Jaana Na Dil Se Door 28th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 28th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vividha asking Atharv not to raise questions on her love. He hugs her. Piya…..plays…….. Sujata asks Atharv why did you make Vividha cry. She apologizes to Vividha and says I have seen what you went through in last three months, I should have understood that you need time to get okay. Vividha asks her not to apologize. Atharv says just forgive me, its tough for me to forgive myself, this marriage and engagement won’t happen till you say, no one will say anything, I promise.

Uma asks Vividha to light balcony. Vividha says this bulb is not working, is there spare bulb. She goes to Uma. Atharv comes there in balcony and fixes the new bulb. He rushes back. Vividha comes in balcony and sees the bulb glowing. She sees Atharv downstairs. Jaana na dil se door…..plays……… Its morning, Vividha does puja and prays. Atharv gets leaves for her and keeps in her puja plate.

She recalls Atharv and looks around. She completes puja. Later, she comes home in auto. She does not have change. Atharv gives him change. Atharv cuts the grass by machine. Vividha comes in balcony. He sees her and smiles. He continues his work and feeds the grass to cows.

Vividha goes out and hires rickshaw. She does not get any rickshaw and gets her cycle. She sees the tyre flat. Atharv gets his bike there and waits for her. She sits behind him and they leave. Days pass. Vividha comes in balcony and sees him. He sees her holding a book and says the book is upside down, read right. She dries hair and comes in balcony. She sees pumping air in the cycle tyre.

She wakes up by cow sounds. She hears Atharv. Atharv asks Gungun not to worry and take it easy. She says gungun is going to deliver a child.

Vividha goes downstairs and says gungun is going to deliver a child, I will help you. He says no, you go inside, humans need animals, animals don’t need humans. She recalls he told the same to her earlier. Gungun delivers a calf. Atharv smiles. He says its a beautiful calf gungun, see. Vividha smiles and thinks this is the moment, this happened when I met Atharv for the first time, our fates got linked, we did not know this, this is the sign from Lord, why did I hesitate when Atharv asked me for marriage, was I afraid of society or something else, I was just hesitant, it does not exist in front of our love, now I m ready, I love you Atharv. She happily cries, thinking all the moments of the past. She thinks of his words and turns to see him. He feeds the cow and calf. She thanks Lord and walks to him.

She says Atharv, I m ready to marry you. He looks at her. She says I m really ready to marry you, you start preparing for our engagement, first engagement and then marriage, I don’t want long gap between engagement and marriage. She goes ahead to hug him. Atharv falls down. She gets shocked seeing an axe stuck in his back. Atharv bleeds. Kailash cleans his blood stained hands.

Kailash goes away. Vividha shouts Atharv. She asks who did this. She calls out Sujata, Dadi and Uma. They come and get shocked seeing his bleeding back. Abdul uncle comes and gets shocked. Sujata asks him to see the bleeding. Uma says who did this. Vividha says we have to take him to hospital. She recalls Ravish’s words to focus and think what to do.

Abdul uncle says take him to hospital. Vividha says no, we can’t take him to hospital, we will first stop his bleeding. Sujata says we have to remove axe. Vividha says anything can happen, we have to stop bleeding, get a cloth, nothing will happen to Atharv, trust me. Sujata says why does this happen with my son. Vividha removes the axe from his back. Sujata and Uma turn face away. Abdul uncle gets a cloth. Vividha fixes cotton and presses it on the wound. She puts the towel cloth on his wound. Abdul uncle gets a taxi. They take Atharv to hospital in the taxi.

Abdul uncle asks Vividha to come. They all sit in taxi. Vividha asks them to go, I will come. They leave. She looks at the house. Atharv gets treated. Uma pacifies Sujata and says nothing will happen to our Atharv, he will get fine. Sujata asks why does this happen with my Atharv, he always faces many problems. Vividha comes and asks how is Atharv. Abdul uncle says he will get conscious soon, doctor is treating him, who is trying to hurt our Atharv. Vividha thinks. Atharv gets treated in the OT.

Vividha catches Kailash in the stable. She removes his shawl and sees blood stains on his clothes. She stares at him angrily.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Guys stop blaming vividha..i just can’t believe u guys.. still getting a point to blame.

    what’s wrong in vividha????
    she was just finidng herself in her..and judging herself abt all the circumstance..and the hesitation towards marriage.

    if she thought abt society means, was she really care/worried about..society??..that’s not the real thing..she was just finding herself.. just because that she gone through all circumstances.
    finally she got her true identity of Vividha Atharv Sujatha. and all her worries gone hell..

  2. Good morning everybody.
    Yesterday’s episode was mindblowing.Long awaited vitharv scenes that too with the song.What a treat was that for vitharv fans.Enjoyed each and every second of the scene but at last that notorious kk spoiled everything.But my Vividha handled it very well.I know my atharv will come back with a bang but I can’t tolerate by seeing him hurt.
    Today Vividha will teach kailash kashyap a lesson.Eagerly waiting to see that.
    Because of these directors I badmouthed vividha a lot.Iam feeling very sorry
    for that.
    Love you a lot VITHARV??????

  3. Hey @Nikh..,
    great say about Atharv..,
    new people, new way of comments…again and again arguments, fight with each other.
    Just calm down yar..don’t bother.

    1. what to do yar..
      if they like ravish ok but why they are blaming atharv??
      they can show their affection towards ravish but they can’t another people by badmouthing atharv…

  4. thx guys bt dont know my mobile is out of order or wt ! its just changing the spelling to another thts y so mny errors!

    and guys i haven’t gone anywhere! i was here reading comments every day…bt was nt in a mood to write becz the last 3 epi were booring becz in those epi my fav-viv and atharva were nt at all happy and also i was very sad to see tht viv is no more tht funny girl! bt today they rocked it viv if finally out of trauma!

    i loved the epi!

    and also those mini sites tht were showing the show on the same day is now undergoing some errors thts y i m watching it lately the next day! and after tht i have school too! thts y nt able to comment!

    bt thx to jndsd and sudheer both gave me an ignition to temperature to fire back! one fr gud(jndsd) and the other fr bad(sudheer)…

  5. Sudheer iam with you and also with ravidha fans also.

    Just ignore lesbian vitharv fans

    1. Don’t even have shame..saying those words. stupid creature.
      sry i forgot.. u r a wild animal can make it open.
      get losttttttt

  6. guys actually i have never asked so never knew who is a boy/girl! so plz tell me now so tht i cn use correct pronouns!

    HOPE u guys dont get annoyed!

    1. Just call me a friend.. no need any formalities..and i feel friendship is more value. than formal relations…So just a friend!!!!!!

      1. Cool bt feel odd to say an elder by name ! so i felt pronouns! to be used!

      2. Chill no need to feel odd..
        that’s is y, not mentioned name also..its just number.
        number’s r unique right.

  7. Sudheer don’t worry just ignore moka vitharv fans.

    One happy news I got admission in Coimbatore sree Krishna college

  8. @nikh well said dear about atharv?????
    @sachin well said

  9. hope yjis will omly happen sachin

  10. @ Aailya I don’t understand what u want to say what dream…… I told in my comment I wish to see RAVISH in show not RAVIDHA & RAVISH re-entry is conform in the show…… So what dream is not true…….

    1. @Mia Sorry I was mistaken I said to @ria not u

    2. @mia .I m saying sorry for aailya I think she didn’t read ur cmmnt that’s y she didn’t respond.
      Actually aailya replied to @ria nt u Mia. It was her typing error.
      But she already recorrected in next cmmnt as @ria.I think u didn’t see.so don’t misunderstand aailya.once again sorry.
      Gud afternoon.

      1. @xyz chechi actually comment publish avan late ayi .Chechi ethina sorry parayan poyath.Enik sagadam ayi chechi

  11. Gud after noon all vitharvarians.

    1. hi..good afternoon.
      happy weekend.

    2. @.Aailya .no prblm dear.njn vicharichu aailya de reply oru pakshe publish ayillenglo.mikkapprm chila replys publish avarillallo. Athukonda njn vicharche sorry paranjekkm ennu.njn parnjalm aailya parnjalm oru pola alle. Illngl veruthe avlmar oronnu prym.allengl thanne oru avasram nki nilkya avlmar. So njn parnjenne ullu.vishmkknda Ketto. Sorry parynnathil eniku vishamomnnm illa.dont worry

      1. OK chechi

  12. wow sonu u r back! y dont u change urself??? i would suggest u to just support ur ravish ! y making such mess by doing blah – blah all time??? wt u get frm it???

    may god purify ur soul and mind!

    1. @sachin.that wild animal is very dangerous. Her name is neither sonu nor anju.Her name is either akalya or aswini. She was the classmate of our aailya(Sony satheesh).
      She said to me that she will trap u by her sweet words.so pls neglect that stupid idiot canaille. No need to reply her as she is not a human or nt animal.her intention is making fight with us vitharvarians each other by spreading misunderstanding.
      She always provoking us intentionally for giving reply to her.
      As a elder sister I m telling to u Sachin. In earlier cmmnts I didn’t use “funny” in negtve sense . only ur gungun _payal cmmnt made me laughing infinitely. So hope u can understand.
      Anywise gud aftr noon Bro.

      1. trap??? hahaha trap fr what???

        no di she is a fool to think of tht!

        any way ths to tell her motives !

    2. @Sachin dear,ignore that anju’s comment.Actually they are twins and they were my ex classmates.So I know them very well.They can go at any extent to achieve their goal.Both are very uncultured fellows.So please ignore their comments dear.And don’t waste time on that fellows.
      Even though you are in 9 the standard you have maturity than your age.It is clear from your comment.Iam elder to you but consider me as your friend.
      Please dear never reply them again

      1. ohk! aailya! thx to u and xyz (both)….

        i wont reply her again!

  13. Guys, I was asking 4 a long time the same question “What happened to Ankit, vividha’s brother? No one is answering me.
    I have started watching JNNDD from last month onwards so am not able to know anything more. I have comment earlier that I am a malayali and watching this same serial in malayalam in our channel,but eager to know more.

    1. Ankit is in jail for hitting atharv on the head in the temple.. I think I’m also not sure

  14. The episode was sooooper..
    Equally love u both atharv and vivi..
    Some ravish fan expecting atharv demise .. ther happy to Prove themslf as rabbit fan ?

    Go on guys?
    But this is vitharv’s story.These Ravish’s fan,they never could understand simple logic….

  15. The episode was sooooper..
    Equally love u both atharv and vivi..
    Some ravish fan expecting atharv demise .. they r happy to Prove themself as rabbit fan ?

    Go on guys?
    But this is vitharv’s story.These Ravish’s fan,they never could understand simple logic….

    1. hello vitharvians I’m huge fan of atharav character because he is a selfless and open minded person Basically menu person ni meelo Telugu members enthamandhi even one thing I noticed even now anju is using abusing words on our vitharvians I think he is mentally and ill tempered and aristocracy and barbarian mindset please go to the hospital and u will get well soon hope for the best please if I use bad language on u please forgive me but u don’t comment like in that manner

  16. @Mia actually I was mistaken .I had commented to ria not u.Sorry dear

  17. 143, Miku telugu vacha ? I liked your lines btw.
    Where are you from ?

    Guys, Ignore these devils.

    Good afternoon everyone.

  18. can we. download an episode of a serial if yes plsssss tell me all procedure I want to download all episode of vividha atharva or jana na dil se door before yjeir separation

    1. Yes u can download episodes of jndsd in hotstar app

  19. I totally agree Aaliya and I’m with you

    1. Thank u Anam

  20. @nidha & aailya now can I join ur team vitarv fans

    1. +at xyz also u all are 2 good

    2. @ria ,Definitely u can join

  21. @xyz di….plz dont say sry ! i havent taken anything in negative sense! wtever i said was in positive only…it seems u got confused!

    anyway check the later replys in tht comment whr u said tht “sachin u took in wrong way”….i clearly mentioned tht i took all positive ! so just chill ….thr was just a misunderstanding frm u!

    i clarify again “ALL POSITIVE FRM ME”…

    :)) 🙂 🙂

    1. Its kk dear Sachin..I checked ur replys.actually it was taking long time to publishing our cmmnts.that was the main prblm.
      Firstly I misunderstood ur reply .so I replied u again by asking sorry.but that time ur reply to me was nt published. So I again sent reply to u..so there was a series of replys.??.
      Now everything is cleared and fine.kk dear

  22. Why not Riya you can join vitharve group ??????????

  23. Hey All,

    Enjoying the show as no Saas Bahu Drama.

    I think just to justify Vitharva t’s story the director will show Ravish behind this. This is just a possibility. What do you think??

  24. @aailya & xyz no need to say sorry guys….actually I also read the comments than I understand u mistakenly write my name……..so no need to say sorry……..bye

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