Itti Si Khushi 9th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Itti Si Khushi 9th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aman questions Kartik who plainly refuses to hear him but Aman stays put. You cannot talk to Ma like this. Kartik wants to know why he cant bring his friend home. Aman too denies. Especially not when you are all alone at home! I have always supported you but you will not talk to Ma this way. Kartik doesn’t take him seriously. Ritika has come home earlier too. This time there was a minor error in the plan or no one would have got to know about it. Why do you support Ma’s orthodox and old thoughts / values? Aman suggests him to respect elders but Kartik declines to follow their mother’s words. I wont support her in everything if I find it wrong. Plus why are you marrying Akku. She is not even your friend. You guys don’t even talk. Surely she must be Ma’s choice. Please don’t advice me to be like you for I cannot do it. Aman feels bad.

Sunita is arranging prashad that is to be sent to Gayatri’s house. She talks to her husband about the preps for engagement. Akku comes there with a blouse. Her mom tells her to go to Aman’s house. Give your blouse and this prashad to Gayatri ji. She calls out to Neha. Neha had earlier gotten up to go but Neha tries to deny stating she is teaching Suraj. They all insist so Neha agrees reluctantly. Mr. Agarwal sits down with Suraj to help him.

Akku greets everyone at Aman’s house while Neha stands in a corner quietly. Akku gives Gayatri both the things. Gayatri in turn goes inside to get kheer for them. Aman greets Akku and then asks Neha to come in. She says she is in a rush. Akku asks her to wait for a few minutes as aunty is bringing something from inside. She nods. Dadi knowingly suggests Akku and Aman to go inside till then. You guys should talk amongst yourselves. Neha too follows them inside. Dadi and Jayanti are irked seeing this. jayanti feels that Neha is really smart but acts like a kid so that no one says her anything. Amazing brain she has! Dadi wants to mend Neha asap. I don’t like her at all.

Akku and Aman sit awkwardly on the sofa chairs while Neha sits at a distance from them. she pretends to read a magazine but keeps observing them as well. She is surprised to read that Sachin has retired from cricket. She asks Aman about Virat Kohli. Aman praises him but Neha is sure he wont be better than him (Aman). When will you play for India? Dadi comes inside. You enjoy talking to your jija ji (brother-in-law / BIL). She acts all sweet to her. Come and talk to me as well. Once they are out of that room, Dadi prays that God makes Neha a little smart. they both are about to get married. Let them talk to each other for a while. Why do you follow them always? Neeta is younger than you but she understands it better. you are 26 years old but you lack brains. You followed them in the market the other day, plus in Mata ki Chowki too and now this. What are your intentions? Jayanti tells her that Aman is her BIL. A BIL-SIL (sister-in-law) doesn’t mix with each other like this. Neha nods uncomfortably. Dadi tells her to go. Akku will come on her own. Neha walks out of Aman’s house all the while wiping her tears.

Neha comes to Dida’s room. She finds Dida sleeping and sits beside her. She is not able to hold back her tears anymore. She hugs her Dida as she cries. Why did Hitler Dadi scold me? what did I do wrong? I was only talking to Aman. What’s kiddish in this? Since I have got to know about Akku and Aman’s wedding, I haven’t said anything to anyone. I understood that Aman cannot be mine. My dreams of becoming his wife are finished but he is my friend. Or is he not my friend anymore? She complains to God as to why He made her well. I wouldn’t have known about their marriage otherwise. It would have been different. I lied to Akku when she asked me if I still like Aman. But the fact is I still like him a lot. You should have let me be in coma only. I am very happy for Akku but whenever people talk about her marriage I feel like crying. What should I do? She hugs her Dida again as she cries. Why did I come out of coma! Dida opens her eyes and has obviously heard her. She too is in tears to hear about Neha’s pain.

Sunita has bought gifts for everyone. Akku praises Neha’s choice. She always selects the best things. Shagun nods. Akku asks for her sister. She slept in Dadi’s room yester night.

Neha wakes up with a start as Dida caresses her head. dida closes her eyes again. Neha is relived and gives her a kiss. Dida pretends to wake up just then. When did you come here and fell asleep? Neha says yester night I saw a really bad dream. She knits a story. Dida looks at her keenly. Neha wonders if she is crying but Dida denies. she looks for remote so she can hear some bhajans. Neha is worried for her eyes. Come I am hungry. Dida tells her to go and freshen up first. Neha leaves. Dida looks really worried.

Akku thinks of checking on Dida if she is still sleeping. Just then Neha brings Dida with her. Dida observes Neha intently as she checks the gifts that Sunita and Akku have bought. She finds a sherwani for Aman and her mood changes. Shagun teases Akku if she chose black sherwani for Aman after noticing his eye colour. Neha points out that Aman’s eyes are of light brown colour. Akku is taken aback. Shagun is surprised that Neha has observed it so well. I don’t remember anything about who wears what and when. Neha asks them to tell Dida’s eye colour. She keeps a hand over Dida’s eyes. They both make a guess but Neha tells them that Dida’s eyes are of red colour today. Sunita finds it odd.

Aman leaves from his house on his bike. He notices Neha in her courtyard and stops his bike. He smiles as he finds her doing her prescribed exercises. Sweet background music plays. He too smiles as he sees Neha smiling big time whenever she is unable to skip properly. Many passerby’s notice him thus. He is distracted by a car’s honk so resumes driving again.

Akku gives tea to Dida. You haven’t eaten anything since morning. Are you alright? Dida nods. Akku still finds her all quiet. Dida has been thinking about life. It passes so fast that we don’t get to realise anything. I dint realise when I got married, had kids and now they too have kids. Its your marriage’s turns now. Akku talks about her one wedding photo that she finds really cute. Dada ji’s eyes (in that particular photo) speak of his love for you. Dida remarks she has not known or spoken to him before their wedding but when I met him for the first time I felt that we have been made for each other. I could never get tired of talking to him. he used to joke a lot. People are right that relations are made by God. We can feel it when we experience something special like that. Akku thinks about Aman and how he is all uncomfortable around her. She remembers the Chowki scene where he was distracted as he was looking for Neha. Door bell rings. Akku notices Neeta’s missed call in her phone. She realises that she had to go to market with her. She leaves. Dida is in a fix. Shall I tell her about Neha or not?

Neha wants to take Dida out to see butterflies. Dida says no which confuses Neha. Her mom gives her chocolate milk to drink. Neha isn’t too keen but gulps it down. Sunita brings laddoos for them. they both love it. Neha’s mom tells Neha to give a box full of laddoos at Aman’s house to which Neha declines. Dida too tells Sunita to let it be but she insists as there is no one else at home right now. Neha is scared of hitler Dadi. Sunita gives up but she realises that Dadi would be in temple at this moment as its Thursday today. Neha hides behind the sofa. Sunita agrees to go on her own but Neha stops her. Sure Dadi wont be at home? Sunita nods. Neha takes the box and leaves. Sunita wonders what has happened to Neha. Dida gets all emotional as she replies that she has no idea about it. sunita gets concerned for her. dida asks for water. Sunita goes to bring it for her.

Neha walks inside Aman’s house carefully. She cannot see Aman’s bike and prays that hitler Dadi isn’t around as well. She hurriedly gives the box to Gayatri and turns to go but Gayatri asks her to wait. She goes inside to keep the laddoos in another box. Neha is all anxious to leave. She continues to pray that hitler Dadi doesn’t come home now. Door bell rings. Neha goes to receive it Gayatri isn’t around. Neha is excited to sign as she receives the courier from Krishna jewellers. Akku’s ring has come. She finds it really beautiful and tries it. Dadi notices Neha in her home and looks upset. Neha has her back towards her. The ring is stuck in her hand. Dadi asks Neha why she is here. Neha gets up with a start and moves her hands behind her back as she struggles to take the ring out of her finger. Dadi gets curious about what she is doing / hiding.

Precap: Dida tells everything to Anand and Sunita. Suraj hears everything too (from the door). Next, he talks to Akku on his way about what Dida was saying. Ninni Bua’s heart will break. Akku is shocked. He is sure Aman uncle would know as they all were talking about his wedding. Akku gets thinking.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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