Jaana Na Dil Se Door 23rd November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 23rd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Guddi thinking of Vividha’s slap. Vipul asks why are you going so soon. Guddi says many things can happen in one night. Vipul flirts with her. Bhoomi comes there and hears them. Vipul says we will meet late night. He goes. Bhoomi gets thinking. Atharv sits in kitchen and sees Suman cooking. He comments on her cooking and asks Suman is she mad to put chilli. Sujata comes and asks Atharv to come. Atharv says see Suman is cooking food so well. Suman stares at Atharv. He asks why are you angry. Sujata says I got good colors, come, we will do drawing. Atharv asks Suman to cook well. He goes with Sujata. Vividha recalls Guddi’s words. Suman finds her worried.

Aditi chats on her phone and goes. Kalindi keeps an eye on her. Suman calls out Vividha. Vividha is lost. Suman asks her to come. Suman asks what happened, are you thinking anything. Vividha says no, can you arrange a car tomorrow morning for going Ajmer. Suman asks do you miss your mum. Guddi hears them. Suman says fine, I will arrange car, for many days are you going. Vividha says not me, Guddi will go from here tomorrow. Suman says but Guddi just came, let her stay. Vividha says her college started and she has to leave for studies. Suman says fine, are you okay? Vividha says yes. Suman asks are you sure. Vividha says sure. She goes. Guddi gets angry recalling Dadi’s words. Guddi checks her mail and gets Atharv and Vividha’s photos. Chil gae naina……plays………….. Guddi recalls Vividha’s words. She smiles seeing the pics.

Kalindi checks Aditi’s phone and smiles seeing Aditi and Avinash’s pics. She sees Aditi coming and leaves. Guddi gets the photos and recalls Vividha saying she has many pics of her and Atharv, she can’t delete it and phone has no space now. Guddi asks her to send photos to her by mail and she can save it. Vividha says I will make an album of my photos after marriage, keep it save. Guddi jokes and asks her to think of her secret treasure, which she can use to blackmail Vividha. Vividha laughs. FB ends. Guddi smiles seeing the pics.

Suman sees Ramakant’s pic and says when you were alive, I felt life is testing me, now I understood that life was preparing me for real test, I m tired of giving tests of patience, I want to live with peace. Someone knocks. Suman turns and finds a letter. She reads, its time to know such secret which is hidden from you. Daddy ji reads letter, if you want to know secret, come out in hall. Vipul reads that everyone has to know this secret. Vividha reads the secret is imp to know. She thinks whats this secret, who wants to tell the secret. Aditi looks for her phone. She says I had kept it here and worries. Vividha recalls Guddi’s words.

Atharv looks by binoculars. Vividha says I know Guddi did this, but why, did she forget difference between right and wrong. Kalindi plays Aditi and Avinash’s pics on projector, and smiles. She says Suman, now I will show what your innocent daughter is doing, you will be embarrassed infront of everyone.

Ravish is at work place. Suman calls him and tells him that she is sending the note pic, come home fast. Ravish reads the note. He thinks who can do this, and what’s the secret. Guddi goes and removes Kalindi’s pendrive. She attaches her pendrive with Atharv and Vividha’s pics. She says I will not go so soon, see.

Ravish is rushing home. Avinash asks why are you worried, all well. Ravish says yes, I have to reach home for imp work. Avinash sees the note pic in Ravish’s phone and checks. Ravish takes his phone and goes. Avinash thinks whats going on in his house, what was that note. Aditi calls Avinash and says I m finding my phone, I m not getting it, phone is switched off. He says relax, you can get new ones. She says the phone has our pics, it can create many problems for me and you. Vividha goes to Guddi’s room. She calls out Guddi and goes to hall. She calls out Guddi and asks whats all this, come out, I know you have sent the notes to everyone, please come out. Everyone look at the notes.

Vividha shouts to Guddi and says if you don’t come out, I will never see your face. Everyone hear the clock sound. Vividha turns and sees Guddi injured severely.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Today episode is very interested. But wt hapnd to guddi I think dt Chintu push from upstairs. Really I am wating for 2mrw. But pls writer stop d twists in d serial dis a love story Na u r showing a crime story

  2. I think guddi will die in precap box in Twitter that posted some pics that all family members g in white dresses or else who will die ?????

  3. It’s guddi. Noo. I think some one murdered her(may be chintu). Atharv was roaming With binoculars so he may be witnessed murder. Cute love story to crime story journey going on. What next

  4. Faltu….what guddi…why..,…

  5. What happened to guddiis she really injured or just acting? I don’t know wat is happening in this show.

  6. What is happening here ….

  7. Any spoilers about the upcoming track …???

  8. i think athrav is suman son and ravish is sujata because the showed a real nice bonding ????

  9. how ….suddenly guddi gets…injured …..?

  10. Bt who did thz???

  11. Hey it’s guddi

  12. Guddi not injured. Guddi is going to die.

  13. I think guddi drama kr rahi hai…

  14. Posted on twitter:


  15. i thought guddi wont die…

  16. I think it’s probably chintu. She’s going to die. Really don’t know where the writers are heading with this serial.


  17. Hey guys I’m new here.Can I join your group??

    I think Guddi is acting.Voh ghar se nahi jaana chahati hai isliye voh chot lagne ka naatak kar rahi hai taaki saare ghar wale usse aaram karne ko kahe aur usse ghar nahi jaane denge.I’m just guessing.
    What are your views?

  18. Yes. Guddi drama kr rhi hai. Usi ne aaj ke episode mein kaha tha ke wo itni jaldi yahan se nhi jayegi. Isiliye usne chot lgne ka drama kiya hai.

  19. Hi friends.I think suman will died

  20. I think now dis serial is going to annowing n irrutating us ….atharv ne maara hoga ???.may be ek to indian seriel me hmesa do hero hote hn 1st boyfrnd thn husband fir baad me husband hi main lead ho jata h so ab vividha atharv ko bhul kr ravish ko chahhegi ar he ll be da main lead n athrv ll be villain…..sab serial ek jaise hn……yaar koi to alag dikhao……atharv ar vividha ko wapas se unite karoa…….

  21. On twitter it says Guddi’s death is murder and atharv is innocent but will have to bear the shit.

    1. Yeah @TUFFY,,maybe Atharv has to bear that blame.. in today episode they showed atharv going upstairs playing with binoculars and guddi was thrown from upstairs. so all may blame atharv did that..so sad for atharv.

  22. Good if guddi died …. maut k liya hi tamasa kar rahi thi sali marja tu beach

  23. Guddi death statement lo adharv name………?

    1. Atharv name kadu “sudheer” name undi. so jagratha ga undu sudheer Ok!!! 😛 😛 😛

  24. I think this is crap….really don’t know where the writers are heading…turning out to be a crime story!!!!

  25. If Guddi dies it will be nice.Bechara Ravish Bach jaayega.Ravish deserves best girl who loves him a lot .The girl who understands him,cares him,etc.
    Guddi is not suitable for Ravish.
    What you guys think?????

  26. S you r right naveen. love can’t be forced. So whether it is guddi n ravish or vividha n ravish. In any relationship love is very important factor. Without love n trust no relation stands. Vividha atharv ka hi Hai. It is a fact. Better accept it. vitharv r soulmates. Now I am very confident about my babies. Just waiting how they fight against society to unite. They may face up n downs but they face them together. Ha Sudheer nuvvu manchi shakunale matladava. Yeppudu apashakunale?. Plz bring parallel lead for ravish n make him to start his love journey. It will be very interesting to watch,two lead pairs.

  27. Not naveen, it’s nazneen

  28. Yes suman.. Vitharv are soulmates.. No one can separate atharv nd vivida.. Nd ravish also deserves his true lve..

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