Jaana Na Dil Se Door 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 18th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with everyone talking of Bhoomi. They hear some sound and go to see outside. Ravish asks the man to dig the soil. He reminds Atharv that they came here when they have heard Kalindi’s phone ringing, I felt the soil is not settled well, since then Kalindi is missing. Vividha says you mean to say…. He says the person who can kill Vipul and throw him in water tank, can do anything. Kangana recalls burying Kalindi. The man says there is something here. Kangana worries. The man says maybe its a cloth. Ravish checks it. Sujata says it looks a saree piece.

The man digs more. They all get worried. The man says there is a big stone here. Dadi says you scared all of us. Ravish says no, I was just clearing my doubt. Atharv says we will go inside now, fill this pit in morning. Kangana worries. They all go. Ravish asks Kangana not to worry. I just did this to clear my doubt, you take care, be with everyone, I don’t want you to come out and fall in some problem. She agrees.

Kangana goes to room and calls someone. The person does not answer. Ravish comes to her and asks why did you get shocked. She says if anyone comes in girl’s room this way… He says sorry, dinner is ready. She thinks of Kalindi’s dead body. She was about to slip on stairs. Ravish holds her and asks why are you lost, you would have fell down now. She says Madhav asks for new bedtime story every night, I was thinking that. She goes.

Dadi Bua asks Sujata if Bhoomi had food. Sujata says no. Ankit says this looks strange, I have a fear, how to have food. Vividha says we should have courage. Ravish and Kangana come. Madhav runs around. Dadi asks him to have food. Vividha says stop it now Madhav. Ravish says he is a kid, let it be, let him play. Madhav plays. Guddi scolds Madhav for not listening to anyone. Madhav says I did mistake. Guddi says you are breaking things since morning, playing does not mean doing loss, you won’t get this plane, have food. Madhav asks for plane. Kangana takes the plane from Guddi and says don’t talk to Madhav this way next time. Vividha asks Kangana who are you to talk in between. Kangana says you called me your sister, Madhav is close to me. Vividha says I m his mum, we all know what’s good for Madhav, Guddi will stop Madhav if its for his good. Kangana says sorry and goes.

She calls someone and says I did not do mistake, I could not control myself, none saw my reaction except Vividha, nothing went wrong. The man asks her not to underestimate Vividha. She says Ravish reached Kalindi’s grave, no need to worry, I can’t do anything tonight. She hears Vividha.

Vividha says I have seen how she looked at me, like she wants to kill me. She smiles. She goes to see. Vividha says I m scared of that girl, if she does anything to Madhav. Ravish asks why will she hurt Madhav, she loves Madhav. Atharv says yes. Vividha says she is just a problem. Ravish says I know we are worried for Vipul and Kalindi’s state, but it does not mean we lose our senses, how can we make her out of home. Atharv says yes, we have to support each other. She says she is coming close to you, that’s why you are taking his side. Ravish asks what are you saying. She says she is fooling both of you, she has made a place in Atharv’s house. Ravish says Kangana is a nice girl. Vividha says she wears short clothes and goes to Atharv, I checked her bathroom taps, it was fine, she came wearing bathrobe and stuck it in door. Ravish asks why did Atharv go to Kangana, why did he not call Vividha. Atharv says you are saying I m doing this intentionally. Ravish says like Vividha is pointing finger at Kangana, I can point finger at you. Atharv asks did you go mad. Ravish asks why are you angry, tell us if you have interested in Kangana.

Atharv says why will I be interested, I m a happily married man, you tell us if you are interested. Ravish asks him to shut up, you are crossing limits. They argue. Vividha and Sujata look on. Kangana smiles seeing them. Ravish and Atharv shout and argue. Vividha stops them. The man on call hears their arguments. Kangana thinks this family is breaking, now I will make them ruin things. Vividha stops Atharv and takes him to room. Sujata takes Ravish to room.

They all meet. Atharv says sorry, I got rude in acting. Ravish says I also misbehaved a lot. Vividha smiles. FB shows Atharv and Vividha doubting on Kangana’s deeds. She asks is Kangana behind Kalindi’s disappearance and Vipul’s death. Atharv says I have a plan, we will act and not show her that we are doubting on her, we wants differences and tension to create between us, we will act such. They see Kangana coming. They start acting and argue. Kangana smiles seeing them. FB ends. They all smile.

Sujata asks Kangana to tell something to Vividha and Atharv. Kangana acts sweet. Vividha says I have seen what you did. Kangana thinks it won’t take much time to break them. Ravish says Kangana should not know we are acting. Atharv says then her confidence will get high, she will do some mistake.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. https://www.instagram.com/p/BTB9CzNjPO6/
    Sooo cute isn’t it…..by one of the vitharv fan….

    1. Pinky dear???.when I saw this in insgm firstly I can controle my laughter. There is also another pic ..That was also awsome. And this is very cute????

  2. Wowwwwwwww.spectacular epsd. Outstanding performance of Mr &Mrs sujatha and ravish. Heyyyyy kangana mangana changana u bcm ass??.
    omg the cute fight bw atharv & ravish ??.
    Today vividha u nailed it.firstly u raised ur voice against kangana for supporting guddi and then for fighting with atharv?????.And sujatha u also rocked by being silent during vitharv &ravish fight.so our calculations was accurate. Bcz yesrdy we said that vitharv were purposely fight each other infrnt of kangana and I really believed that our hero is seriously planning something against kangana. See that bcm true. Atharv’s master mind ???????.commendable. And in any planning of atharvs, vividha will always with him.That is Vitharvs power of love?.
    Poor kangana still in dream that she succeed in her plan.
    And kangana’s phone in frnd may be kailash. But he was looking like dadaji. But it is nt possible bcz as a father &granfather he will never let his daughter &grand sons murder. So they may be showing some another person as kk bcz may be vineetji is nt available present. But last they may be show that person as kk.And what was in his hand? Any toy?
    I don’t know what is the connection bw Madhav & kangana. I don’t think Madhav is her son. Anyway I don’t want to separate Madhav from vitharv.
    I m so happy after seeing today epsd. Now kangana’s count down starts 1 2 3 ⏰ ⏰ ⏰.
    Heyy kangana buch ke rehna. Bcz vitharv +ravish r following u ???????

  3. https://www.instagram.com/p/BTB4HBegjVe/
    Our snow white &Red rose were rockkkinggg???????????

    1. That was really awesome. I did not even seen in ma life…like dis a perfect pair u rock msr an Mrs atharv sujatha live u both..a lot shivik…

    2. awww so sweet.?? dey r our vitharv.

    3. See at back dadhi no.2 looking at vitharv without turning her head same like us she also not able to take off her from vitharv?????

  4. guys I think u all see….
    in one interview…. “who is social media addicted?”
    vikram to shivani – “main check karti hoon wo post karti hai”
    really our vikku is the best?? vikku u r so cute.

  5. this comment made me…laugh….?
    “real over choreographed.intense love over dead khooni track.tabela over big francy house. cows over ravish”

  6. Atharv,Vividha &Ravish rocked yesterday. Now stupid Kangana your time starts now to go out of the house. First I got scared by seeing 3 of them fighting but then I got relief.
    Anyways love you Vitharv ? Ravish you were also good man.

  7. Hi Vitharvians, Gud morning all of u. Have a nice day. Now I ‘m so happy that our vitharv and raveesh r bcm alert towards kangana and r trying to trap her. So amazing na. Now I ‘m in bus to go to class. See u guyz later.

    1. Hi Usha good morning dear.
      Saturday &Sunday class ille ?
      Ok then see u sat&Sunday

  8. RAOne


    hope this news to be true…… please for me frnds pray to god, love both sunil paji and kapil.

  9. Sunanda12345

    Gm vitharv fans have a nyc day

    1. Hi gud mrng..Pro pic?????

      1. Sunanda12345

        Tqqq sweety

    2. Gud mng di and enjoy the day ?

    3. Gudmrng sunanda dear. ?☺

    4. good afternoon sunanda dear

  10. what a woooow wala epi….
    i knew it it was so visible that ravish and atharv were acting afterall we all know they are best brothers and quarell never happens between them….so it was great…!!!
    what say friends???????

  11. Vitharv finally rocked. Vitharv and ravish performance was amazing.
    Madhav the naughty boy like his father. Exact carbon copy. Kagana the witch always massages her hair. Her smile and looks are really disgusting. xyz what a comment given by you. I always love your long comments.

    Old vitharv charm is missing. Jndsd is going of air and and a new serial is on the way.
    Love your unity of vitharv family. Amazing friends you are.

    I sometimes feel jealous because of your freinndship. But beware of aailya. I know viz pinky,sunanda,sandy,linah,suman,sweety,
    143 are angry on her. Viz pinky you gave a apt reply to her yesterday. You are brilliant you did not fall on her trap. Umaaaa??????. I know xyz and aaliya are angry on usha as she supported anju.usha don’t worry dear. xyz is a good girl not like aaliya.

    1. Sunanda12345

      Hiii vismitha

    2. Its clear from ur comment that who r u…..no need to explain go to hell

    3. Akalya /Aswini. Pattiyude valu panthirandu kollam kudathil ittalum athu valanje irikku.
      U r such a wet blanket. Never dare to drag aailya in ur vagabondages. And one more thing u r nothing to create misunderstandings bw us vitharvians. And don’t use ur sweat words to trap anybody. Bcz here nobody is interested in u and we have many work other than arguing with u like a useless creature.Just mind ittttttt.

      1. Thats a must wanted reply @xyz…she is trying create misunderstanding btwn vitharv fans avlod povan para as u said patida value pathriandkolum kuzjililitalum nerayvila….stupid..evil she is

      2. That s a much needed reply @xyz she is trying to make misunderstanding among vitharv fans but she don’t know that will never happen as u said patida value pathirandkolam kuzhalilitalum nerayavila such a creature she is….

    4. U dirty rascal..?????…how much u try u cannot break our vitharv family bond as same like kangana cannot break our vitharv bond.
      One more thing i forgot to wish u dirty sad nasty married life….my mother has thought me to wish in a good way so only i am not getting words to wish u badly.but no problem u know many na add all of them u dirty girl.according to our bible one have to love his enemies but here u r not enemie u r sithan of our page god will only teach u a good lesson.

      1. If u r really anjus sis convey my bad wishes to her..If u r anju then keep it with u only….good bye????

    5. You will not study from What all u have got till now feeling pity for u
      How much u try to break our bond it will become stronger day by day…waste of your effort ?

  12. Waiting for today’s episode. Kangana ki end anne wala hai. Iam half Telugu and half Bengali.

    Love you vikku.

  13. Hai every body guys

  14. Hello everyone..I’m commenting for the first time…hope I fit in??

  15. Sunanda12345

    @xyz and @143 may I know your real names. If you don’t mind

  16. Hai..is there anyone.?

  17. https://vimeo.com/213620010

    This vm literally got me into tears. Watch this guys.

    1. Me to in tears…..

  18. Pls tell me the mail id of star plus through which we can request to nominate jndsd for STA.

  19. Thank you sunanda for welcoming me. I know you hate aailya. You didn’t fall on her trap. Great work. Umaaa??????

    1. Can I ask u doubt nanam nthuvanario ninak…nanamundo kashtam I fell pity on u trying to create misunderstanding btwn vitharv fans but ortho…that will never happen u evil go to hell

    2. Sunanda12345

      Who said iam angry on aliya? ???

      1. di who’s this anju and her sis? why are they troubling us???

  20. See aaliya many of your friends turned against you especially sunanda. You have no value in this page. Your friends want some peace. So you better go to hell and give them peace. It is a request from vitharv fans. Let me and my friends want to comment peacefully. So please don’t be obstruction for that

    1. Who r u to take representative of all the vitharv fans?
      Stop bashing a person without any reason
      Oh r u a psychiatrist who can read our mind then u r wrong
      If u want to comment peacefully behave yourself
      We all know that here who has value and who does not have . If u have to continue in ur wild behaviour means create another page and do whatever u like and stop irritating my friends especially aaliya

  21. Good afternoon sunanda, viz pinky,diya,sandy,sweety,linah,143,nikh,xyz,suman di,nazneen,usha,Vismaya etc. Had your food dears. Telugu people where are you iam waiting for you.

    1. I don’t want ur wishes get lost u stupid….ha….feeling pit on u

  22. All are very intelligent here. Iam proud of my fandom. Let us rock here

  23. Umaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssszsaaaaaaaaaaa

  24. Raone please share jndsd news. Not sunilkapoor and Bollywood news. Please dear it is very irritating. My friends are good hearted that’s why they are mum.
    It is a request please don’t share.

    1. RAOne

      first its sunil kapoor… its sunil grover…… its my wish what i want to share with my frnds….. yes if they don’t have any problem then….. who the hell are u…….

      I got excited to know about sunil paji comeback, please don’t cross your limit, because my frnd don’t have problem….. waise bhi i will share that person news who are famous…..yes stay away from me I have seen your true colour……. i gave you chance to change and you fireback on me………… Don’t want talk and yes don’t try to create any misunderstanding b/w us…………. yes will do unless my frnds don’t stop me to do it.

    2. Who is this anju?and what is their problem. I’m new here I dont understand anything. I’m Malayalee Are u malayale?

  25. https://vimeo.com/213620010
    See this how beautiful it is,their love, their ups and downs,their sorrow,their happiness,their journey….. everything.my eyes became wet.vitharv r epic on television industry no one can beat them.
    Don’t know how how much love I have on u ppl just can say one thing my world is filled with u guys ??????????????????

    1. ?????????????❤???

    2. Ours also dear..

  26. You know one thing dears today is my birthday.please wish me dears

  27. Jeez i thought we were rid of that troublemaker bt no she handed over to her twin now she too has come here to create misunderstanding btwn us but am sorry to burst your bubbles u’ll not succeed try that somewhere else got it akalya/vismitha whatever name ur disguising urself with & please stop trying to make Aaliya look bad in our eyes coz we trust & love her got it physcho no. 2.

  28. Again good afternoon

    1. its absolutely right ..best ever father son bond ?

  29. Sunanda dear. I commented against aaliya.
    But you welcomed me dear. Then why did you said hi to me. Give me apt answer for that.

    1. Sunanda12345

      I just said hii. It does not mean that iam against aliya.
      I will say hiiii to any one. Its my wish.
      Aliya knows about me. Soooo don’t try to create misunderstanding between frnds

  30. Viz don’t be overconfident about aaliya. Tell me what do you know about her. I know you are angry on aaliya for asking sorry for my sister. In your comment you didn’t mention her name also. That means you are still angry on her.

  31. Hey aaliya. If you love your friends never dare to enter telly updates page. I will go from here forever. If you come again I will not allow your friends to get peace in this comment section. Understand. Your better understand????????????????????????????????????????????

  32. Aailya I know you are busy with exams and combined studies. As in one day you have two exams,so there are lot to study. So you are not got getting time to comment.
    And today you have exams . I pray that teacher will make you fail. After exams also never dare to enter my friend’s jndsd page.

    1. how u pray for anyone’s failure?

    2. Who are you vulgar creature???. Just get lost you stupid. Don’t you dare to spoil the peace of our Vitharv family. Just get lost you stupid idiot. ????????
      If you have little shame on your part then don’t comment. Oh I forgot that you both of you have left everything.
      Don’t you say anything about Aailya di. We know her ok. You shut your mouth.

    3. Who is anju and Alia what their problem?i don’t understand anything I’m new here?

  33. hi all of u. yesterday i wanted to know how can i contact to star plus . but nobody did reply

    1. Aleya di. You leave her she is never going to change and don’t reply to her ok?

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