Itti Si Khushi 9th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Itti Si Khushi 9th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aman tells Neha not to think about the same thing over and over again. Things wont change that way. Neha is still sure she had taken the sugar jar. I had even tasted it myself. Jayanti Mausi was there. She had told me the difference between both the jars of sugar and salt. I still cannot understand how salt got in there. Jayanti comes there with tea and laddoos for both of them. Dadi has sent it for you. Aman dislikes these laddoos. Jayanti insists so he is about to take it but she pulls the plate back. She agrees to bring another sweet for Aman and the offers laddoo to Neha who happily takes it. Jayanti acts all amazed at Dadi’s big heart. She forgave your mistake. Don’t do anything today. it is your muh dikhayi ritual today. Neha enjoys the laddoo. Jayanti teases her over the sweet laddoo once again before leaving from there. Neha again tells Aman that I too had added grinded sugar. He replies that there is not much difference between grinded sugar and salt. The jars must be similar looking so you might have added salt by mistake. There is nothing to worry over it. it is your muh dikhayi ritual today. Dadi is also not upset with you. Just follow what elders tell you. Gayatri comes there. She tells Neha to be careful today as neighbours and their relatives will come today to meet her. Aman goes to pay some bills as he isn’t needed at home in this ritual. He selects a saree for Neha before leaving on her askance and assures her that everything will be fine.

Sunita and Shagun are excited to go to Goyal House to meet Neha today. Sunita is sure Neha will be really happy to see them. I am dying to meet her. Dida suggests going a little late there. Neha is the DIL of that house. We should give her some time to bond with the people of that house. We should let the guests come first. Neha might get emotional upon seeing us there and would stay with us only which wont look good to the guests. Sunita nods. We will go once the ritual is done.

Kamini ji confirms with Jayanti if Neha ate the laddoo. Jayanti confirms it. Now bhang will show its effect. Kamini ji is relieved that Aman did not eat any. She tells Jayanti to be calm. Don’t show excitement or everyone will doubt us. Our work is done. Now we must see what Neha will do! They join Gayatri and the other ladies who are waiting anxiously for Neha.

A few ladies gossip about what had happened at the wedding. Gayatri feels uncomfortable. Neeta brings Neha with her. She is having a hard time holding Neha as Neha is not able to control herself from swaying. Gayatri makes her sit. Neha asks Neeta to bring for her. the women remark how Neha is not the shy kind of DIL. The women see Neha’s face one by one but Neha cannot control her laughter which irks them all and Gayatri too. Gayatri shouts at Neha to stop but in vain. Sunita reaches there just then with Shagun, Dida and Akku. She goes to Neha who hugs her mom. Gayatri is confused at Neha’s behaviour. The guests wonder if Neha is mad. Gayatri denies.

sunita takes Neha inside with her. what has happened to you? Neha suddenly starts crying that she is hungry. Gayatri comes in between to check on them. Sunita assures her that everything is fine. Gayatri leaves. Sunita firmly tells Neha to wait for a while. You wont laugh outside and wont even cry. Don’t do anything which gives a bad impression to people. You are the DIL of this house. If you will act like this then we wont be able to face your in-laws. Act good and come with me. Akku covers Neha’s face again and all the three ladies go outside again.

A lady asks Dadi from where she got such a DIL. Dadi replies that the girl is of Aman’s choice. She notices Neha joining them again and intentionally talks about some other lady who had sung and danced beautifully on her muh dikhayi. Neha jumps in at the mention. I too will sing. Sunita tries to stop her but Jayanti tells her to go on. Gayatri tries to stop Neha but in vain. Kamini ji signals Jayanti who goes and plays a song on the music player. Everyone is shocked to see Neha dancing madly. Neha finally stops when she hears Aman’s voice. Aman scolds Neha to stop it. Dida asks her if she ate something wrong. You took your medicine, right? Neha confesses that she forgot to take medicine only. She laughs all the while as she talks. Aman takes Neha inside.

The guests are confused over the medicine. Sunita apologizes to Gayatri on Neha’s behalf. She has never done this before. Maybe its happening because she skipped her medicine. Gayatri is upset. Neha is not at your home anymore. She is the DIL of our house now. god knows why she did this drama today. I wonder how to make her understand. We have been insulted enough already. Sunita offers to talk to Neha but Gayatri tells her to let it be. The ladies decide to leave but Kamini ji asks them to eat something first. Neha forgot to take her medicine. One of the ladies is boggled that Neha acts like this if she skips her medicine. How will you put up with a DIL like this? Sunita and Shagun leave while Gayatri stands there with her head bowed down.

Aman questions Neha on her behaviour. She continues to laugh. He sternly tells her to be quiet so she obliges. He thinks that there is something for sure. Neha cannot behave like this. she has been trying to make everything good since morning so that no one complains so why will she act this way now! he turns to ask Neha about her medicine but she dozes off. He takes her medicine box and realises that all the medicines are multi vitamins. It doesn’t matter if you take them or not.

Neha’s family comes in to check on her and are surprised to see her sleeping. They are worried for her. Dida shares how Neha spoke to her in the morning only. She said she will make sure she makes no mistakes and makes everyone happy. shagun thinks maybe Neha stressed herself way too much. The wedding happened in such a rush, her exam, getting locked in the school. Maybe all that has got to her. sunita apologises to Aman on Neha’s behalf. Kamini ji comes there as well. Neha has not done something like this for the first time. Have you forgotten what all she did on Mata ki Chowki, Diwali and on her own wedding? Neha always acts like this on all the special occasions. They all go quiet while Kamini ji continues to talk against Neha. She is still a kid. You got her married in a rush. I had already told you but no one liked what I had said. I agreed with you all as I had no other option. But the effect of that illness or her medicine continues. Dida agrees Neha has made a mistake but Kamini ji cuts her mid sentence. Neha is our responsibility now. We will take care of her at home and in front of the guests as well. But I request you all to let her rest. Don’t ask her anything or scare her. Let her sleep for a while. She might feel better when she calms down. They all go out of the room leaving Aman and Neha alone.

At night, Gayatri brings milk for her MIL. Kamini ji can understand that Gayatri is sad at the turn of events. I tried to stop you till the time of the pheras that you stop this wedding somehow. I had warned you of the consequences but you dint listen to me. Now our house and Aman’s life is ruined because of that girl. he is a kid who dint understand but it is too late now. You are late. Gayatri accepts her mistake. Kamini ji tells her to let it be. Your DIL will stay like this only. This is what was written in our destiny. Her family members and AMan have accepted her. now its your turn. Gayatri leaves from there with a sad face while Kamini ji drinks the milk. Jayanti comes there and closes the door from inside. She praises Kamini ji excitedly but Kamini ji tells her to be quiet as someone might hear her. I couldn’t stop that girl from coming here earlier but she has taken enmity with Kamini. Jayanti tells her that Neha will go for her pag phere tomorrow. have you thought of something? Kamini ji smirks. you will see tomorrow!

Precap: Neha wakes up and asks Aman if the ritual is over. He nods. You can sleep now. she tries to talk to him but he is irked. Let me stay here peacefully atleast. I cannot face Dadi ji and Ma because of you. Neha is confused. He continues that she has embarrassed him enough. I had thought that people are wrong about you but you proved me that they are right. You are that Neha who they think is a kid and is not fit enough to be the DIL of our house. Neha is taken aback.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. how bad ur aman.i thought atleast u truth neha but is really bad.feeling sad to hear that the serial is going off air on 2nd january.i will miss cute neha a lot.and i got this information for tellychakker.thanks for update.

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