Jaana Na Dil Se Door 28th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 28th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Aditi telling Vividha that this is Bhoomi’s scarf, I borrowed this from her. Bhoomi tells Kalindi that when I heard Aditi saying her phone is missing, I understood you took the phone, I was surprised that Guddi took the phone. Kalindi smiles. Bhoomi asks how did Guddi get that phone. Kalindi recalls how she was aiming to take revenge from Suman using Aditi’s phone, but the phone got missing. FB ends.

Bhoomi says the one who hides secrets is more clever, some secrets should be secret. Vividha goes and thinks what is it she is not understand. She gets shocked seeing the black cat. Someone feeds the cat and caresses it. Vividha tries to see the person, and Atharv stops her, asking her to see something. Vividha says later. He says we will go now. She turns and sees cat gone. She thinks if Bhoomi took the cat.

Avinash says sorry Ravish, you are my best buddy, I did not wish our friendship to suffer, I did not wish to cheat you. Ravish says buddy means trust, you broke my trust. Avinash says please Ravish, I know I did mistake, I did not know I will get so serious about Aditi, we love each other. Ravish says I have no problem by love, the way the matter cam out is bad, its tough now.

Atharv shows the paintings. She smiles. He asks is it nice, I m smart. She says yes, you are very smart and talented since ever. She sees a drawing and asks who is this. He says Bhoomi, she had knife in hand, I saw her binocular. She asks what was she saying. He says yes I know, Bhoomi was seeing Guddi, bad Vipul was seeing Guddi and went to Guddi in the room, Bhoomi was standing with knife. Vividha thinks Bhoomi would have known Vipul is eyeing Guddi, so she killed Guddi, how to find out.

Atharv says I will show you one more thing. He shows hand print on a paper. She calls someone. Its morning, everyone make plans for the day. Vividha says no one is going out today, everyone has to stay at home. Ravish asks why. Vividha says inspector called me, he said Guddi’s post mortem report is obtained, they got someone’s fingerprints on Guddi’s neck, police wants to check fingerprints of everyone so that no one is out of doubt. She asks Bhoomi where is she going, and asks her to stay back. Bhoomi says yes, I was just clearing table. Vividha says fine, but none can go out of house. Bhoomi says yes I will not go anywhere.

Inspector comes and tells everyone that Guddi’s neck was suffocated, we have to collect fingerprints of everyone, you all come one by one and get fingerprint scanned. Everyone get the scan done. Vividha asks Bhoomi to get her tests done. Bhoomi gets tensed. Bhoomi shows her burnt hand. They all get shocked. Kalindi and Vipul ask how did her hand burn. Bhoomi tells about touching hot utensil unknowingly and her hand burnt. Vipul gets the ice and applies to her burns.

Vividha thinks I did not think Bhoomi can go to this extent to hide her crime. Vividha says its so convenient, you burnt your hand before test. Bhoomi says what do you mean, this was an accident. Kalindi says accidents can happen with anyone. Vividha says accident does not happen on timing, I m not blaming, I m sure Bhoomi has killed Guddi. Ravish tells Vividha that its not Bhoomi’s fingerprints, we can clearly see the marks, there is no match with Bhoomi, the culprit’s hand fingers are longer. Vividha goes. Ravish goes after her.

Ravish says Bhoomi is not culprit, why do you want to investigate on doubt. She asks what shall I do, shall I sit quiet, my sister is murdered, till I find the culprit, I will not be quiet. He says try to understand, the culprit is dangerous, if you find him, you can fall in danger. She says I don’t worry for myself. He says but I do, please sit down. He requests her to have water. He says we will work as a team, don’t worry, who told you about Bhoomi. She says Atharv said.

Vividha asks Atharv who was with the cat. Atharv thinks. Ravish looks on. Vividha says Guddi would have tried to free herself, who can it be.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Please a killer vala suspence jaldi khol do…aur bataiye ki ravish vividha atharv ka kya hoga…

  2. By the episode i got that atharv is helping vivida in this situation also .he is really great.????
    By the by i dont understand who the culprit is bhoomi or daddi ji.
    I think culprit is bhoomi but daddi ji is helping bhoomi hope soo

  3. Shockingly if rumours are to be believed, it will be seen that Atharv turns negative and is pretending to be mentally ill.

    Atharv has regained his memory on the same day when Vividha (Shivani Surve) revealed her entire truth to husband Ravish.

    But Atharv gets shocked to know that his love Vividha got married someone else that too his step brother.

    Atharv used to hate his father Ramakant and thus Atharv decided to take revenge from Vividha.

    Amid all these the question is who killed Guddi because Sujata’s upbringing can never kill someone.

    1. Why should he turn negative?

    2. I am sure its Atharv who killed guddi and he is just pretending that he is mentally ill

      1. Stopped atharv did not kill guddi.

  4. Navz

    Wah they r showing everyone as a culprit.n ow it z like everyone in d family are related to d crime ??. In d precap the hand is of daddyji’s ( I guess)??

  5. My God Cat ki sath Atharv ki hands..
    I know These are Atharv’s hands..
    My God plz.. don’t turn my Athav as negetive.. Atharv is my hero.. he can’t do any ones murder.. But why writer turn to Atharv as negetive..
    Plz reunit Atharv..

  6. I dont think culprit is bhoomi,someone say it pls??????

  7. Cmon show something interestin fed up of seein this kind of track….missin the charm and N if this continues im sure that trp goes down to 0.5 from 1.6

  8. I don’t think atharv turns negative..

  9. Getting bored nowadays to watch JNDSD… i don’t know what are the intention of writer..first atharv being romantic person, then childish and now may be turn to negative role..if atharv turning to negative sure i will stop watching JNDSD..please reunite Atharv and vividha.. begin with love story and may be ending with crime story..

  10. Why didn’t ask sujatha and atharv finger prints? It’s not atharv’s hand with cat…he has finger ring on both hands.it seems to be Suman’s ….

  11. Ravidha are gng to find culprit …….superb

  12. Sumaya hossain

    I think this is ravish…bcoz he took the pendrive…nd didn’t inform vividha about this….why???

  13. I don’t think Atharv is the killer..the spoiler may be fake..he is not at all selfish to kill guddy to take revenge from vividha..and what will atharve get after guddy’s death..if vividha’s truth was exposed by guddy ..it would be more benefit to atharve as suman will not be ready to keep vividha in her house after knowing truth ,she would have tthrown vividha out of the house ..atharve can also take revenge from vividha by breaking her marriage with ravish by guddy’s revealing….don’t know if kailash killed one daughter to save another daughter’s marriage

  14. JNDSD…….become a headache!!.

  15. i am sure it is not Atharve, may ravish mother and grandfather

  16. Atharv is my hero plz do not turn him as negetive role i love him??

  17. Worlds no.1 bakwas serial hori jndsd .once up on a time iam a huge fan of this serial nw to watch the show its becoming a head ache serial…. Chi yak… Waste…..

  18. Plz clear this suspenseful scenes……. It’s really boaring.

  19. I just don’t believe this. I mean what the hell r they showing .poor actors what all shit they have to do

  20. killer is vividhas father

  21. I belivef adharv kills guddi. I think he gains memory. Omg adharv is soooo cruel noooooo……. So adharv love is fake. Then kailash takes correct decission in vividha’s life. Then ultimately ravidha. Gud

    1. Am sry 2 tel dz if u r a true fan f dz show means u won’t get doubt about character because hz character s designed lyk a gem fr women nd hz luv s 2 strengthen women nt 2 degrade dm

  22. indera sanichara

    Writers don’t turn Artharv bad and don’t kill Vividha and Artharv love story. Please unite them soon.

  23. Strange things happening in strange house, don’t know what to think anymore, what really puzzles me is when Guddi fell all focus was on her , but Ravish focus was to remove pendrive, n sudden appearance of black cat, too much.

  24. Good morning friends.

    The murderer should come soon in front of all.Daily they are doubting on everyone.Who it can be whenGuddi fell down everyone was in their rooms only.

  25. S Sudheer is right I think. As a father daughter future is his responsibility. Plz any one can inform wiki people to change information in wiki. Jndsd vineet kumar — main lead.
    Vikram singh Chauhan — main villain antagonist

  26. Good morning friends.

    The episode is becoming boring day by day.I think Atharv has regained his memory .One time he will act like child and one time as if he has ragained his memory.Daily they are doubting on all family members.In precap its Daddyji’s hand.Finish this murder drama soon…

  27. Hi i think the culprit is ravish

  28. i think sujata is the culprit…may be she heard vividha and guddi convo that once guddi is with ravish she can pair up with atharva and sujata never wants this…..so she killed guddi

  29. This serial turning total crap…now vividha turning detective…everyone is suspect…artharv is not sick that sure he is pretending…. But why the track of guddi death…omg where the story is going….prefer it go off air

  30. Reviews on various sites, confirm that Atharva will play a negative character. Supposedly, he has already regained his memory and is misleading Vividha on the clues to Guddi’s murdeter. Ravish has a doubt on Atharva and so has teamed up with Vividha to nail Atharva as Guddi’s killer and also to protect her from Atharva.

    If this is how really the makers r going forward with their story. It is pathetic becoz Ravish and Vividha lack any chemistry. Of course Atharva, it’s sad life took away everything that rightfully belonged to u. ( your family, society status, name, well being, health, sanity, business and finally even your love) kudos to you for giving your 100% to everything.

    Vikram, (Atharva) as an actor u have excelled and the show has been a success only becoz of u.

    So guys, guess Atharva is the killer and that is Y Vividha will have a tough time believing it!!

  31. I dont think karan.. Atharv is hero if he turn negative thn wat the use of watching this bakwas show.. If atharv is not main lead I wil stop watching this show..

  32. If Karan is right bye bye jndsd. RIP

  33. Guys, I am hoping I am wrong too. Atharva is dear to me too and I’d like to see him as the Hero of the show. Fingers crossed:)

  34. If atharv is not main lead I wil stop watching this show …I watching this show only because of vikram..

  35. Writers please unite ravidha soon as ravish has only given a new life to this series .

  36. Not new life he gave very bad twist to story. Before it was sweet love story but now ravish home is apshakun for us which brought all crime twists in story?. Can’t take more crimes. If writers make atharv negative means finish. Trps will be zero.

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