Jaana Na Dil Se Door 17th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 17th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Suman saying Atharv does not know what happened, he does not remember anything, but we do remember, he thinks he is in Ajmer, he remembers till the temple incident, he does not know us, whose house is this and why is he here, and the biggest thing, Atharv feels Vividha is still waiting for him, he does not know that Vividha is his step brother’s wife. Ravish comes and says and he should not know about it, we should tell him what is necessary for him. Suman asks what are you saying, will we lie so much. Ravish says Atharv has come back by some miracle, we can’t tell anything that troubles him, we have to hide everything that he forgot and does not know. Suman asks what are you doing.

Ravish removes Ramakant’s pic. Suman asks why did you remove the pic. Ravish says sorry, Atharv saw Papa’s pic and fainted, I don’t want him to get any shock, I don’t want him to know that we are Ramakant’s family, I don’t want to take any chance. Kalindi taunts that all this is happening because of Vividha. Ravish removes the pic and goes to his room. He removes his wedding pics from the wall. He says we have to hide everything that can hurt Atharv’s mind, we will not talk about Atharv’s mental state, how he used to talk and everything, Bua ji there should be no mistake, don’t talk about Papa and Dada ji. Sujata comes and says Atharv is getting conscious. Ravish says I did not wish this to happen some time back, I did not wish to turn face from responsibility, but a bigger responsibility is calling me, I have to return love to my brother, its time that you remove this mangalsutra Vividha, return it to me. Vividha gets shocked.

He says you have to do this, Atharv should not know that we got married, he can’t bear this shock, he thinks the arrangements are done for your and his marriage, you are waiting for him like a bride, you wanted freedom from this marriage, give it to me. Vividha cries. Vividha holds her mangalsutra. Atharv comes there and calls out Vividha. They all look on tensed. Ravish hides his and Vividha’s marriage pic. Atharv asks why did you do this Vividha.

Ravish and Vividha see each other and get worried. Atharv looks at them. Atharv asks why did you change clothes, our marriage has to happen, I m fine and ready for marriage, come. He holds Vividha’s hand. He says you look beautiful even without bridal dress, come. He stops the man and asks him to keep things back, marriage has to happen. Everyone worry. Pandit says Suman ji, I left in hurry and came back to take my belongings. Atharv says its good you came, get us married. He says I m very much in hurry for marriage, I did not change even clothes, I did not come in groom’s getup, but attitude is of groom, come Vividha. Sujata asks Atharv to stop, Vividha and your marriage can’t happen. Atharv gets shocked and looks at them.

He says why, what happened. Sujata makes excuse of mahurat. He says I don’t believe in that. She says but I believe it and does not want anything wrong to happen in our lives. Vividha says Sujata is right, we will marry some other day. Atharv says fine, if I have waited for long, some more wait is fine, but when mahurat comes, don’t make me wait long, else I will lift you and take you to room. She looks at Ravish. O re piya…….plays…………….

Its night, Vividha sits by Atharv’s side, while he is sleeping. She holds him and cries. She thinks you have bear a lot to get me, what did you not bear till now. She recalls Atharv bearing all tortures for her sake, you have returned from death twice, just for me. Saawre……plays…………. She holds his face. Atharv wakes up and holds her close. He says be the pain of my body or soul, it will heal by your touch, you are the medicine of my pain. He hugs her and says I can’t stay away from you now Vividha. She worries.

Uma says don’t give divorce to Ravish, marriage vows are precious. Vividha says you took wedding vows with Kailash too, how can marriage stay on a foundation of lie. Atharv comes and says you said right.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. @Nikh.


    1. ha ha ha..
      i don’t watch ishqbaaz..
      but what to do she is doing too much..
      she don’t have hesitation to sit in a mandap for reverse pheras but she is hesitating to remove that ms..
      does that make any sense tell me..
      if she want to give values to that forced mrg then she can be..
      no one is stopping her
      if she want to give value to her love then also she can do..
      but she is confusing between those two..
      what is that nonsense ??
      that’s why am making fun of her
      see our atharv he is so strong..
      he can take any decision very strong..
      and he stick to his decision 100%..
      but what is she doing??
      of course she has guilt and respect and she is feeling bad for ravish family but how much time she extends to divorce ravish that much pain increases to ravish and suman..
      if she want to do something she have to do very quickly..
      then all can come out from pain as aoon as possible
      she is dragging so much..
      if she want to move on with ravish then she have to tell everything to atharv then he can move on his life as soon as possible but she is doing nothing..
      actually am not understanding what does she want to do??

  2. @sonu Enough of everything…who d hell r U?? D kind of language u r using is jst signifying hw u r as a person….. We are vitharv fans… By we hv nt said any bad words about d ones who are supporting ra…. vida…. M nt maalyalee bt I know dt malyalees r very good human being….jst stop ur comment…and stp calling dog… If u don’t like to support vitharv… Den its OK… Why r u insulting us…. Dis is nt right at all… U should learn how to speak with others and hw to give dem respect…. Stupid????

    1. @Nikhat,thak u dear for ur support.

    2. @Nikhat thank u for ur support dear

  3. @Nikh why u r saying for that disgusting sonu.

    She is again cheating us .She is tamilian. From above comment it is clear.

    Her motive is make vitharv fans fight in the name of language.She is also defaming Telugu language and people by not being telguian.

    blo*dy b*t*h cheater.

    1. am not saying for that stupid b***h..
      but that sonu is too disgusting,,
      and so many people feeling very bad …
      that stupid is spoiling all telugu people name..
      that’s why am just saying sry to those who are feeling bad..
      such a stupid it is..

  4. Saying sorry

  5. Nd common dis is jst a serial…and srsly… U r insulting us fr jst a serial..which don’t even exist for real…. Srsly U need a psychiatrist…..U r jst ill and nothing else….gt well soon…. ???

  6. There r many pics in instagram that viv weared red lehanga nd my atharv in black shirt???? both r soooo cute
    She did not weared mangalsutra but mang mein sindoor hai
    Wt’s gng on in jndsd………????

  7. @suman plss tell me how 2 share link in here

    1. Even I get confused some times. Actually it is very difficult to paste here. I will long press on one word, den options comes cut copy paste. Den I paste the link in same place. N I will type dat word which deleted after pasting d link if required. Hope u understood. Just long hold some word which u typed. Den paste.

      1. Some times just long pressing in comment box, gives paste option directly. First try long press in comment box. If it won’t work den try above technique. Just long press 5 seconds minimum

      2. https://mobile.twitter.com/sunjivpuri/status/821464587706871809
        Means ravish going to talk about loveless marriage with Suman. Hope so. N please give divorce to vividha.

    2. Open the pic u want to share us Instagram. And copy link from address bar…and paste here…in comment box.
      Note: sometimes only links won’t approved to published in this page so..type some msg with link.and post it.

      1. This comment is deleted.

  8. @nazneen leave her(sonu)

    1. I think dat sonu is not even telugu. @anam how can u support dat sonu. N I am having small doubt. U r not d one who is commenting on name of sonu, using different mail Id. But if u want to support ra……. Vidha it’s ok. But don’t act as if u r supporting vitharv. Some times u say ra…… Vidha some times vitharv. Hopeless

  9. @naznnen i also observed that vivida nd anika wearing same mangalsutra

  10. I think all mem in vashist House gone suffered to momery loss except one nd only our atharv sujatha..Why all they are give vachans to other like Chacolates.. Fst sujata want fulfil ramakanths lst wish she prmz to ramakanth abt vitharv mrg nd she forget that.. Nd suman also fulfil ramakanth wish bt know she want vivida continue the mrg..nd coming abt ravish he also gave a vachan to vividha abt vitharv mrg nd knw he lves vividha.. ND last vividha she gave sath vachans to atharv bt know she is confusing.. Wat is thiz..stupid track..i think after atharv sujatha entry jndsd going to another level.. But cvs shows only ravish mahan track.. I like ravish doesn’t mean they only show ravish as a hero i the that..

  11. @xyz aval tamilathi ya,mullaperiyar problem ithnte revenge theeruka ayirikum

  12. @Sunanda.
    Ok dear ?.Let that dog ? comment anything ?

  13. This comment is deleted.

    1. oh woww…
      so grtt..
      before tamilian everyone is humans okay..
      fst behave like a human then tell us who are you okay..
      blo*dy idiot stupid..
      dirty dog..
      is this your culture?
      and does your culture learn this much only??
      coming to movies those are common in that industry..
      tamil industry doesn’t copy a single fim??
      example 3 idiots dubbed in tamil..
      and you are spoiling all tamilians name and tamil culture..
      those you mentioned those are very great persons but you are like ganjayi in that tulasi garden..

    2. Ok…….this will be my only comment to u. Yes all the above personalilies mentioned are Great Humans and are Indians first. There r known to be INDIANS!!!

      They make us proud but …….

      U on the other hand r a disgrace to Tamil.

      Goodbye and grow up!!

      1. @Karan bhai. Hahahaha? superb comment ?

    3. Sweetuishkara

      who are you to decide you cheap person just get hell out of here we know about ravish traits he is eyeing his brother’s love ,he had promised vividha to make vividha marry atharva you blo*dy a*sh*le look at your language it seems that you have no manners blo*dy fool,learn some manner from ravish you fool

    4. You bark whateve you want to dog?
      We VITHARVIANS don’t care dogs like you.
      Show your attitude to someone else ?

    5. Sonu u r talking abt great people in India..did u heard those great ppl introduce themselves as a Indian.. Wr ever they go their identity is only Indian not tamileean

  14. Atharv desrvs best….vividha is a b*t*h….she dnt want atharv…

  15. @tq suman.even I also think that way.
    But I asked u if there is any other way
    Anyhave tq’s dear

  16. @i just tried 2 share the link???

  17. @suman i just tried 2 share link????

    1. Sorry dear. Link not opening. Just check.

  18. @nidha all the best for u r exams

  19. Guyssssssss biggest joke……of year 2017.
    sonu know culture and follows according to culture.

    first of all behave like Human for god sake…poor god sent u in human form.
    even god also don’t have idea to send u in which form….soooooo………………………….

  20. @all vitharva fans m back!

    i said i cnt tolerate anything against my vitharav….

    @sonu i don’t know whether u r a double standard guy or not Bt m 100% sure ur parents are!

    becz wtever speak is any how related to ur home and family….

    and btw wt the hell is ths….who the hell are u ravidha fans??????

    how cn u say those stupids things???vitharva is nt like ur stupid relationship thr u call a marriage!!!

    marriage is wt Viv said in precap!?

    and btw who the hell told u tht if we stop watching the show,we gonna quit jndsd….

    even if we r quitting our heart will bring back to it becz ths is JANA NA DIL SE DOOR!….

    and also thr are guys who post updates which is sufficient to know wts going on in jndsd…

    so betr u stop,ur nonsense nd also stop getting insulting ur parents by saying those slangs!!!

    and yea Viv is also nt bad mind it…she still loves atharva,but she is so gud tht even she cares abt ravish…thts the reason she is still wearing M.sutra…

    ok and if really find any inch of pain tht says u tht these characters are bad thn u r welcome to the EXIT gate

    guys chill and plz comment and give tha ravidha fans the right taste of thr tounge…



  21. Pinky di hii m nt writing ths comment to scold u,becz u didn’t accused atalharv its becz wt u said to eshwari…

    see m also frm odisha ,bbsr…

    u say odisha as temple state of India,right???

    yea off couse u right…

    u love ravish character i have np…

    Bt wt u said in ur later comment is really ridiculous !!!

    u said “is type ke bhi log hote hain”…(Viv)…. HW cn u say tht wn u got a state tht u consider tht as a temple state???

    just keep urself in place of Viv…

    and see wt she did…if she had loved ravish thn that she would have done …becz she loved atharva and also mad,promises…isnt it necessary tht she should keep her promises????

    wont it be a betrayal to atharva if she moves on with ravish???

    did only ravish sacrificed???nt our atharva?.he knocked the door of death twice…he got his reputation lost by going to jail several times…he got beaten up and insulted by KK like a servant…

    he made Viv realize-wt is love???

    he made Viv understand the status of equality…

    he taught her ,her freedom…

    he taught her tht we should nt give ne one the place of god…,

    is ths less thn ravish or more u only say…
    thts the reason y Viv still loves atharav….and the reason behind y she nt removing MS,its becz she feels sad nd sry fr ravish…she don’t even want to hurt him…

    thts y u see wn she is alone she feels atharva becz thr no tensions of making sad anyone…thts y she is having these mny problems….

    in jndsd if anyone,who is suffering more thn its Viv…she is just hanging and stuck between 2 things…

    so she needs time to take her decision…

    Hope u understand wt i said…never mean tht m saying u ths vecz u don’t support atharva….ths was just to reply avt viv’s decision….hope u take all +ve…

    anyway cn i know exactly whr u frm bbsr???

    m frm Kalpana square area,if u know…

    1. Yaar @sachin you r from bbsr, wow I really happy to know. Yaar I m from saila bihari…..
      Sorry tumve bura laga per tum samajh nehi payeee meri baat. Actually maine jo wahan kahi thi ki AISA BHI LOG HOTE hai KYA Wo vividha ke lia nehi tha ravish ke lia tha mere dear.
      Itna kuch hone ke baad bhi wo sirf apne bhai ke bare main sochta hai islia main aise likhi thi…
      Tum agar kabhi mere comment dikhe honge to tum ko pata hoga main kabhi vitharv ke bare kuch galat comment nehi karti specially atharv ke bare main. Kabhi vividha ke uper thodi bol deti hun kyun ki uski poorness hi sabka karan hai…

      1. ohh sry mu aau kichi bhabili! aau nah mu job karuni just a school boy now! mu class 9 re padhuchi….kintu abe mu bbsr re nahi becz papankar transfer ha e gala! thts y….

        any way yea mu kebe dekhini tamaku atharva against re….sae thi paen starting re mention bhi karichi tht u never spoke against!

        anyway mo exams agaku achi! sae thi paen bahut tension ….au next year ru board bhi asigala…

        take care and Gl fr ur banking!

  22. @Sachin bro.?

  23. This comment is deleted.

    1. Sweetuishkara

      don’t wry fake id tu will take action against you fool ravish is not equal to atharva idiot .you are great fan of ravish you should have also done suicide if ravish suicides stupid guy

    2. tysm sonu fr doing such a grt job fr us! i love u man! u r awesome …..

      i never knew tht u r doing circus based on DOGS(hahaha)….

      btw wts ur circus’s name ?? i mean the title???

      ohh so sad u havent chose it yet….bt dont worry i have very fine name!….



      and one more thing u missed a chief guest,man!

      wt abt ur parents????plz bring thm too we will be glad to act in front of thm!

      WT a booring idea u have!

      hahahahaha shame on u ….shame on ur parents who gave birth to such a dumb…..shame on ur partners…….shame on ur bro and sis…….shame on evry one who are connected to such a devil!

      and one more thing in which world or hell u r in???? dont u have common sense!????

      u r saying u r going to present as animals and telling some names and again u r saying abt the jokers- and saying the same names! in ur dictionary are jocker and animals same????OMG wt a dictionary and vocabulary u have….shame shame PUPPY shame!

      NOTE ths!

      with ur slangs and stupidity people will get sad and will feel pitty on u!

      bt see even though u make us ‘JOCKERS’ we will bring smile to people faces nt sadness tht is wt our culture….CULTURE OF INDIA to bring happiness!!!

      1. @ sachin,you rocked it dear.I could not control my laughter?????

      2. Sachin, good1 ……circus with dogs??? First of its kind…………we’ll steal the show. Look whose comments like hot and spicy noodles;))))))

      3. Wow Sachin… Hahaha

    3. Oh really if you are supporting to RAVIDHA THEN HE IS A CAPTAIN RIGHT.

      1. Wht do you mean ..”captain dig of Ravidha group”…U re also talking in same manner as tht fellow ..Nothing is different ..u juz used a better vocab..!!

    4. Yak thu. U shameless disgusting creature. But seriously u r d real joker who is entertaining us. Get lost.

    5. Again and again u r proving u r biggest fool…in this universe.

      “Emotional fools”
      Emotions makes human. Humans have emotions.
      So u agreed we are human.

      So all those names u r using are from your family (Animals).

  24. @143??????
    U r comment towards sonu

  25. See @sonu who will take whose party
    Lets wait………….
    Stick u r mouth will bubbol

  26. Oh @ sachin very good
    Thanks 4 reply in odia.Take care ☺☺

  27. My dear guys for ur infrmn I think that bl**dy creature sonu is also nt from thamil nadu.bcz she used the very dirty word that is a very very dirty word and in malylm it is too bad and dirty word.so I think she may be a malayale or thamilan. I feel very shame to say she is if malayalee
    But 100% sure she is trying to make war bw us vitharv fans based on language. So don’t belive that she is thamilan.what identity she revealed that it should be fake.
    I feel she has some bad intention to provoking us to reply to her and quarrel among vitharvarians.
    She is so cheep and so dirty.she is trying to make us genuine people to go to her low level. So beware that dog and don’t belive her about her fake identity may be tomorrow she will say she is marathi or kannada people……
    And I have one doubt if she is our Sony satheesh? I don’t like to say this as our Sony satheesh is very good girl. Don’t know and where is sonu satheesh she don’t cmmntng fr 2 days.and one more thing if Sony satheesh also have the same dp icon that the creature have.??anybody noticed that? ?
    So Sony satheesh plss cmmnt on this section and prove u r not that creature sonu.pls

    1. Dear xyz ,etharik chertta anno aval innu vicharichilla.Malayalee avum innu thoninillya.Karanam malayalees ede ethire samasarichillya.
      Chelpum malayalee friends undavum avalk.
      Enik thonnuath sonu satheesh aval ayirikum.Karanam same logo annalo.Same logo two persons varillya.
      Enik ariyam sonu satheesh nalla kutti annu in.Njan comments read cheiyum.

      May be her malayalee friends helped her

      1. I don’t know [email protected] I can’t belive .athu Sony satheesh anu engil aval malayali thanneya.karanam aval nannayi mlylm parayum.matramalla aval ente chala Mary prayogam manasilakki pinne avalude samsarathil ninnum eniku clear ayi avalku nannayi mlylm ariyam. Avalude chila mlylm prayogangalilude athu enku manasilayi. So aval Sony satheesh an engil ithu bhaynkara chathi ayi poyi.
        Karnm njn avle true frnd ayitta kandathu.ithu nmml malylkalkku bhaynkara nanakked ay poyi.

  28. @sonu Mad captain dog ?..You are really disgusting dog ? I have ever seen in my whole life ? ? ? ? today you proved that you really need to get treated from a psychiatrist you mad dog ?.CHI THU.IF YOU COME IN FRONT OF ME DEFINITELY I WILL SPIT ON YOU ? ? ? ? ?

    @Sachin bro ?

  29. @Sachin bro.
    The title will be “SONU THE CAPTAIN DOG ?”

    1. ok gotcha! …urs is betr thn mine…thts cool!

      hahahahaha funniest day of my life!

  30. Omg…@sachin….I can’t control my laugh?????????????…Awesome reply to sonu.

  31. @sonu y r u reading our dog msgs
    Go nd read u r ravidha tiger msgs
    If u again give rply 2 vitharvs fans u r a dog???????

  32. Arey…yarrrr..maybe. This sonu wants a biggest fool award in universe.That is y sonu getting hurt.

    So Plz give the award to him/her and admit in African zoo…from where he belongs.

  33. Guys plsssss tell me one thing.if two fans in this cmmnt section can have same dp icon..???plsssss immediately reply me.i have to find out the truth.if my fear turns to true then it will be so ………….. no plss tell me anyone.

    1. No dear two persons cannot have same dp icon

  34. @xyz.

  35. sonu my dear plz keep commenting such things….u refreshed my mind! bro/sis wtever…ok if nt anything let u be an alien!


    the best day of my life in 2017! i still cnt laugh! as i laughed laughed and laughed a lot!…

    See sonu u made me as ur 1st joker right???? see i made people laugh and enjoy within less thn 1/2 hrs!

    thts wt we should do towards our nation!…. serve nation,save nation,support nation!

    these are 3’s’ of a nation!

    and my telly update name too starts with -‘S’….SEE how u made ur self a fool!

    1. @Enjoyed a lot dear

    2. sachin reply in the same way to people like him u r great yar

      1. HII Ooshi di! thx and nice to meet u! nw m having school so gtg bt u plz tell me whr we cn have a chat and and wt time! i will come! byee i will be back at 2 30 pm frm school!


    @Sachin bro.Ya it’s the best joke of 2017.I couldn’t control control my laughter ?

  37. Mohini bansal

    Plz Atharva and vividha ko melva do plz plz plz plz plz plz plz ……….Atharva ki Kya galti hai plz dono happy life dekha do plz

  38. Mohini bansal

    Hy Atharva………….aap bahut ache ho…..

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