Jaana Na Dil Se Door 19th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 19th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Atharv saying we will come later, you can meet us in marriage. Uma says no, you can’t come back home Atharv, it won’t be good for you, after the attack on you, Kailash is missing. Atharv asks what do you mean. Uma says police is finding him, police also asked you both to stay away from home. Ravish says I agree, you should stay here for safety, you are not burden on us, you are not guest, think you are part of this family, regard this as your home. Atharv says don’t know why I feel I have relation of past birth with you. Ravish says not past birth, regard its this birth relation, stay back.

Atharv asks how will Uma manage, I have no hope from Ankit, Guddi and Dadi would have not come here because of Kailash’s fear. He praises Guddi. They all get worried. Atharv says Guddi is eye witness of my and Vividha’s love story, I will make you talk to her. Uma says no, you can’t call Guddi. Atharv asks why. Uma says she is not at home at this time. He asks where did she go. She says she…… Vividha cries and says Guddi has gone Atharv. He asks where has she gone? Vividha stops saying. Ravish says Guddi went on her college trip, outside Ajmer. Atharv asks how do you know about Guddi.

Ravish says Vividha told me. Atharv says strange, I m unconscious since 3-4 days, Kailash is missing, Guddi went for college project, Sujata met you and did arrangements, it seems Sujata finished 3-4 months work in 3-4 days, time is strange, sometimes many things happen soon and sometimes time gets wasted, anyways captain you can meet Guddi when you come in marriage. Ravish says sure. Atharv goes.

Later, Vividha gets food for Atharv. She thinks Atharv will know the truth tomorrow, what will he do. She asks Atharv why is he worried. He says no one is receiving call in office. She says no one will answer. He looks at her. She says we told them your health is unwell, and sent them on holiday. Atharv says I can’t everything like this, I had setup dairy with difficulty. He hears news of Makar Sankranti. Atharv asks why is Sankranti news coming so soon. She switches off tv and says its old clipping.

He says I feel December’s cold in October, you are also wearing shawl. She says its cold waves. She asks him to have food. He says I will wash hands and come. He sees newspaper with budget 2017 article. He asks since when did this tax plan start. He checks paper. Vividha tries stopping him and gets her hand hurt. He leaves paper and takes her to do band aid.

He gets band aid box from the cupboard. She gets shocked seeing he remembers the first aid box place. He does aid to her and gets thinking how does he know this place. He asks her how do I know about this first aid box in this drawer, I felt this before also that I know a lot about this house. Ravish says your observation is strange, when you fainted partially, maybe you have seen my mum taking medicines from here, you remember that. Atharv thinks. He says maybe this is the reason, Vividha got much careless. Ravish goes.

Vividha says this wound is nothing compared to those wounds which you have bear for me. Atharv says I m standing in front of you, nothing can happen to me till your love is with me. Ravish asks Suman and Sujata not to worry, I convinced Atharv. Sujata says Atharv got fine, but he feels all this happened in 3-4 days, he does not remember what happened in 3-4 months, but he knows the things at home.

Suman says Ravish, will he recall what happened. Ravish says I don’t know, but he is smart and will find out, how will we hide this. Vividha comes and says why do we need to hide this, he will feel bad knowing why did he hide this, he will ask us why did we not tell truth, he does not like lies. Sujata says doctor said we should not tell him. Vividha says but when he knows 3 months passed, we have to tell truth, that time he will not forgive us. Sujata says its not easy. Vividha says I will tell everything that this is not Ajmer, this is Delhi, 3 months passed and… Suman says and that you got married. Suman asks can you tell him you got married to the man’s son, whom he has hated all his life, its not easy. Vividha says yes, but Atharv can digest bitter truth, he can’t bear that we lied to him, I know its like taking big risk to tell him truth, this will happen even if we don’t tell him anythign.

Atharv buys someone. The man says this note will not work. Atharv asks what’s your problem, take this note. The man asks where were you when notes got changed. Atharv checks note and says its right, take the note. Ravish and everyone come. Ravish says Atharv, there is no issue, its change problem, I will pay him. Atharv says he is not ready to take note, he is mad. Vividha says that man is not mad, he was saying right.

Ravish, Sujata and Suman look on. Vividha says 500rs note is banned now, govt made that note invalid. Atharv smiles and says many things happened in 3 days. Vividha says not 3 days Atharv, 3 months passed. Atharv gets shocked.

Vividha says after you got hurt in Ajmer, you got conscious, but you were not in senses, everything changed as you got changed Atharv. He looks at her. He asks how can I change, what do you mean, how did I change…. Ravish, Sujata and Suman worry and see Vividha.

Atharv asks what are we doing here, why are we not at our home. Vividha says that wound has hurt your brain such that you…. Atharv asks what you…..? He shouts angrily. She gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. @nazneen…y do u feel bore yarrrr…episode was good naaaaa…vividha standing for her 5th vachan…not to hide any truth.. each other.. no lies bwn two….situation may worse but no lies and no hiding.
    I am happy that all truths coming soon that too vividha the one who is standing for it.????????

  2. Guys please vote for our hero vikram singh.. http://just-showbiz.com/category/tv/trp-makers/

  3. @Suman di.
    Di you don’t worry ? when Vitharv will reach Ajmer na there will be many comments ?

  4. @143.Hello.
    Waiting for today’s episode.Atharv has the right to know truth.Please Vividha for god sake tell him everything dear.

    Ya why that stupid Suman always stares Vividha and Atharv.If I was there in front of her I could have poked her eyes ??

  5. Frdz i saw a new video in that video atharv finally knows truth abt ravida mrg..

  6. Dimpurose11234

    I think today will not reveal about
    marriage. I saw one video in insta.

  7. I have this huge feeling that atharv remembers it all …maybe all this is just pretence..

  8. Just saw a video on Instagram where Atharva was saying “vividha Maine apko apni zindagi di thi.. apni atma di thi..apne mera intezar hi nai kiya”..it was very painful..Athrva fans will definitely cry.

  9. Atharva is going to burst on Vividha
    No no no.
    He will be broken knowing Vividha married Ravish Vashist.????
    I just hope them to unite.

  10. Atharva says –

    Maine zindagi di thi apko
    Atma di thi apni
    Ap mere liye itna intezar nahi kar saki.
    Apki shaadi hogyi hai Vividha kashyap.
    Apka pathi Ravish Vashist

    So so so heart breaking.

  11. I don’t know ab aage kya hoga.
    I’m literally crying , Atharv Vividha kuch nahi kar sakti thi .
    And now Suman , Sujata and all will try to break every relation of Vitharv .
    I just hope ki ye kabhi bhi nahi tuute

  12. does anyone here? sorry i am not a present part of ur family but i want someone to talk

  13. https://www.instagram.com/p/BPe2gSBj3dy/
    Guys plz watch this link…I can’t see this pain….Oh my god

  14. Eva1

    Hi everyone, did you saw the clip on instagram, Atharv nows about the marriage and is furious . I just woke up and checked the IG , I think it is from today’s episode

  15. I can’t tolerate this..Poor Atharva…Finally it’s happen..He knowing everything..

  16. guys i was busy with tests ???????

    i think the serial is getting a bit boring

  17. when will todays episode be posted…..i am waiting eagerly…….
    and unable to open that instagram link guys

    1. Why Amena is taking so long to post the written update ? Yesterday also the same thing happened ??

  18. Nerve wrecking episode……..could feel the anxiousness churn in my stomach. The precap was spine chilling. Terrible to see Atharva in so much agony. Can’t wait for tomm episode!!

    Vividha spill the beans and tell him the whole truth before u lose him. No one and nothing is worth losing him.

  19. i think vividha tell truth to athrav .what will action of athrav about know the truth of vividha marriage?????please meet together athrav and vividha .i can’t see athrav in pain.

  20. Amena Di today’s update plzzz plzz

  21. Can’t imagine tomorrow’s epsd.what will happend.oh my atharv is totally heartbrokened.dont know how he will overcome.
    Plsssss atharv don’t be angry on ur vivi.if u become angry then no prblm buy pls dear don’t avoid vivi nd don’t leave her.pls atharv forgive her .and pls be calm and hear vivida’s justifications and plsssss forgive her.
    Don’t give a chance to interfere ravish into vivis life due to ur absence atharv.know it will take more time to cure ur wound that made on ur mind.u take ur time but don’t avoid vividha and u vivi stand strongly for ur atharv.luv u vitharvv

  22. Atharva.. u r not my hero anymore like u used to be.. now i only have one favourite which is ravish..

    Ravish please fight a war and die there..don’t get into this meaningless show where both the leads are useless..

    Atharva, i expected so much better from you.. how can you make such crap allogations on your mother and lover.. and is vividha really ur love.. when u ask her that she married ravish for the big house, luxury life and making out with ravish on this bed..

    Are u the same person who used to say that u break hands of people who disrespects women.. and yes this the respect u have for vividha..

    And what about ‘ye parivar’.. the same parivar fought for u among themselves but accepted u .. no point in questioning kahan tha ye parivar.. ur father, dadaji n mother r to be blamed for everything.

    Father-who never stood for his first wife and son.. married another woman, spoiled her life and still had kids wither her and made them longing for their father’s love..

    Dadaji- evil, manipulative criminal who convinced another father to get his daughter married to his son who was already married to another woman.. spoiled everyone’s life.. a criminal who tried to kill u..

    Sujata- yes i know she can be an example of raising a son so well.. feeding him, educating him and making him a hero we had till today’s episode.. don’t know where did he learn this language from.. i know it wasn’t u who taught him this.. may be he learnt it in these 3 months..
    But y did she accept such man again in her life.. no esteem she has for herself..

    Vividha- i don’t want to talk about her..

    Ravish u r the only hero of the show.. people feeling disgusted with u till now may have got their answer when he erased sindoor from vividha’s forehead.. still if anyone ha s problem with him, then having an argument with him/her is futile..

    Please don’t return back to this show and die a hero’s way while fighting for ur country..

    I welcome hate comments from vitharva’s fan.. not in team atharva anymore..

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