Jaana Na Dil Se Door 26th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 26th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ravish asking Vividha to have something, else she will get unwell and weak, she has to become strong for her family now. Suman asks her to have food. Daddy ji coughs. Kalindi gives him water. Atharv asks Suman to pat Daddy ji’s back. Daddy ji says no, I m okay. Ravish asks Daddy ji how did he get breath problem suddenly. Suman says he may have cough by cold, weather is changing. Ravish says doctor said such dry cough happens by animal fur, we don’t have any animal at home. Atharv says cat is there. Vividha and Ravish look on. Aditi gets call and tells Suman that she has to take an urgent call. Vividha gets thinking.

Aditi talks to Avinash and says I got duplicate phone, but don’t know who has my phone. He asks her if she has doubt on anyone who would use the photos. She says don’t know, you know what happened here, I have to tell you something, we have to meet. She gets tensed.

He asks her to say it now itself, what is the matter, you are scaring me. She says that night, I met Guddi and we had a fight, then she….. She says someone is coming, I will call later and ends call. Aditi goes. Vividha hears her. Suman looks on. Vividha picks Aditi’s fur shawl.

Vividha tells Ravish that she is worried as she could not find Guddi’s murderer. He says its theory, it can be an accident. She asks are you saving your family and saying so. He says I did not support any wrong doer till now. She asks if its your family member, then what will you do. He says I can’t believe anyone of this family can do this, if you are saying true, you can trust me, its my responsibility to punish that person. She asks him to be ready then, she will find that person soon.

Aditi goes out. Vividha asks Atharv to go home, and don’t go outside like this. She asks him to go inside home. He refuses. She says I will go. He asks by leaving me alone….. She stops seeing him talk like a normal man. He starts acting kiddish again and asks her to come with him. She says I have to tell Sujata. He insists. She takes him along and they follow Aditi. Vividha stumbles and falls in Atharv’s arms. Kaun tujhe yun pyaar karega…..plays……………

She recalls their old moments. They follow Aditi. Aditi turns to see. Vividha hides with Atharv. They have an eyelock again. They talk. He hugs her. She asks him not to say anything, and be quiet. He asks are we playing a game. She says to know murderer’s truth, I will tell you later, come.

Aditi meets Avinash and says what could I do, our secret would have come out, how would I face Ravish, I saw Guddi having my phone, I had no other way. He asks do you know what you did, we could get trapped in big problem. She says if we did not fight, all matter would have got spoiled, who gave her right to interfere in my life, my phone fell somewhere. He asks her to find out. She says it would be in hall, someone is always there in hall, how to find out. He asks her to relax, we did mistake but we will always be together, you have to find the phone any way. Vividha hears them.

Its night, Avinash dines with Ravish’s family. Atharv feels sleepy. Sujata asks him to have food. He says no, I want juice. Avinash gives the juice to him. He signs Aditi to go. Kalindi sees this. Suman thanks Avinash. He says we are taught to take care of each other in good and bad times. He makes them busy in talk. Aditi goes and looks for her phone in the hall. Vividha puts torch on Aditi’s face. Aditi gets shocked.

Vividha tells everyone about the truth, Aditi and Guddi had fight for the phone. She shouts on Aditi and asks her to say it. Aditi cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Plz no more ravidha requests. Vitharv journey started. I know vividha is not confusing. Unnecessarily some of us doubted vividhas character. But I know vividha sirf atharv ka hi Hai.

  2. Wow! wow! My atharv vivida romance starts iam happy of that scene.
    There romance blooms?????????????
    Is that atidi who pushes guddi.????????
    Congrates 2 jndsd team for 200 episodes

  3. So adithi s d murderer

  4. What d hell r u showing.showing vividha a character less girl.involved With husband’s brother.please modify ur term nayi soch.it doesn’t mean shameless Ness.it means empowerment with dignity..here ravidha is best.full family only gives love.no one can’t deny or disrespect that
    Today’s episode was totally bekar

    1. Yes Aarti I do agree with you

    2. How is she characterless? She always loved Atharv & still does! And she is FORCED into marrying Ravish!! She had no choice! Just because the man is good & her husband doesn’t mean she has to move on! Isn’t that a big injustice for Atharv? Who sacrificed everything for her & bared a lot just for her! Vitharv belong together!! And Ravish! He is as good as Atharv & of course he deserves best but Vividha is meant for Atharv! Vitharv especially Vividha must be grateful with all her life to Ravish!

    3. No arti. Vividha is well metured,gud charectr and strong girl. She knows her marriage and she respects marriage. But she loves adharv. She suffers only adharv state. Once he willbe cure. She left him completly. Pls don’t blame vividha’s character. Finally always ravidha no more doubt at all. Coz ravish like a rama. (Rama lives only seetha).
      Vividha definitely move on her life with ravish. If she doesn’t move on her life. Adharv helps her fr vividha moves on with ravish. Coz vividharv 6th vow. That’s d adharv character and adharv love. Don’t blame vidharv love.

    4. Y u said vividha is characterless girl. Y she is characterless girl? She heart fully loved and loving atharva. Did u see 1st phase of jndsd she said atharva is her husband mangalsuthra and sendhur that’s a formalities of marriage. If she unite with ravish that time she characterless not now.

  5. I think those people who love ravitha is not jnndsd fans they just start to watch the show after their marriage vitharv vitharv vitharv athu mathyyyy

    1. എ എസ് പി

      മലയാളിയാണല്ലോ…..എവിടാ സ്ഥലം

      1. kochi

    2. ya dhrishya ur true….dey didn’t watch show from beginning ….if they did den they will support vitharv only…y just watched the show after ravish entry…
      anyways today’s was the best epi after al long time….vitharvz rock jndsd only for them????

    3. അടിപൊളി , ഞാനും കൊച്ചിയാണല്ലോ

    4. No. I have been watching this show from the start.. and I loved vividha and athrav’s Jodi too.. but that doesn’t mean u hurt ”good people” for getting your love.. if ravish and his family was bad . It was acceptable for vividha to still be with adharv and love him .. but here the case is diff she got such a good husband.. and a good family and she should try to move on .. and if atharv is a sensible person he should help her move on.

      1. I think u r wrong……u saw all episodes and u r still supporting rvish and vivudhas jodi……atharv and vividhas 7 wows are very mean to them.the 2nd vow that they even cannot think abt anyone expect their loved ones……vividha cannot accept ravish…..as that marriage was just a deal. I too respect indian rituals and marriages…..but here the case was tottally different yaar……i can feel the pain of atharv when he was distracted from vivdha……vividha se bichadne ki kwab se hi woh bahuth dar jatha tha…….agar vividha ravish ki huyi……yeh bahut na insaafi hai atharv keliye……

    5. Ya i agree with u……who saw the serial from first….they can only understand the love of atharv and vividha……

  6. Todays episode was awsome.. They are bst she can’t move on with an other person.. She truly loves only atharv.. Ravida never acceptable nd ravish deserves an other girl jst loves him..

  7. This episode was totally bakwas ..ye kesi nayi soch hai …vividha loves husbands brother

  8. You are right dhrishya.

  9. Athrav recover! damn nice episode… their romance start again, wow!!..we live hoping for the happy ending..True love never dies..we love u vithrav..

  10. Actually mujhe ISSI aerial main koi characterless lag raha hai WO vividha hai.Kyun ki WO sabse jyada selfish hai.Nehi to kya WO apni swarth ke lia ravish ko air kitna use karega nonsense character. Actually don’t mind my words only for character of vividha n’t 4 shivangi.I love actually all characters of this show accept vividha character .stop using of ravish.

  11. Nice episode for vidharv fans but didn’t forget culprits list-yesterday suman, today aditi, tomrw Sujata, day after tmrw adharv……….etc.
    Only confusing confusing ……..
    ……for trprating.

  12. Yes it’s true jnndsd is vitharv and avaraite ravidha fans vallu serial vividha marriage tarvatha watch cesinattunnaru anduke ala antunnaru starting nunci cuse vallu evvaru ala anaru jnndsd ante vitharv vitharv ante jnndsd

  13. Super srl

  14. Super aarthi. ..I agree with you

  15. Finally, the makers r bringing sense into the story. It has to b Vividha n Atharva….that’s Nayee Soch…not like another saga like Hum dil chuke sansom ending!!Thank God.

    Atharva, comendable acting skills. Vividha n u sizzle on screen. Ravish, u can find another girl!!

  16. Are u heard the word by adharv asks to vividha.(he asks by leaving me alone…….). So he is mentally cured. If adharv is mentally cured, what’s d meaning of hiding d truth.

  17. Yes karan truly said.. Not like other indian dramas.. Ravida fans plz watch phase 1.. Vitharv are bst

    1. true Plzz war dis show from strting
      vitharvz is the best jndsd is only for them…????

  18. Vitharv scene is sooo nice… Atharv Sujata get well soon..
    We want see only Vitharv…
    Ravish is soo good.. but it does’nt right that Vividha must stay with Ravish..
    It’s better to Ravish that he should found another girl who loves him..
    Vividha made for Atharv..
    Onky Atharv only Atharv..
    Vitharv love is true..

  19. Hi. I love every character in jndsd. Vividha said in 1st phase atharva is my husband. Mangalsuthra and sendhur just formalities of marriage. They don’t have any physical relationship but they mentally lives husband and wife. I am sorry to saying dis if anybody have physical relationship with anyone. is her husband? I am not blaming anybody. Some body saying if vividha unite with atharva she is character less women that’s not correct. When she unite with ravish that time she is characterless. Her marriage is just a deal

    1. You are right keerthi.. well said..
      Vividha heartfully accepted to Atharv as her Husbond… Vitharv didn’t unuted with marriage formalities but they are united with their hearts and Minds..

  20. Can join you on this page

  21. I don’t understand… who the murderer is?? I dnt think its aditi..I woud more prefer suman..

  22. Keerti well said. I too feel same thing. N same dialog for some one who said about brothers wife. It is her ill fate. If she commits with ravish den it will be very awkward. Before marriage only she confirmed atharv as her husband.

  23. i think boomi is murdered

  24. I think Ravish killed Guddi don’t know why but I had doubt on Ravish..may be because she is trying to come between him and Vividha..as we know he is obsessed with Vividha…..But also some people are saying Bhoomi and Kalindi r culprits maybe they r true…because I noticed they both r crying and feeling bad for Guddi….And we know that they both r not that kind of person who gets emotional or feel for others they r vamps and selfish….I also doubt Vipul because he only knows Guddi’s intentions maybe he is blackmailing Guddi…..lots of suspense…ye serial hai boss yahan kuch bhi Ho sakta hai???

  25. 90% is Vipul..Because Vipul only knows about Guddis intentions…..As we know Vipul has habit to flirt with women…so he started blackmailing Guddi because of that he tried to molest or rape Guddi as accidentally he fell from upstairs and died…may be bhoomi or Kalini had saw this they get afraid that Vipul will be caught or trapped…All the viewers r becoming producers and directors making their own stories ??..lolzz..lets see wo wins ?….all the best….jokes apart but I really enjoyed viewers comments and theories then actual story line ?

  26. For a split second Atharv was back. Something tells me he’s not completely insane, his mental state is better, his head trauma is sorting itself out, so is he hiding this for a reason n wot is it? For someone who is supposed to have reverted back to being a child, he’s noticing a lot. He knows who’s good, who’s bad. He knows who he wants to b around n who to stay away from. Well, let’s see who killed Guddi or did she do this on purpose? Still no Kailash, Guddi dead, Atharv n Vividha still not reunited, n Dadi n Uma still not bk, there’s so many questions not enough answers, wonder where the writers are going…..

  27. I think adharv killed guddi. Coz he is mentally cured but he acts like a ill person.
    Aditi only fight with guddi fr her phone. She didn’t kill guddi.

  28. Aditi will tell her love story today that voh Avinash se pyaar karti hai.Lets see what will be the reaction of all the family members?

  29. Yes Ravish deserves a good girl for him as Atharv &Vividha are meant for each other.
    I don’t know when Ravish will tell the fact that vividha loves Atharv in front of his family members what will be the reaction of them?

  30. for a second i thought atharv was recovered and normal….i think he is pretinding to be mad in front of others…today vitharv moments r soooo cute….vitharv is d besttt….i think suman kill guddi

  31. Guys every one saying that vivida will go with ravish.how can ravish accept vivida thaat already he knows vivida loves atharv.how u ravidha fans saying that ravidha with unite.this jndsd is about love.if the story shows about marriage .then what means love.
    Yyyy u ravidha fans not getting it.
    Some members saying vivida is characterless girl.
    She is a true lover

  32. Vavidha character is very bad she dont know about herself bad behaviour and bad habbits she just love her self and she dont want to know ravish,s good behaviour and her mother in law also.she is a very bad baho she know very well that guddi also is very lose character girl.

  33. If the cvs wants to unite vitharv ,first they have end relatn between ravish and vividha,but now she is wife of ravish , she should behave as a married woman .she shouldn’t be close to atharv .After ravish and vividha’s separation she can do whatever she wants.neither I am ravidha fan nor vitharv fan .it was just my opinion

  34. after watching episode I was thinking that atharv is pretending as mentally ill.i think sujatha accidentally killed guddi,becoz she doesn’t want atharv and vividha truth to come out.there may be fight between sujatha and guddi and she mistakenly pushed guddi

  35. Agr vividha true lover he to usne rahish se shadi q ki…suicide krte dono ek duje ke vaste jese…ravish ki jindgi q brbad ki…o ravish ke achai ka fayda le rahi he…she is Indian women…ye hamri sanskrti nahi he…
    Ye to extra marriage afire huva…

    1. Vivdha didnt do anything to herself because of atharv ……in previous episodes he takes promise from vivdha that if they are seperated for any cause then she should not end her life…..she should live her life as normal……..if she does something to herself then this kailash will never leave atharv……he will kill him cruely…..so she married ravish……we feel sry for ravish…..but there is no choice for vivdha…….if she will be as his wife…..then three lives will be spoiled……it will be better to unite atharv and vividha

  36. I agree with Anjana after seperation from Ravish Vividha can move on in her life with Atharv.She should not go close to Atharv as if anybody sees Vividha with Atharv especially Kalindi she will create nuisance as she is already doubting on Vividha.

  37. aap kuch log bol rahe hain ke vividha ki shadi ho chuki isliye ushe ravish ki sath hona chaiye but aap agar paihle episode dekhenge to aap ko pata chalega ki vividha ar atharve ka shaadi paihle hua hain. saat bachan or atharve ki khoon se vividhake mang main sindur dea hain. so agar ravidha ki saadi sach hain to vitharve ki saadi usse bari sach hain, jo pyaar se hua hai… nahe ek deal hain. esliye plz vitharve ki love ko suport karo…..

    1. I agree with every word of ur comment

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