Jaana Na Dil Se Door 19th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 19th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ravish and Atharv asking did we do good acting. Vividha says Kangana heard you. Sujata says its good I have sent Madhav to have icecream with Ankit. Vividha hears Kangana and sees her with Ankit and Madhav outside. She says I m scared, if she does anything to Madhav. Atharv says no, she won’t do anything to Madhav. She asks how can you be sure. He recalls Kangana giving toy to Madhav and says I think Madhav is a part of her plan, we have to find her motives.

Kangana takes care of Madhav. He plays around. The bangle box falls. She says its fine. He gets her bangle and asks what’s this green pipe inside. She worriedly takes it back and says its not for your use, you see your plane. He says it did not crash. She asks him to sit. She says your hair got rough, tell your mum to take care of you. He says my mumma loves me a lot. Kangana asks is it, wait. She gives him a chocolate and asks who loves you more, tell me, me or mummy. Madhav says my mumma loves me a lot and runs.

Vividha says I hope she trusts our drama. Ravish says we have to make her sure. Atharv says she will agree to us. Madhav says mumma loves me more. Kangana calls him out. Vividha and everyone hear her. Atharv and Vividha argue and act. Madhav asks why are you fighting. Vividha says we are not fighting. He sees Ravish in bathroom and asks what are you doing here. Ravish makes him quiet. Sujata stops Atharv and Vividha from arguing. Madhav asks why are they arguing. Ravish says we are playing a game, don’t tell anyone that I m hiding here. Madhav asks him to hold toffee and look that sight. Sujata sees Kangana and asks her to see how they are fighting, maybe they listen to you.

Kangana acts good. Vividha says I regarded you sister, what did you do, don’t talk to me. Madhav takes his toffee back. Ravish says promise me, you won’t tell anyone I m hiding here. Madhav says fine. Ravish opens the chocolate wrapper and makes him eat toffee. Madhav comes out. Vividha says I will make Madhav sleep. Kangana says he likes to hear stories from me, if you permit, shall I make him sleep. Vividha says fine. Kangana thinks its easy to break them.

She asks Madhav to get ready, I will tell a new story today. She asks Madhav how did he eat chocolate when he does not know to open wrapper. Madhav says Ravish knows it. She says but Ravish was not in room. Madhav recalls Ravish’s words and says I mean Ravish taught me. They go.

Ravish talks to Atharv and Vividha. She says that man came to take Kangana. Atharv says maybe there was some connection. Ravish says I don’t think she will plan something. Vividha says sorry, we have to say this in front of you, knowing you have feelings for Kangana. Atharv says maybe we are wrong. Ravish says I m glad you kept your doubt in front of me, nothing is imp to me than family. Vividha says all strange things are happening, I got scared seeing all this. Atharv and Vividha tell him about Kangana.

Vividha says Kangana is trying to get close to Atharv, she does this with timing so that I see her, it can’t be a coincidence. Ravish says it means, she wanted us to fight. Atharv says yes, we have to continue it. Sujata says it means she can do anything with us. Ravish says Kangana should not doubt that we are doing drama. Atharv says yes, she should believe us, then she will do mistake, we should wait for it. Sujata asks them to sleep now. Sujata and Ravish leave.

Atharv says enough of acting today. Vividha says I don’t like to shout on you like this. Atharv asks what’s new, you always do this, you scold me, this is the look I get scared of, change this. She says I will show what’s shouting. He says I was joking. She asks him to move away. He says I will go and sleep there. She gives him pillow. He says I m going. He rests on the couch. She sleeps on bed. He sees her and goes to sleep on bed. They smile.

Its morning, Vividha says Kangana is coming. Atharv asks her to be ready. Kangana greets them. Vividha initiates an argument. Dadi Bua asks what happened. Guddi says I think there is a fight between Vividha and Atharv. He says yes, Vividha always fights. Sujata says their nok jhok goes on. Atharv says I have to make an imp announcement, there is a party in our house tonight. Sujata asks him to think about Bhoomi. Atharv says I know, its professional party, we have to give it. Ravish says you should have told them that party can’t happen, we had death in our house. Atharv says business does not run on sentiments, you are part of business and you know this. Ravish says I m part of this family too, there won’t be any party, wait for 2-3 days, then keep the party.

Atharv asks what nonsense, he is NRI client. Ravish asks him to explain them, they will understand. Atharv says they won’t understand. Vividha asks him to explain them. Atharv says none from my family died. They all look at him. Atharv says Vipul was not part of my family. Ravish says he was my brother. Atharv talks bad about Vipul. Kangana smiles. Atharv reminds Vipul was Kalindi’s son, because of whom Ravish lost Suman. Ravish says we all know who killed my mum. Atharv asks what do you mean to say, don’t do anything that you need to regret. Ravish says one who says truth does not need to regret, I m saying truth. Sujata stops them.

Dadi asks what’s happening. Atharv says Vipul died, life won’t stop for him, party will happen, you all will come. Ravish asks did you think about family safety, we don’t know who killed Vipul, anyone can enter house, say Kangana. She agrees with him. Ravish says there won’t be party. Atharv says fine if there is risk, but party will happen in evening. He goes. Kangana smiles. Ravish and Vividha see Kangana. Kangana talks to someone and says they all are fools here, there will be many people in party, none will know they gave me another chance, I was waiting for this night. She sees the hairpin and smiles.

Vividha turns to see. Someone follows her. She gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. First hopefully

    Vitharv scene was too cute… Vitharv are naughty… Too cute..

  2. o god I just loved today’s episode I don’t want to talk about that kangana she is the biggest fool in the world who thought my vividha atharva and ravish a fool yooooo brothers you just rocked and vividha atharva cute and sweet fight I will sleep on sofa and then how he ran towards vividha it was so cute I loved it only
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva

  3. First hopefully

    Precap is strange…???

  4. https://www.instagram.com/p/BTDuqRFh2fJ/
    Guys look at this ??????did she die really.shock who killed her

  5. So kangana showing care&love on madhav only for to increase close relationship with him,purpose of their mission.&Radhav scene was cute ?..madhav too smart?..and my ravish had feelings on kangana?? but for him family is important.love u Ravish ?

  6. awww madhav u proved u r vitharv’s son….so cute.
    vitharv n ravish trio fav….
    stupid kangana…..
    their fighting?
    so I think tomorrow dance…..?

  7. Sunanda12345

    Atharv vivida nookjhok????
    Who is in precap????
    Is madhav is son of kangana?????

  8. H..once again our vitharv and ravish and sujatha ji fooled that evil kagana..but who is that man

  9. Superb epi..naughty madhav..

  10. Today vitharv rooooocked..our old vitharv came..vividha ne kaha ki atharv,tumse aise chillane muje nahim sakthi was superb..cute pair..the scene which atharv teased vivi was nice toooo.atharv sujatha u r awesome.

  11. Many more happy returns of the day vismitha dr..god bless u.

  12. Cool….Atharv – Vividha rocks… Nice plan .
    Heii friends, there is a rumour that jana na dil se door will soon goes to off air may be by the month of June due to low rating

  13. Is anyone confirmed the news of going off air..iam feeling very bad guys..so much worried..feels that loosing everything..can not pass a day without jndsd.

    1. Sunanda12345

      Yes even i also able 2 pass a day without jndsd.dont know that newsvis ri8 or wrong

    2. Sunanda12345

      ??????i cant live with jndsd???????

  14. Aww ..madhav ..smarty boy ? u did not let kangana doubt over them.
    Vitharv scenes as usual cute and nice ?
    Trio quarrel drama was just amazing ..gud job guys.
    Precap …vivi will be seeing somebody else..just my feeling.
    That man’s eyes is similar to that of daddy ji .
    Madhav u gave the apt reply to kangana ..poor girl she thought that after giving one chocolate a son will change the love
    towards his mother .
    But vivi should not leave madhav with kangana every time because he has to grow up by hearing the stories from his parents or from his grandparents and not
    from any stranger because they don’t
    know that what kind of stories are being narrated by that snake to madhav.He will also be having the desire to sleep between his parents, after all he is a small child ,right.
    Also I have a doubt why madhav is not being sent to school .If he is sent to school means that snake will not get much time to spend with him .

  15. superb episode. atharv , vividha, madhav rocks.
    just loved it.

  16. whenever i ask about that girl “ANJU’ everybody just ignore the question.
    it’s really happening like hindi serial. like one wants to know the truth but every one is denying that .

    plz……………. some one tell me the fact. it’s just irritating.

    nazneen,xyz,sunanda or someone plz…. tell me.i know u’ll not find this good but it’s just hounding me like ghost???

    1. Aleya no one is replying because no one is interested in describing her character ..fed up ,just check earlier comments in previous episodes dear then u will undetstand

    2. Hi Aleya,ok I ‘ll tell u .I don’t know anything abt her personal life. One thing,I know is that she is an ex classmate of our Aailya and there was some issue between them.That’s why she came to this page .And then she started her cheap game to destroy vitharv fan’s peace,since Aailya is a great vitharv fan.She started cmnting here with various id s and blaming each vitharvians.I can’t tell u abt her standard in language. So shameless.Even now she is here with diff ids and diff names.Her ultimate aim is to destroy vitharvian’s frndship. If u want to know more abt her,just see XYZ’s second last cmnt in15 april cmnting section. Here no one is ready to discuss abt her,bcz,those much they hate her. Gud night dear.

    3. Aleya di she is just a virus of this page. You don’t think about her.
      Good morning ?

  17. Sorry..i read the earlier comments only now.i felt wrong in vismitha’s comments..if she is wrong,sorry for the b’day wish.i don’t know about everybody as iam not continuously visiting this page..i know about anju..but..

  18. We all r huge fans..phir phi low rating?






  21. I just know about her now when i read the earlier comments,i felt wrong..sorry for wishing b’day..it is really my mistake to reply by reading comments properly..guys pls understand me.



    till tomorrow stay happy my fabulous jndsd team

    1. Convey my b’day wish to ur sis ????

    2. Hi Aleya dear, plz convey my birthday greetings to ur sweet sis.Why don’t u invite us? Don’t u give us birthday cake? Any way enjoy the party.Gud night dear.

    3. Aleya di you say happy birthday to her from my side.

    4. Happy bday to ur sis aliya

    5. thank u all

  23. Oh God, today our vitharv rocked. Their fighting, I really enjoyed that. Madhav with Raveesh scn,I couldn’t control my laugh by seeing that. Madhav,today again proved that he is none other than,our Adharv sujatha’s son. The way he treats kangana ,so cute. Last fight between Adharv&Raveesh, even me too felt that they were actually fighting. No one can say that they were acting. Their bonding is so nice. Aftr long days back,I just enjoyed the whole episode,no stupidities and no irritations. One of the most memorable episode in jndsd. In each second,I ‘ve enjoyed. I hope the fandom of both vitharv and raveesh could equally enjoyed the episode. Precap is so strange.I think the man in precap is dadaji. Any way nice episode,no words to express my happiness. Since I ‘m busy frm yesterday,I couldn’t properly reply any one’s cmnts.Frnds,don’t think that I ‘ve forgot u. I ‘ll be free in sat & sun.So we can chat on sat in detail.Till then,keep watching jndsd,keep loving vitharv,madhav,and raveesh. Gud night vitharvians.Sweet dreams.

  24. I have one doubt , if Dadaji is behind this , why did he get his own daughter and grandson killed , after all they are his khoon right? And he she be only angry with vividha /Atharva and ravish?
    Kalindi did not send him to jail ?

    My guess is he will be some one else or kk (they might have replaced Vineet )

    Also they can extend show without any murders , all they need is good screenplay and direction!
    They can show something like vividha becoming independent, start working something like that!

    Thinking aloud hear , they want empowerment through love right ?

  25. Ravish???????????????????????

  26. Enjoyed today’s episode very much… ravish – madhav scene was funny couldn’t control my laughter and my vitharv mwaaaah just keep rocking the show. Madhav bravo u fooled that stupid woman once again you proved to be Atharv’s son only….. hope kangana’s evilness gets exposed in that party in front of everyone,her & that man from precap …. guys you saw that pic where kangana’s throat is slit serves her right hope it comes true.

    1. Linah if i am not wrong then u r from the ooldy goldies of this page if yes then plz.keep commenting and if not then too keep commenting

  27. Good morning Suman di, Joe di, Karan bhayya, Naveen bhayya,143 di,143K,Xyz di,Aailya di,Aleya Marzan di,Usha di,VizPinky di,Vimala di,Sweety di,Diya di,
    Linah di,Sandy di,Raone bhayya,Sunanda di and all Vitharvians ?. Have a good day.
    @Aleya Marzan di. We don’t want to discuss anything about her. She is just a virus of this page that’s it.

    1. Gud mng dear nazneen and have a great day ?

    2. gud morning Nazneen
      have a blessed day

    3. Sunanda12345

      Hiii nazneen

    4. Hi Nazneen,Gud morning dear.Have a great day .

    5. RAOne

      good after how are u ? stay happy and healthy and enjoy JNDSD.

  28. Sunanda12345

    Gm vitharv fans have a nyc day

    1. have a nyc day too sunanda.

    2. Hi Sunanda,Gud morning and have a great day. Srry dear I couldn’t see ur ff frm last two days since I was busy. Any way I ‘ll read that when ever I bcm free .

      1. Sunanda12345

        Its ok usha dear??

  29. Aleya nikum ninne pole star plus ne contact cheyth jndsd stop cheyallennu parayan agrahm und..nnamk enganeyenkilum star plusnod reqst cheyam.pls.,avre contact cheyn nthelum vazi kitiyal nnodum parayane..have a great day dr frnds.

    1. sorry dibut i don’t know this language.can u say this or any of malayali can translate this in hindi for me plz…

  30. https://www.instagram.com/p/BTF1VL7AWXd/
    Omg!omg!did u all see this our show was not going off air it was just a rumour.confirmed by star plus.be happy and enjoy the show…

    1. Sunanda12345

      ???????❤❤❤tq sooo much pinky for the news.iam jumping with joyness

    2. ???I’m so thrilled and happy
      thank u soooo much dear for sharing this great news?

    3. Thanku so much for the news viz pinky ho can’t control ma happiness.. Thanku so much dear

    4. thanks pinky for this wonderful news am really glad to hear these….. thank goodness my favorite show is not going off air and i don’t have to bid gud bye to my friends from this comm.section yet.
      Have a wonderful day all my vitharvians.

    5. Hi Pinky,thank u so much dear fr sharing this news.This is a big relief to all vitharvians including me. Let’s celebrate dear. Gud morning dear.

    6. Welcome all even i am also feeling soo happy in twitter our vitharv fans r doing strike 4r the show extention.now star plus cannot think of making it off air.hurryyy ?????

    7. thank u a million.
      if i say in hindi ” ab main chain ki saas le sakti hoon”

  31. wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww
    what a news viz pinky….sooo glad to hear this..thanks fr sharing…
    love jndsd….love atharv….

  32. Thank u pinky..thank u for the great news..mind was very upset,now feels great relief..sweet pinky.

  33. good noon to all members of this family

  34. Sunanda12345

    @143,@xyz,@suman di,aliya where are u guys missing in malayi comments.
    Iam missing u guys a lot??????????

    1. RAOne

      when you are uploading next…… sunanda………..try to post soon till then all the best keep writing

      1. Sunanda12345

        I will post today or tomorrow.tq for asking dear??

    2. Yes akka i am also missing them sooo much.aailya is having exams ok but others what happened to them.suman akka she was not appearing from so many days.where r u all come back pls here ur sis and bros r waiting 4r u ppl.plssss….

    3. di when will u write ff next epi. eagerly wating……………………………

      1. * waiting………………

        sorry for mistake

    4. Ya di missing their comments so much plz dear frnds come back fast .

  35. hi guys how are u lot
    i posted so many commments but thy werent posting for a reson and whats up with that anju can somebody tell me about her ive head something to do with orphans can somebody explain all this and is she good now //////////////////////

    1. Sunanda12345

      Hi anam how r u???
      Leave that anju matter

  36. Did anyone noticed that the person who was following vivi was the pandit who told everyone to do atharva,s antim sanskar

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