Jaana Na Dil Se Door 24th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 24th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ravish stopping Atharv. He says you can leave, but you can’t go without Vividha. Vividha comes downstairs. Ravish says let me do the honor. He forwards hand. He says this was my responsibility and promise too. Vividha holds his hand. Ravish dressed in his uniform, gets Vividha to Atharv. Ravish says you were going without Vividha…. why…. you came back for her by fighting with death, you have fought with the world and her father, you did not care for anyone, and you have beaten me yesterday…. you did so much and now you will turn face away and go, how can you do without taking her along. Vividha cries.

Ravish asks why are you silent, you had many things to say yesterday, will you leave the person for whom you can break huge mountains. Atharv says she is your wife, how shall I take your wife. Ravish says it means the Atharv about whom Vividha told me was different, one who knew just relations of happiness, since when did you start caring for society and customs, where is that Atharv. Suman says Atharv is saying right, what are you doing. Ravish says I m keeping my promise, I promised Vividha that the day Atharv gets completely fine, I will free her from this namesake bond, the time has come today.

Sujata says Vividha married you and wears mangalsutra of your name. Ravish says mangalsutra can be made to wear to bodies, till it connects with soul, its just piece of jewelry, she has wear my name mangalsutra, but there is Atharv’s name on her soul, the wedding rounds have no meaning than the vows they made to each other, the relation by helplessness is not called marriage, their relation is stronger than any marriage without any rounds, even Papa wanted Vividha to marry Atharv. He says Vividha is of Atharv and is always of Atharv, Atharv will not go alone from here today, he will take Vividha along, your relation is Lord’s wish, its human’s decision, if I could, I would have got you two married, but I m a soldier, when border calls a soldier, he does not hear anything or see anything. Suman asks what. Ravish says yes, regiment posting is fixed, I have to leave for urgent mission.

He unites Atharv and Vividha’s hands. Suman stops Ravish. She says she is your wife, marriage relation is not a joke, she has mangalsutra of your name, she has sindoor of your name, she is this house’s bahu, I will never permit her to leave from this house. Ravish says it means this marriage is the main problem, fine I will end this marriage right now. They all get shocked.

Ravish gets tearful eyes and recalls his marriage with Vividha. He removes her bangles. Namo namah…..plays…… Suman asks what are you doing. Atharv looks on with tearful eyes. Ravish wipes off Vividha’s sindoor. Vividha cries. Ravish keeps a smile on his face. Everyone look on and cry.

Ravish says this mangalsutra is biggest bond for everyone. He recalls making Vividha wear mangalsutra in mandap. He removes her mangalsutra. Ravish says its done, now Vividha is free from all relations/bonds. They all see Ravish. Ravish says Maa, relations are joined by heart, not by traditions and jewelry, Vividha never wished to marry me, so she was chained in this marriage, today I freed her from the chains, now she is not my wife and I m not her husband, from today, she is just Vividha. Suman cries seeing Ravish. Ravish says Atharv’s Vividha. Jaana na dil se door……plays………… Ravish unites Atharv and Vividha, and smiles.

Dadi rushes to Uma and says Sujata and Atharv are coming, did you make their fav food. Uma says yes. Dadi asks did you make Atharv’s fav kheer, and Sujata’s fav laddoo. Uma says don’t worry, everything will be ready in 10-15mins. Dadi says cook fast, they will be coming, I have decorated temple, Sujata will be happy seeing it, Atharv is coming back getting fine, how to thank Lord. They hear the car sound and get glad. Dadi says Uma, I think Atharv and Sujata have come, get aarti plate.

Atharv gets down the car and smiles seeing his house. Sujata and Vividha look on. Abdul uncle gets glad seeing Atharv. Uma gets aarti plate. She sees Vividha with Atharv. She does his aarti. Dadi smiles seeing Atharv. Atharv hugs Abdul uncle. Abdul uncle says thank Lord you identified me today. Vividha hugs Uma and cries. Uma sees her sindoor and mangalsutra gone. Sujata and Vividha smile seeing Atharv smiling.

Vividha does puja. Atharv says its Monday, you will need leaves for puja. He hands over the leaves to her. O re piya….plays…. She takes sindoor to apply. Atharv gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. indera sanichara

    Viewers stop condeming Vividha give her a break, she is not dead she is just trying to digest everything that’s happened to her in the last three months. Her love for Artharv will always be true but she is sorry for what happened to Ravish. So she need a break. Ok

  2. @ suman

    U Freed her from all the relations…Smile

    btw peoplesaying ravish insulted vividha by wipping sindoor off and breaking the bangle and taking off the MS in front of everyong…OH REALLY?????LOL

    if tht is INSULT for you?????? than… few episodes back when vividha did all the NAUTANKI of WIDOW in front of and specially ravis…than that should ALSO BE COUNTED AS INSULT.

    1. I never supported vividha for widow scene. N vulta phere n dis process of freeying vividha all r regressive. Just a sign on divorce papers or petition for annulment is d best step which is more justified.

      1. I didn’t say wt vividha did is right.

  3. Haha, poor vividha, when atharv was not well, she removed mangalsutra,she even tried kissing atharva and was ready to become his widow.. This two days, ufffff..
    My vitharv, what’s happening

  4. @ SUMAN u replied @mia yesterday that VIVDHA was done WIDOW drama bcoz she feel lifeless ….no dear if u feel lifeless is this not means ki all people r emotionless u hurt everyone.if u support VIVDHA what she done so why u against RAVISH what he done today… & the main point if DIVORCE so ravish already told VIVDHA that he file 4 DIVORCE but d process take its own time… & RAVISH want to free VIVDHA in now so he done ….& one thing here CVS make a joke of tradition (rewaz) by done ulte phere & what VIVDHA & RAVISH done ……

    1. @Ragini I strongly support suman today.In yesterday’s episode what ravish had done is totally meaningless.He has no right to swipe the sindoor and break the bangles.
      It is not old generation to do like this.In olden days women had no right of their own.But it is completely changed in present generation .Today Women can stand on her own legs.

      The directors added the thoughts of old generation.Like vividha’s widow avathar etc.
      They are making women characters very weak

  5. And one big point
    If ATHARV do anything so people call him genus or atharv is strong and all…..
    And if RAVISH done something so same people call him mahaan atama and all…
    Why this double standard thinking
    If RAVISH done anything which is right or wrong he always be wrong in some people eyes…..and now don’t tell me ki make a temple or worship RAVISH.. If is this right. So u all make a temple 4 ATHARV &done same thing which u told RAVIDHA FANS.
    Bcoz in your eyes ATHARV is best who done more thing since his childhood…..
    Sorry guys bcoz today I don’t control my anger towards those people who always accuse RAVISH &call him mahan aatma & also called make a tample……so sorry if anyone hurt my comment.

    1. @ Ragini ,Atharv is totally deserved be a God in Temple. Bcz What did he experienced and did for every persons in his life it is nt less than a God did.so we are proud of atharv .and if we can we will surely make temple for atharv as he is the ideal and unique person in the serial.no one can change his character. Atharv =atharv nly.but prblm is that atharv doesn’t believe in personal God. Atharv’s character already won place in heart of lakh of people so cvs have no need to show more and more mahan dram for accepting him.we accepted him by his true nature not by mahaan nature.

    2. Sweetuishkara

      I would appreciate ravish efforts he sincerely wants to unite them some of the ravidha fans are badmouthing atharva ,is it justified??? vividha is showing double standard first she told she wants to stay as atharv’a widow now he is front of him but she is crying for ravish ,ravish himself freed her then why she wants to wear mangalsutra

    3. U know sometimes too much of over dose is injurious to health n that is what is happening in dis serial….over dose of character Ravish….

    4. @Ragini,Atharv does not expect anything in return.
      But ravish is doing all these to get sympathy from Vividha.

      It was ravish who came between atharv and vividha. So even ravish does the mahantha we cannot see that.

      My atharv is a normal human being.So there is no need to do pooja for him.

      Your ravish is god okay.You can do pooja for him.

  6. I was a silent reader of your comments till now…I’m a huge fan of VITHARV……Therefore I’m so happy today….finally they are united…..guys please don’t blame Vividha.. think from her side..she regrets alot for Ravish..that’s why she seems to be unhappy..and she has been applying for 3 months…so it’s natural…I think Vividha is riht in this situation…and Ravish also a great person for her…obviously she feels bad for hurting him..
    I have seen all Malayalees are introducing themselves…I too am a malayalee…

    1. @Aswathy iam also a malayalee dear from palakkad.

      In Kerala which place are u from

  7. Hello frnds…for past 3 days am reading ur commnts….am a regular viewr of jndsd….many peoples mentiond CVS….wt it xcty means…..can anyone xplain me……i knw it is a silly thing to u… i jzt want to knw.

  8. Now days every single episodes has left viewers into more stress with PURANE SOCH. Now vivi fall for goody ravish.. kitnibbar sachchewale pyaar hote hay vivi ? Disgusting…

    Pls all of u Leave all this type of serial…bye vitharvians

  9. Good riddance Ravish.. please don’t come back and fall in this mess ever.. u have been conveniently used and thrown now.. and if ever vividha tries to get back to u.. just remember the hypocrite in white saree..
    If she is applying sindoor for ravish, than girl you don’t deserve both the lovers.. and if its for atharva, then finally the show will move in a good direction.. vividha, don’t feel guilty for ravish.. he is a strong man.. he will be fine without u because as said by many, he is a mahan aatma and god will do d best for him..

    I really hoped that atharva could have melt a little and instead of feeling thankful, we could hv seen some brother moments before ravish parted..

    Regarding divorce, it has already been said that ravish had to leave for some urgent mission, so might hv not filed for the divorce..

    Any way, all the best vividha and atharva.. be together now..

    I also wanted to add my thoughts about nayi soch.. it is also a nayi soch that a girl can find her love in another person.. but the wrong that vividha did was that he kept the two men hanging..one she loved and another she felt guilty about. She should hv focussed on atharva instead of wearing meaningless mangalsutra and sindoor..

    1. Sweetuishkara

      we share same thoughts tgis hypocrite was crying for atharva and now for ravish what does she want??I am hell confused

  10. dear vitharvians I think CVS are trying to unite ravidha being Atharva fans we can complain na abt d show show let’s request the write to reunite vitharv

  11. Superb acting by Ravish. Simply amazing. I feel Ravish’s character might end in the war.

  12. I dont know if vividha did good or bad …i just wanna give my opinion…
    Guyz lets imagine if we were in vividha’s situation what would have we done ….although the ra….vidha marriage was name sake for ravish and vividha it wasn’t name sake for vashishtians . except kalindi all of the vashishtians truly loved vividha as their daughter not like their bahu ,so may be vividha having a guilt of breaking vashishtians heart ,if all the vashishtians would have gave vividha’s hand to atharve happily then she may be happy by thinking that all of them forgiven her ….do you guys notice vivi didnt even asked forgiveness from vashishtians bcz she dont have guts to do that as she has broken ravish’s life ….this is the only thing that kills vividha from inside …vitharves reunion was against all vashishtians will…. may be vividha thinks that she is carrying the load of vashishtians curse ,thats why she is unhappy ,she may be thinking thar by carrying someone’s curse she will not be able to have a fresh start with atharve …
    My chunk dear atharve make vivi feel good help her in sorting out all the problems between she and vashishtians …
    I am clearly saying that am not supporting vivi ..its my opinion ..

    1. It’s true.

  13. RAVIDHA should be endgame.otherwise we will stop watching this show.


    Writter jee jaldi se atharva ki shaadi vividha se karaiye. Aur kitna wait karna hoga marriage dekhne k liye. Plz.

  15. Guys there is another new pic in instagram where Vivi is in saree and she was talking to ravish…. And dt too in d vashisht house…and the house was decorated…. So I think it’s ra……….vidha.For divorce to happen she’ll have to stay with ravish and so may be dats why she came back in vashisht nivas… and during dis tym she’ll develope feelings fr dt MAHAAN AATMA D GREAT RAVISH… ?????nd may be Atharv will sacrifice Vivi fr ravish…. So I am leaving d show…. I’ll jst read d written updates….and plz if anyone of you have any good news for Vitharv den plz share….. Nw M damn sure end game will be ra……..vidha…. So sad…….. ? Den Wat was d need of Atharv…. M feeling very bad for Atharv….. Uski maa ko bhi sacrifice karna para aur abhi usse bhi…… I jst want to know how vividha will explain her situatn… Jab atharv nahi to sass Lena mushkil ho raha hai… Aur jab atharv hai samne to ab kya??? M really waiting for her explanation… So sad???????????????????????

    1. No wait. It might be vividhas fb just before leaving. Like vividha came I’m usual attire sari sindoor every thing. Then they might have been a conversation after dat vividha changed dress n came down.

    2. i’m also feeling same..
      very bad for atharv..
      just disgusting..

  16. Sunjiv puri confirmed guddis murderer was mehra himself. I think they wanted to close that matter.

    1. Guys,, this is Sunjiv Puri reply to the changed behaviour in Vividha:

      “kitna kuch hua hai uske saath… insaan sadmon se badal jaata hai… mature ho gayi hai woh”

      So now I guess we know whr the story is heading

      She is mature now and so I presume the love she had for Atharva was immature and infatuation. All the vows she took with him were immature too.

      So here we have it with, with Vividha gaining maturity her father(kk) is finally the winner!!

      1. No!!! I don’t like this maturity then, I want to see her fun mood back… I don’t like this confused and quiet vividha… I thought when she reaches ajmer she will get that mood back… I still hope for the best

      2. Vitharv is on 4th place.. Plx vote for them

      3. Our interpretation may be wrong Karan. She underwent such a trauma, for any girl coming out of such situation is impossible. She was fighting for her love almost from day one of the marriage. She proved her love for atharv every time. I don’t know y we r expecting her to prove her love at d end of episode. After all she is human being. Dat much happened with her life within 3 months. Lost guddi, one side Fargo bank orced marriage with a very Gd person, guilt for ravish n vashist family, atharv him self doubted her. She almost dying from inside. I hope she won’t presume her love as immature. Hope atharv n vividha rebuild their relationship.. Definitely the situation is not same as before. Both are broken very badly. Atharv also lost his identity for 3 months. But hope their journey starts with new start building them selves n supporting each other ?. I know CVS won’t leave butchering vividhas character for trps. But some where I am still having hope for vividha character. Hope soon CVS make vividha speak out wt is going in her mind. But I am sure dis won’t happen so soon. But I will watch until vividha opens her mind n heart out. Den only I can come to conclusion whether to watch or quit.

      4. No….this serial is only abt vithrv..their lv story.it is abt hw thy face the obstacle in their lyf..vivida gets mature …but this doesn’t means her lv for adhrv is immature.plzzz..aisa mat kaho…
        Vithrv ko milake serial band kardo..it is bettr i think ,atleast band hone ke baad ise yaad toh karenge, bt plz dont mk ravidha lv story….agr aisa hua…toh writtr ke muh pe thapad marungi…ullu…grrr
        Am sorry to use dis words….bt i cant cntroll my angr.

      5. Karan well I’m too mature to watch this nonsense, so if that’s the case it will be good-bye JNDS for me.

        Maturity my foot, so now it’s infatuation?
        They say first cut is the deepest, so it like Arthav got cut.

      6. Suman, ur hope in Vitharva, rebuilds my hope :)))

        Pls do not get offended with what ppl say abt u or how learned u r. It’s the way u think that makes u different

      7. Sirf 2din may mature ho gayi….2din phale toh woh kahe rahi thi ki vo atharv se pyar kartii hai…

        Let me remind one thing on d ulte phere din she hugged atharv….n when UMA asked her not to give divorce to ravish she said no I can’t maintain d relationship of wife n husband with ravish n d very next day she falls for himm…….dis must be a big joke….

        And I dont understand wo ladki jo ek ladke ke liya bina shaddi ki vidhva ban sakthi hai toh usse bhool kaise payegii….And dont say that this is d NAYA SOCH of star plus

    2. But what about the guddis love for ravish. Ravish should know that. Vivitha has to tell that why she refused that love? Please ask this also sumanji

      1. Ha ha Eswari. Whom should I ask.

  17. I think this story heading to ravish greatness, hence shashank vyas has already declared himslf as he is the backbone of this show.. may be thats why cvs also starting to ruin all the dignity of atharv which they had shown from the beginning.. good goning cvs..?

    Congo to cvs for making ours show worst.

  18. What is this guys ? Is it true? Vividha leave atharv and will stay with ravsh! !!!!!.if she is made with soil .she is not a human being .sure.if it will happen then pls guys we must quit the show.now I can’t tolerate anymore. Enough is enough ???????

    1. really yaar..
      if it is happen like this i’l really quit this..
      i want to quit this now but i can’t b’coz of atharv..
      i can’t see his pain again and again..
      i’ll come again when atharv is happy that’s it..
      blo*dy hell stupid story..
      if the conclusion is this then why did they show a great love story they can show a normal love story..
      and after all these they are showing old stories again and again..

      1. Rightly said @xyz chechi [email protected] Nikh.

        I also planned to quit the serial.But iam watching only for vikku.

        Writers are giving more importance to Ravish’s character.As he is already a famous actor.

        I think writers will sideline atharv’s character.

        Atharv should act in films to show case his talent not in disgusting serial like JNDSD.

        Iam getting very sad than angry.

        Directors You got to blo*dy hell.Idiots

      2. If it comes true. I am the one to quit d show forever. Hope it won’t happen

  19. I have been a Vitharva fan and always wanted them to be together.But now it seems this girl has lost all her love for Atharva ,she did not utter a single word or looked at atharva the way she used to.She only loves her Mangal sutra.It seems Atharva will notice it and send her back and she would also go.So,finally the CVs would again make the win of marriage and how an Indian girl compromises and adjusts to it.
    Na nayi soch hogi aur na pyaar ki jeet.Better to stop watching jndsd.

  20. If this vivida fall for ravish then please let us know that..it will be the last day im watching this show. only for atharv watching this stupid drama..cant tolarate this anymore..?? im done with this vivida and ravish go to hell…

  21. Sweetuishkara

    do hell with this show ,they are doing like tere sheher main atharva leave this show like mantu had done in tere sheher main ,this show already has less trp now it will go off air soon

  22. @suman di… M talking about a new pic…. Where vashisht house is decorated… and ajmer was also decorated… And Vivi was only in Saree.There was not any ms and sindoor and she was talking to ravish…. And back side was decorated….and dt place was vashisht nivas….

    1. share the link yaar…

    2. Plz share link. I saw pic of vividha, I thought kashyap house is decorated. Ravish is der in dat pic? I don’t think so.

    3. Share link plz..

  23. I hate this serial……nonsense…rubbish…. I won’t see this again

  24. Ravish, time to get some counseling so you can move on with your life. Vividha has already had many wedding nights with Atharva, so learn to move on & life ahead may be very beautiful. In all possibilities, keep 0 contact with Sujata family 4 ur own good.

    1. Hi.. i wish the same.. from day one in the show, we have seen him suffering.. i want to see him in jnsd but not with vividha, atharva and sujata..

      Let there be two tracks- vividha and atharva and a different track for ravish.. both side fans would be happy..

      Btw some useless and jobless fans are trolling him on other social networking sites.. it has become a fan war like between salman and shahrukh.. but guys actors just work on script provided to them.. don’t know y the fans are being harsh on real life shashank, shivani and vikram.. this behaviour is really diagusting..

  25. Vividha should not get happiness anymore.
    Ravish also should fall for another girl.

    Her life should become like a hell how sujatha cursed her.

    1. Truly dear aailya .vividha is nly and one person who spoiled our innocent Atharv’s life.she played with his feelings .Frm the bgning she and her lovable father kk jointly insulted atharv too much.but even after tolerating all these insults atharv didn’t avoid her.i think that was the only fault of atharv.He protected her from every dangers by being a shield of her.
      But what did that cruel girl return to him.
      Only painful life.
      Atharv and sujatha tolerated everything not nly poverty bt also harassments from society.on same time ramakanth was enjoying his family with his 2nd wife and ravish and adithi. Ramakanth couldn’t accept suman mentally but suman and her children got every honour from society and luxury life also which are deserved nly for sujatha and atharv.
      One son is in tolerating everything same time other son enjoys his luxury life with his completed family.
      What a paradox! !!.

      Now history repeats again this time also atharv has to sacrify his love as sujatha did.
      WELL DONE director sr.
      U played with our emotions as vividha kashyap did with atharv.
      I still remember the words saying by productn team on inaugural ceremony.That day u were said this is the love story of two persons called atharv and vividha. This is the story of love & empowerment. Is this ur love &empowerment? ?where is love whr is empwrmnt.??.
      Truly vidha curse u ur life will bcm hell with ravish and each and every time u were haunted by the thought that u cheated atharv and spoiled his life,his dreams,his feelings.,everything and u also ravish as you spoiled those brothers life whose happiness always snatched by u.
      Sure we know u forgot ur words and change the soul of the story .keep go on.
      Now u have no need of vitharv fans as u got 2 or 3 ra vidha fans .kk.but don’t forget we vitharvarians are only gave all support to ur serial frm bgning nt recent ra vidha fans.so keep this thing on ur mind idiots.

      Now u can show as u like no problem we don’t care.

  26. Go to shivani surve S instagram and it’s there in most recent pics.. M nt able to share the link

    1. Old pic nikhat tiz vivi bday pic

    2. It’s an old pic

    3. nikhat dobt worry ths is an old pic wn after thr marriage!

      i dont exactly remember bt ravish and viv dress reminds me tht ths incident is after ravish came frm morning jogging!

    4. nikhat dont worry ths is an old pic wn after thr marriage!

      i dont exactly remember bt ravish and viv dress reminds me tht ths incident is after ravish came frm morning jogging!

  27. S karan I support vitharv, even though all r questioning about vividhas character. Reason is just because I started watching jndsd wn they started in telugu. I liked their promo. And after few episodes I started watching in hindi. By dat time already ravish entered into vividhas life. To know the whole story out of enthusiasm I started watching from episode 1 in hindi. I covered all episodes within 4 days. I fell in love with vitharv. Now I am watching phase 1 (telugu) n phase 2 (hindi) simultaneously. Now I can clearly make out the vividha n atharvs way of thinking. They didn’t changed. Only conditions changed. Their love for each other is still same. Vividha stood strong for atharv in phase 1 n 2 also. But phase 2 she is married, making situation complicated. But see how people questioning her for standing against her love. How can she forget ravish so soon. She is thinking about ravish doesn’t mean she is loving ravish or falling for ravish. She is knowingly or unknowingly reason for sorrows in ravishs life. If vividha is feeling happy means, it is abnormal according to me. She is not happy. How can one will be happy knowing we r d reason behind ones sorrows. The day wn CVS shows vividha falling for ravish finish, dat day will be last day of my jndsd.

    1. Yes you are right. ..
      I didn’t think this much… and I’m so confused about vivida..
      I just have hope on your trust that’s it..
      We have to wait and see what will happen….

  28. Hi friends can I join ur vitharav group

  29. Director sir please unite vitharav only and don’t separate them Iam big fan of atharav character

    1. Welcome dear @ k mahesh

  30. I am so sorry xyz and others for hurting ur feelings. It was my friend who typed comments against vitharv. To take revenge on me as we were fighting over some personal reasons. I usually like both atharv and ravish in their own ways . I am okay with whatever happens. Once again I my apologies to all ?

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