana, except cvs not using their brain , to show him as a smart person (that’s the least expected of a person from army background) , may not be for these cvs! Only good thing is , he is still shown as brave person.

    Vividha knows Atharv and ravish for this long , and should understand that these two ppl are honest, in what ever circumstances they were , they took care of her! I really don’t like such ppl who are only bothered abt thei feelings and not others.
    I hope cvs try to show vividha is behaving like this to know if kk really changed or not, so we kind of at least remember this one for time.

  25. RAOne

    Go through this links you are efforts are mentioned on this page….. Read it once.

    1. VizPinky

      Thank u ra one for this link

  26. I think kangana hit kk and ravish wants to save her, so he burn the stick

  27. RAOne

    Actually if we see ravish character best possibility is……

    The attack is done by Guddi you could clearly make out from her face… Watch it once again…….

    As vividha was behaving….. Seeing that… To save family from breaking he put stick on fire….. So no more kalash at home…. But people are talking him wrong…… That is why his eyes were searching the woods and while he was burning there were no flashback. Hence, it proves that ravish is not culprit….. But I’m not sure whether she has done all that….. If u ask I will take Guddi name as culprit…. Tell me your name

  28. Hiii guys

  29. Optimistic

    Friends I am writing ff on zindagi ki merely serial which airs on zeetv at 8pm do encourage me with ur comments

  30. Really… ..I mean what the hell
    What type of a nonsence show is this¿?…!!
    A man….of army…leaving fr nation…n who always thought of others also when his mom died …..his wife left….his family got ruined…..n got married forcefully…. Is now ..turning into a criminal n leaving proofs behind…..???????????
    How can any one think like this???
    Irritating…. No more to say…uff
    Beyond imagination… Really…suffocating..!!!
    Stop this. Nonsence plzz

  31. Hi everyone

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