Jaana Na Dil Se Door 20th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 20th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

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vividha shows atharv baby athu video, he gets emotional and screams, he sees paper and knew its 3 months, he says its ok atleast my family is with me and holds both sujatha and vividha, sujatha worries and asks vivi why she has to tell him, atharv again asks vivi says why we are in delhi for your treatment, atharv seriously asks vivi tell me, he stops sujatha when she interferes, he holds her face and asks is something there, look at my eyes and say, she says thats it

sujatha scols vividha, why u want to tell atharv, is your guilt that u are feeling u didn’t rise to atharvs expectations, why u want to say abt your marriage

atharv comes and asks why are we here, suman comes and managessaying khoon ke rishte se sab kuch nahi hota, atharv says he is lucky to get such mothers suzie, uma and suman asks vivi to take a pic of him and both mothers

atharv trying to link everything

postman brings cover qhich is named ravish vashisht, ravish comes and takes the cover, atharv asks him why his surname not written, ravish justmanages

precap atharv shouting at vividha I gave you life, gave soul, you couldn’t wait for me.

Update Credit to: prabharajani

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  1. @mia what do you study ?




    1. Really, they should have got this divorce done when Atharva was not in his senses. He wouldn’t have known anything. .now they are all hiding photos, house name plate and every damn evidence when that Vividha is roaming with the ms round her neck right under his nose!!!

      All jokers in that Vaishith house, after being aware that Ramakanth was arranging Vividha and Atharva marriage as he knew about their love…they r still holding onto to the fact of the marriage. All dodo here in this serial

  3. Guys us pls vote for our vikram chauhan. Sheena send the link already to us in 19th epsd cmmnt section. Plss vote .now shashank is leading.not let him to win.pls pls vote for vikram as many times.

  4. http://just-showbiz.com/category/tv/trp-makers/ this is the link .plsssss vote for vikram. Now he is in 2nd position.hurryup

  5. that was a writing mistake I donot mind and also again sry

  6. Chalo….
    Vivida ko band baja bharat in today’s episode…

  7. I think vividha is going to cheat my atharv.. When atharv gone she said i am a widow for atharv without removed her mangalsutra.. Wen he returned back to her also she didn’t remove it.. She is not deserving my atharv.. Now she proved that she is a daughter of kk..
    If she accepts ravish means kk wins.. My atharv lost everything for that stupid lady.. Hate vividha

  8. Hmmm…
    Ok I’m also accepting vivida done mistakes..
    I never say vivida is totally right….
    But she didn’t marry ravish intentionally and I agree there is no fault of ravish but just remember nothing is perfect in the world…
    And no person can be same all the time of his life..
    Every person has their weak time..
    All are remember vivida spoil ravish life vivida spoil ravish life but the main cause of spoiling ravish life is that kk
    And of course every where the mistake will be arrow’s only.. no one consider from which bow that arrow came..
    Here vivida is just an arrow and the main culprit is kk
    And all are saying vivida romancing with atharv in front of ravish..
    Can you plss tell me where vivida romancing with atharv in front of ravish ??
    She just hugged atharv b’coz he came out from death she hugged him with happiness not with lust if any frnd also came out from death then anyone hug them it is also just like this that’s it..
    And atharv kissed vivida b’coz he didn’t know ravish and vivida mrg if he know about mrg he doesn’t touch her..
    And vivida also feeling guilty b’coz she know she done a mistake and that’s why she is becoming nervous when atharv come close to her in front of ravish of course atharv don’t know anything that’s why she can’t avoid him at this poor condition of atharv …
    If you all feel vivida is a culprit then you can feel b’coz it’s your opinion I am not saying any one to accept my opinion but every one has right to convey their opinion that’s why I’m saying that’s it..
    But the most pain who is baring here is just vivida …
    Guiltness gives more pain than anything who experienced it they can only understand it..
    Am sry if I hurt any one..
    But am saying finally it is just myet opinion. ..

    1. sry its not myet it is my

  9. Hi friends have a nice day. ??

  10. Guys plz tell me the repeat telicasting time f this show

    1. 12 a.m and 7 a.m only..

  11. really..
    everyone consider mistakes and who has done the mistakes..
    but no one at least don’t want to consider reasons behind the mistakes..

  12. Director ji plz ravida.always vivida with ravish only. Don’t separate them.plz

  13. There is no doubt both Atharv ,ravish are gud characters but CVS are spoiling character of ravish ravish knows Vividha loves Atharv then why Jana na Dil se door title track comes whenever he sees Vividha why he is crying in front of Vividha when reverse phere happening ok I know he is feeling very sad about Vividha’s loss but he have to accept fact that Vividha loves Atharv and Vividha’s character why she hesitated when she is with Atharv I think I have to stop watching crap serial personal opinion Atharv character is gud upto now dnt know What will happen in next episodes

    1. @Optimistic.. do you think that ravish is a robot and he doesn’t have a right to display his emotions.. since vividha loves atharva so I should be easy for ravish to kill his emotions and be indifferent to his own emotions..

      Do you think only atharva and vividha have all the rights to display their emotions.. vividha can cry rivers by looking at atharva and ravish sometimes.. the way atharva acted yesterday after hearing was applauded by many(i too appreciate the scene though) but he was venting out his emotions.. and u didn’t raise any questions for it..

      Cvs want to show that ravish still loves vividha after knowing the truth and has a big heart to sacrifice his love for the sake oh his brother and his lover(ravish’s wife)..

      I feel people in the forum have the problem that y ravish is being shown so positive when we have atharva.. y it is difficult for people to digest his positivity..

      1. Dear jyothi Ravish should think that vividha is his brother’s lover.So obviously vividha is bhabhi for ravish.In that manner it is very awkward to look at her.

        If atharv was not his brother ,then there was no problem in doing so.It is every husband right.But the situation is very different here.

      2. Dear aliya.. if it is so simple then y don’t you think about this scenario..

        Vividha should think that i have took the decision and have made the deal to get married to Ravish, so i should loving my boyfriend and start loving my husband ravish..


        Atharva should think that now since vividha is married to my brother and he loves her.. i should stop loving my girlfriend…

        Do you think its possible for vividha and atharva to forget each other.. No Right..

        Then y do you think that it would be so simple for ravish to stop loving vividha in such a short time.. he never talks to vividha about his-her relationship. Instead he always talk about atharva’s wellbeing and vitharva’s union by getting himself separated with vividha..

        Considering his personality till yesterday’s episode, he will never get in between vitharva.. everything is now on atharva’s court..

        If you or others still want to argue on this, you are welcome:)

      3. If atharv knows the truth now then he’ll leave vivida for ravish only..
        Atharv can’t take anyone’s happiness
        I know atharv will do this only..?

      4. And what about vividha’s happiness..? one of the three will get hurt..vitharva union will hurt ravish only but he can handle it..i hope someday he says.. my country is my first love and i don’t care much about these messy relationships..

      5. jyothi..
        i’m getting confuse..
        can you tell me plss whom did you supporting??
        vitharv or ravida??
        ha ha ha..

      6. I neither support vitharva or ravidha because vividha’s character has already created a mess..
        Cvs are not thinking about any storyline but keep on inserting scenes to make vitharva’s and ravidha’s fans happy alternatively to gain the trps..

  14. @ Anam I have completed my graduation (engineering).what about u dear.

  15. Hai…..very good morning everyone.
    Have a great day…
    Have joyful day.

  16. Guys shashank is leading in the votes….. Are yaar vikrams eyes are so intense…… Vote fr him…. ????????
    ??????my lovely Vikku…. And thank u @xyz fr d link????

  17. Hey.guys.. Its good to see some of u guys..going through.. circumstances and commenting to others.. Not to accuse bad or good by ur views towards the role it maybe ravish,Atharv …
    Then again y u guys are saying wrong without any circumstances over vividha.. By saying abt .mangalasutra, wrong thing she did by marrying..calling suman as maa,Sujatha as chachi……I afraid that where was u guys circumstances and knowledge gone. By accusing vividha.

    A Person can’t judge by good or bad by nature itself..u should also… Go through situations..and problems facing by difficulties.
    Plz use real circumstances to all roles..not to nly one u like.

    1. Ya you are right..
      But they just want she should have done this and that…
      But we know when we are at that situation we can easily judge anyone..
      But we can’t understand any one that much fast..
      Fst of all she is also accepting she done mistakes then also all are blaming vivida only..

  18. Ravish can sacrifice his love.. Because it’s one side.. But how atharv can do this he loves vividha more than anything.. Of course vividha don’t deserve it blo*dy cheat women.. Day by day she is proving tat she is the daughter of kk.. Hate u vividha and ravish can easily forget vividha but atharv can’t do that.. Pls ravish just leave vividha and atharv and u r a captain in the army so better u can go n save the country.. Give divorce to vividha soon..
    I can’t tolerate this stupid track

  19. Waiting for today’s episode….really very much afraid about Precap.
    i think it may be a promo scene…
    it won’t be seen in today’s episode..
    todays also they show same precap…i think so..
    not even want such a scene Which Atharv Sujatha Accuse vividha…for not waited for him.

    So sad….if its promo..it will be good. then the real situation will be reverse by precap

    anywayssss…..just waiting…..

  20. Hai mallus and vitharv fans.

    Yesterday’s episode was very emotional episode.Just only one word to say awesome for Vikram’s acting.He nailed it.

    Atharv trust his vividha more than his mother.Don’t know what will happen when his trust breaks.And how can he overcome the situations.Unimaginable to think.

    How much sufferings atharv have to face furthermore.Everyone is giving him pain right from his father.
    Even his own mother is so dumb in his matter.I hate her very much for that.

    Very eagerly waiting for Vitharv union.??????????????????

    Love you VITHARV

    1. Dear now the time for proving our devotion towards vitharv.
      Vote for vikku the person has the most expressive eyes in the world
      Hurry up.now our vikku is leading. Vote for vikku u.
      The above cmmnt has the link pls check that and start voting.bcz ravish is in 2 position. And difference bw votes are low.so hurry up

      1. I know dear,I already started voting.

  21. @ joyti well said
    According to some people sirf VITHARV ko apne emotion dikhane ka hak h RAVISH ko nahi if RAVISH get emotional so according to them RAVISH only do for get simpthy from VIVDHA.
    @Ss u said ki RAVISH can sacrifice his love easily how can u said like that bcoz VIVDHA uska phala pyaar h or APNA PHELA PYAAR koi easily nahi BHOOL sakta phir vo one sided kyo Na ho & u tell ki RAVISH is a caption so he should go & save the country kyo ek ARMY OFFICER KO PYAAR KARNE KA HAK NAHI H YA VO SIRF SACRIFICE KARNE K LIYE HOTE H PHALE APNI COUNTRY K LIYE OR AB APNE PYAAR K LIYE. HERE RAVISH HAS ALSO A HEART & FEELING.

    1. I don’t know why they don’t ask vividha and atharva to sacrifice their love towards each other and try to unite ravidha.. its their hypocricy to ask ravish to make all the sacrifices when he is already making the most..
      Love vitharva but don’t dislike ravish for no reasons.. (only if u have a habit of hating goodness, you can hate ravish)

  22. Eva1

    Hi everyone, I also think Vividha is being weak but I can’t judge her just because of look at hez family … and again being forcefully put in a situation like this and nobody is perfect . To the question why did she chose to accept to the marriage well she didn’t know any better at the time and I found it very hard to overcome all so she is being weak and also almost everyone are, her mom is this way, Suman was weak all her life living miserably, Sujata almost always stays

    1. Eva1

      Sorry I accidentally touched the post button , mouth shut , not to talk about Ramakant, and even Ravish shows some weakness because of Vividha but however the real culprits are kk and don’t forget da dada ji

  23. All ravidha fans of jndsd.. I sincerely request to you plx plx plx plxxxxxx vote for shashank vyas… I am a biggest fan of him before jndsd too…just vote for him guys… Come on don’t lose hope.. Whoever is voting plx let me know… Don’t let vitharv fans win.. Come on fans

  24. My thoughts is that Atharva get to knw that vividah is married to Ravish, he will rant, yell, and eventually be heart broken, He will have no choice other than to concede his love for vividah to Ravish based on the fact that she is already married with all the rituals attributed to the marriage and because of the fact that Ravish is his brother and Ravish saved his life he will have no choice other than to give up. But this decision will be Sad for me though cos I want Atharva and Vividah’s reunion.

  25. @ Aailya u said ki RAVISH ko VIVDHA KO APNI Bhabhi ke jese treet karna chahiye but how can he do this he love her. & he is her husband Jo RAVISH atharv or VIVDHA K LIYE kr raha h vo kar pana ek husband ke liye bhaut pain full h &my dear Aailya RAVIDHA R MARRIED SO WHY NOT ATHARV TREAT VIVDHA AS HER BHABHI.IF HE CAN’T SO WHY U EXCEPT FROM RAVISH.&GUYS I REALLY DON’T MEAN KI ATHARV VIVDHA KO BHABHI BOLE I ONLY ANSWER TO AAILYA.

    1. Refer pics in the pendrive he’s still kept with him

    2. Suman, audience ko aur pakao!!! Now Atharva and Vividha r gonna search for Ravish…..this is a joke……Serial will drag darg for another 3 to 4 months…..haha….hopefully we don’t have to see the torture in the enemy camp and get tortured by this serial ourselves!!

      Don’t these Writers ever get tired of terrorists??…..Kk and dadaji the in house terrorist weren’t enough??

      1. But sunjiv puri told they will be back to ajmer na. Seriously they r dragging

    3. Very bore..We want ajmeer only and end ravish character and vashist family…Or vivitha choose ravish and our leave our atharv..Now she love Ms ..No ravish neither Atharva…If Atharva forgive her,she will go to ravish.,after all she is the daughter of the great KAILASH KASHYAP.

  26. Wow ,Suman di. PEhle payal kidnap ab captain . HAHA Anyways Thnakyou for the news. And now Athrva RAsvish se boht zyaada scores se aage hai .

    Waitng fr todays episode.

    1. Payal kidnapping time vivitha was free..But this time she is not free..She wear MS..So big difference..Viv and Atharva can’t express their love..

  27. @mia I’m become a doctor and
    Congratulations guys I couldn’t because of exams

  28. vitharv_shivikI don’t want to post it but after reads all of cmnts i post it ??❤? Guys see prateek sir replied ?? I see all of urs comments .. And don’t believe any spoiler ? they always give fake news … Can you plzz chill .. No one can separate #ViTharv … Story always About Love Empower & the story line always there .. Its a serial not movie so its need times … N drag is the part of every serials .. Just wait n enjoy …n love #ViTharv .. Thank you all #JNDSD

  29. frds vitharv shivik insta me post kiya usko prateek sir ne rly kiya..im trying share tht image link but not wrk it thats y iam copy wat vitharv shivik posted..

    1. Thank God ….joe

  30. Dimpurose11234

    Y all are blaming vividha’s character. No one is perfect in this world. Everyone makes mistakes its not him/her mistake. She was fallen into unthoughtful situations that she never imagine. Guiltiness gives more pain than wounds.she was more guilty towards ravish and also for athrav. Plz stop blaming her.

  31. Dear vitharv fans,

    Pratek ,the writer of jndsd tweeted that

    The Show has always created a difference and will continue to do so.Don’t worry you won’t be disappointed.We are all because of you guys!Your love and appreciation means the world to us.Just have faith in us.

    So chill guys don’t need to worry.

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