Jaana Na Dil Se Door 26th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 26th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vividha shouting Atharv. Kangana shuts her mouth. Atharv and Madhav leave for school. Kangana pushes Vividha and takes the pin to strike her. Vividha stops her. Kangana catches her and says I will pinch this to you, did you forget anything can happen to Atharv and your son, come with me silently, don’t trouble me. Atharv drops Madhav to school. He calls Vividha and thinks why is she not answering. He gets Ravish’s call and says I was trying to call you. Ravish tells him everything. Atharv gets shocked.

He asks are you sure. Ravish says yes, I have seen him in CCTV footage, she was here when Madhav was born. Atharv says I felt there is some connection between Kangana and Madhav. Ravish says I checked her records, she was a patient in this hospital, she was

acting to faint again, she was running away. Atharv recalls Vividha’s words. Ravish asks why are you silent. Atharv says come home fast, I will meet you there. He calls Vividha and leaves from school.

He calls Sujata and asks her where are you. Sujata says I was leaving from temple, I spoke to Pandit for Bhoomi’s last rites. He asks her to pick Madhav from school and go anywhere, but don’t come home. She asks what’s the matter. He says just go anywhere, don’t come home. She says fine, I will go school now. He races the car and reaches home.

He runs to see Vividha. He checks room. He goes to see Kangana. He sees Kangana lying on the bed unconscious. He says Kangana I know you are acting, get up. He hits on the bed and says my mum did not teach me raising hand on women, else I would have thrown you down the bed. Vividha is under the bed. He thinks she is really unconscious. Vividha tries to touch his feet. He leaves from there. Kangana opens eyes and smiles. Ravish checks the CD and says so this is the reason why Kangana got after us. He takes the CD and leaves. Atharv calls Vividha and finds her phone on bed.

He thinks of Kangana. Kangana takes Vividha out. He runs to Kangana’s room and sees her gone. He gets shocked and hears the car sound. He runs and sees Kangana taking Vividha in the car. He follows Kangana in the car. Kangana hangs Vividha. Atharv reaches there and sees Vividha tied and hanged. He signs her to be quiet and sees the ropes. Kangana hits on his head. He holds his head and turns. Kangana smiles.

Vividha gets shocked. Atharv falls down. Kangana hangs Atharv too. She says its sad, you could not do anything, who is hanging in air at the end, Vividha thinks she is smart, she thought she will spike the drink and I won’t know. She says I have seen it, I know Ravish is also part of your plan, so he was forcing me to have drink, I did not drink it, I fooled you all, I don’t get scared of you all, but I have given this wound to myself, imagine how much hurt I was, but its happy ending now, you both will die together in air, I m not so bad, have some romance, I should go. She goes. Atharv says I will free myself some way and then free you too, trust me.

Kangana stops and says no, I won’t go from here, you both will be leaving from this world, every person asks last wish before killing, I got a last gift for you, its great, wait. She gets a rose and says not this. She kicks the gas barrels and says even if you get saved in air, you will die, I snatched your land, see. She throws the rose and shows the acid on the land. She says think your state will be worse, this is concentrated chemical, no one can get saved from this, have fun. Atharv asks why are you doing this, we kept you in family and gave love. She asks did you not know, for Madhav’s love. Atharv says I knew you have something to do with him. Kangana says you ruined my life, see I m letting you die together. She goes.

Atharv and Vividha are still hanging. Kangana goes to Madhav’s school. Atharv tries to get free.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. o god this b*t*h now why she has gone to madhav school and when you will be back ravish bcoz you both brothers have to save your family now plsssss atharva plsssss free vividha and yourself plssss thus kangana is so bad only
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva

  2. Where is guddi yar and atharv will save vividha and himself plzzz bring guddi back ( not old guddi I want new guddi priyanka)

  3. Vitharv so sad????Ravish??pls save them?love u ravish

  4. Love you ravish?

  5. https://youtu.be/djEPVyRXM5M
    They have solved our doubt ?

    1. Happy sandy thnx for these happy news

  6. Oh my god u blo*dy kagana u hit ma atharv mark ma words u will get punish for these …??????

  7. U lady monkey,rat,street b*t*h,she-ass,traitress,mental kango!How dare u!How can u hurt my atharv?I’ll kill u,witch.Go 2 the hell..They gave u shelter and u!Shame on u. Its ur good luck that atharv never raise his hand on woman or else u can’t imagine…….mark my words u have 2 pay for such bad deed.If u r in fornt of me I will throw the chemical on ur face.

  8. I don’t know what to comment for today’s episode .
    So many suspense:
    ..Will vitharv be able free themselves?
    ..Even that happens how can they get down on concentrated acid?
    I think kangana will get madhav from school before Sujata or she will take him from sujata. She will bring them infront of vitharv and narrate the whole truth.By that time ravish (may be along with sujata )comes and vitharv get released (somehow) and deceive kangana
    Just my feeling and that person behind all these have to come out.
    Did u guys noticed that in that cd while ravish watching there was a black coat seen by the side which is similar to that of kailash.
    And why atharv get beaten up at the same spot .How many times a normal human can bear the hit at the same spot?
    My brother was saying that when atharv for beaten at the head he will wake up as a memory loss person ?

  9. Sunanda12345

    Finally atharv exercises used 2 him…atharv plss save u r madhav from that kangana…

  10. https://www.instagram.com/p/BTWILd3hj8r/
    Hiii my dear frnds….. see this vitharv in ig story.now a days we r missing our vitharv selfies right.see they r back.they r best frnds then…now and…forever will be.so no more rumours.
    I want to talk to u guys about one thing but can’t bcoz there was only 1 day 4r my biggest exam ever up to now.soo pls all pray 4r me really i am soo tensed.it’s my do or die exam and it was my parent’s dream and happiness.so please help me to increase my confidence.I have lot to read but less time .don’t know what to do.help less ????

    1. Sunanda12345

      Pinky dear don’t worry….all the best

    2. Nikh you have got ur birthday present.
      Onscreen episode may not be as u wished on ur birthday but this offscreen episode should have satisfied u.

      Once again have a great evening ahead.
      Enjoy your day.

    3. Hey Pinky, all the best for your biggest day.
      Don’t get tensed, stay calm, stay positive n stay focused till your exam gets finished. If you do these things, you have done whatever is required of u and you will surely get whatever you desired to get.
      I’m sure you’ll get through the exam with flying colours.

    4. All the best dear pinky no need to worry just calm down and read may ur parents dream come true my pray always wide u….all the very best yar

    5. Which exam dear?
      Well we all will pray for that you’ll succeed 🙂

    6. Hey pinky relax dear .
      U will definitely come out with flying colours.Don’t take tension.
      All ur friends are here to pray for u
      So don’t worry and be cool and whenever u r tensed breath 5 to 10 times by closing ur eyes .u will surely feel relaxed .
      All the best for ur exams ?

    7. All the best Pinky

  11. I think its something to do with Atharv accident before memory loss. He might hit kanganas family or husband at that time. Vivi also get pregnant at that time

  12. Seriously, kangana rocked the episode!!
    frankly kangana is smart., viv,atharv and ravish..these 3 members eyed on kangana on party day..but kangana is d one well eyed and planned(that to immediate action) like fake juice drink, and cut on neck!! and fooled all simply.
    today episode, kangana’s acting was simply superb!! specially Good Bye scene.

    i know u guys will say no one are fools(vitharva and ravish)but its being humanity!!.
    this episode is an example of a result cause of over humanity!!..

  13. I am getting worried where is guddi?
    And wly is the old guddi back ?

  14. OMG kangana tied my vitharv is she super woman or what as far as i can see she’s so skinny how much strength she has.
    @pinky… dear don’t be tensed believe in urself am sure you gonna rock it. All the best dear.

  15. Omg..Hope ravish saves Vitharv.
    I just hate this Kangana..al d best pinky..

  16. Scaring epi. What will happen next?:-/:-/ What may be the connection btw kangana &Madhav? Just confusing. Oh…plz somebody help Vitharv..:,(:,(:,(:O:(

  17. Omg..Hope ravish saves Vitharv.
    I just hate this Kangana..al d best pinky.. hey anyone from Hyderabad here?

  18. Can anybody tell me really old guddi is back I dint saw episode plss but I want new guddi only

    today there was only sara. she did give mind blowing perfomance.

    oh just worried about vitarv. i know that they’ll get saved.

    I’VE A QUES.




    1. Same qustns I too have aleya…..
      When atharv got his memmory back b4 the leap,when evrybody tells the truth,there was a scene in vch vivida shows the news paper of January 2017.. to adharv

      And now they r showing 2012 flashbacks…… Nonsence



  21. https://www.instagram.com/p/BTWfKuFhjH5/
    See this ???????there was no jndsd team in SPA what this star plus is doing really hate u star plus.I think yash patnayak have no mouth to demand about their show. i have never got this much of anger disgusting ????????????????????…..

    1. It’s very obvious for STAR PLUS to not include JNDSD team in that SPA photoshoot, because they don’t even make a proper promo video for the show. Don’t be surprised if JNDSD do not have any nominations in SPA.
      These Patnayak’s are also not that concerned about JNDSD. They are only concerned about their other project Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi (KRPKAB) on SONY TV as it has got prime time slot and it’s TRP’S are also good relative to other shows on channel. They even took away Prateek Shah(director) to KRPKAB. Patnayak’s only promote KRPKAB by doing new photoshoots, promos after leap. They show foster love towards JNDSD though both KRPKAB and JNDSD have similar TRP’S.

      1. yes veer mamta n yash r…..just meaning less. they give more importance krpkab than our jndsd. actually for me krpkab is….. like saas bahu serial. n it’s true that jndsd’s trp is decreasing just bcoz of time slot.but look…..in star plus some stupid shows….get more trp…..huh really

      2. Yes to be frank, had JNDSD been given prime time slot on STAR PLUS since day 1. The show could have been literally different from what it’s today. Because viewer base of this show are mostly youth which includes college goers and working pros. It’s highly impossible for them to watch the show at 5:30PM regularly. Even lack of concern by STAR PLUS for JNDSD is one of the main reason for faulty storylines.
        Those conventional saas – bahu serials get more TRP’S only because of favourable time slots. As a matter of fact these shows though they have stupid/unnatural tracks garner TRP’S because of good directors which JNDSD is lacking recently.
        KRPKAB content is not at all superior to JNDSD. But they have Prateek Shah as director who presents it beautifully.
        Good directon can still bring JNDSD to the level it really deserves to be because of its revolutionary content.

    2. Sunanda12345

      Guys have 2 saw clearly…there is no suhani sae ek ladki,pardes mein hi mera dil,chandra nandini,durga,koi lout kae aya hey,mere angein mein,namkaran…..and our show jndsd

      They r only ishqbazz,dbo,yrkkh,yhm….and dupher serials gang

      Sooooo guys dont worry…..they cant miss sooo many serials…
      Have a nyc day guys

      1. Sunanda12345

        3 days back only i saw in twitter that jndsd is nominated yo spa…so guys dont worry

  22. thank you everyone for your warm wishes…
    @pinkzz ……. don’t tense give your best and all the best…
    @veer ….. yes off screen video is good but this episode is very bad..
    atharv head became a cricket ball .. all balls are boundaries..
    @veer @sandy @vismaya @raone @nazneen @sunanda @sam @aleya @sachin @helly @anam thanks for your wishes…
    @pinkzz @diya @usha @linah thanks for the song…
    @143 thanks for wishes in telugu…

    1. @nikh – putting Roku subhakankshalu.

      Coming to today’s episode – over humanity/foolishness/stupidity. Biggest joke of today’s episode is kangana able to hang Vitharv all alone and background music for villain is good.

      1. thank you so much lakshmi…

  23. All the best,I hope u do well in ur exams

  24. Thank u all my dear frnds,sis’s and bros.thank u soooo much 4r ur support.love u all….
    Priyal i have my emcet exam on day after tomorrow.I am long term student.my parents wish is to see me as doctor I to want to fulfill their wish but what to do because of my health problem i am in little lag but at least want to become veterinary doctor or agriculturist as my father have also done msc in agricultural in am more interested in that and this emcet is 4r that 2 entrances. don’t know what’s god wish is.what ever it may b my parents should be happy that is enough 4r me.

    Now a days i am not going to college and far from frnds so only sharing my feelings with u guys.happy to listen wishes from u guys once again thank u all.

    1. heyyyy pinky sorry dear for late wish.
      all the best.?
      it’s true….we have only one wish to make our parents happy. I know u’ll do…..rocks….. in ur exam dear.

    2. @pinky,,,jst smile,,all worries vl nd shud go away frm u,,,,,,,,,u hv worked very hard,,so surely u vl get fair share in ur result,,,,,,,vshng u lot of sweet success…

    3. di i did wished u earlier but don’t know why my comment is not published.

      so i wish u again.

      best of luck for ur xam . may allah(almighty) help u???

  25. Wow. They’re butchering the lead characters like mad atm lol. Vividha always making silly decisions that backfire (like trusting a stranger to live with them), Atharva getting hit on the back of the head from behind, etc. This is like the only serial where the lead characters are always thwarted by the antagonist. I can take it seriously if Kailash was the one killing the Vashisht clan but who can take a small girl like Kangana seriously. And how did she have the strength to drag a person of Vipul’s size and throw him into the water tank and then hang Atharva. These are big guys! Realism just doesn’t exist in this show does it.

    1. U re right Sone, the play isn’t realistic.Apparantely I was baffled too, upon seeing Atharv hanged by a girl like Kangana, it possibiliy rating is 5 to 10 percent, even if Artharv were to be uncounsious, it simply impossible for Kangana to lift him:(.

  26. indera sanichara

    Hello writers where did you guys come up with these crazy killers from out of space. I am speachless reading this update and I don’t think I will watch today’s ephoside it’s too gruesome. A simple love story turns into a killing spree, so boring writers.

  27. New ATHARVSUJATHA dialogue by SUNJIV PURI.

    Atharva:- yeh aapki zindagi hai,aur ek hi hai.iss janam mein doosri zindagi nahin milegi.apni kisi ichcha ko mariye mat…
    main yahaan aapko support karne, aapka hausla badhane aur aapki taakat ban ne ke liye aapke saath khada hoon… hamesha.

    Seems the empowerment track is on the way.

    1. Ohooooooo suuuuuperrrrrrr our perfect daring and dashing Mr.atharv sujatha is back????
      Thank u veer

  28. @veer translate in English please.

  29. English translation :

    This is ur life nd its ur only life. You won’t get 2nd life in this birth. Don’t kill any of your likes/desires. I’m here to support you, encourage you nd I will always stand by you to become your strength.

    1. thanks veer!!!
      Gud afternoon

  30. oh no.but it confirms atharv will save vivi.bcoz sanjiv puri confirmed about vitharv’s romance.
    omg vitharv’s romance…..hanging……. no no we don’t need this. we need normal romantic scenes.

  31. @sunanda n @RAOne
    all the best for OS competition.??
    we vitharvians…..always with u.
    I hope u guys r going to participate.

    1. Sunanda12345

      Tq soo much diya dear??

  32. @pinky,,,jst smile,,all worries vl nd shud go away frm u,,,,,,,,,u hv worked very hard,,so surely u vl get fair share in ur result,,,,,,,vshng u lot of sweet success…

  33. Sumank

    HI guys. Any how dis track ending soon. Almost all vashists exited. Hope show gradually coming on d track.

    1. Sunanda12345

      Hiiii di how r u???

      1. Sumank

        Fine sunanda. Suffering n enjoying from Holidays side effects?.

      2. sunanda di don’t mind i’m again asking u question. u’ll be assuming as i just ask nask u. what can i do na.u all are my family right.

        ### i just wanted to register but they told me user name is invalid as it was my sis id but i entered my name alieya marzan. so i wanted to know how can i open gmail id.

        plz…… forgive me if u r irritated ?

    2. Omg!!!akka u r back.again don’t stop commenting pls we all r missing u a lot.
      How r ur 2 dolls???

    3. hi akka…
      how are you??

    4. oh di I’m really happy to see u.
      how r u di?
      good afternoon.

    5. Hi Suman di!!! welcome back we missed u alot. Don’t dissappear again keep commenting.
      Gud afternoon.

      1. is this sumank our suman di. if it is so then i’m also verry happy. xyz, aaliya 143 and many of vitharv fan is missing. don’t know where r they???

        just miss their comments?

    6. Suman di soooo happy to see u back
      Keep commenting di…

  34. RAOne

    hey @linha here is the link to reach another FF ……
    https://www.tellyupdates.com/?s=dil+h+tumhara click on the link you will get story of athrv and viv, thanks for asking.

    1. I got it @RAOne….thanks again!
      Good day.

  35. Nice one…thanks veer!!!
    Gud afternoon!

  36. hi guys today i’m feeling light . my xams r over n i got 14 days summer vacation.


    just go through it

  37. just wanted to know is jndsd not in spa 2017 ????

    someone posted photos of spa but there was no member of jndsd.

    feeling angry on star plus????????????

  38. What is this i am not able to see comment box on today’s page.what happened???????????

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