Itti Si Khushi 8th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Itti Si Khushi 8th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Everyone returns home just when Kartik’s girlfriend leaves from their house. Dadi is somewhat happy to see the big car that she has while Gayatri looks at Kartik pointedly. He goes inside. Akku says we should go home. Neeta tells her to come in for a while but Dadi points at Neha saying she is ill. She must have got tired. Aman doesn’t like it but Dadi and his mom walk inside along with Neeta. Akku and Neha leave too. Aman looks in their direction as he closes the door.

Shagun gives water to Sandeep. He decides to take his money from his father. Shagun wonders what if they don’t have it. he is sure Akku and Neha might have saved something as aunty was going to do all the shopping.

Akku and Neha come home. Shagun too joins them unwillingly as her MIL calls her. akku shows the saree which Neha had selected for her. Aunty has bought this for me. akku has spent all the money in shopping. Shagun looks at Sandeep and goes inside after a minute. Sandeep looks worried too. Sandeep talks to his mom about money. You said aunty was going to shop for her. mr. Agarwal wants to know what’s the problem in that. He tells her that Shagun had taken advance from her salary to buy shoes for Suraj. Akku had no idea about it. she agrees to pay them back but her dad agrees to spend his money instead. I will return your money Sandeep. Sandeep tries to explain but his dad gets angry. Don’t you have any responsibility towards your sister? Sandeep agrees he has but all of Shagun’s money gets spent in household expenses. It doesn’t go down well with his father. Sunita tries to calm him but in vain. He declines to take any money from Sandeep. Sandeep reasons that last time he had objected as he (Mr. Agarwal) has taken house loan against a high interest. I am still paying the interest. It has become tough for me to run my shop. Try to understand me. sunita tells him to stop talking all this. Dida comes there hearing the noise. Anand scolds Sandeep who talks about all the money that he has spent in hospital (in Neha). This angers his father all the more. I know a lot of money has gone in hospital bills but I haven’t ever loved money more than my kids. I am not selfish like you to tell doctors to remove Neha’s life support to save some money. You had said that you cannot spend any more money. If it was up to you then probably Neha would not have been alive today. you would have killed her. Sunita is worried what if Neha hears him. Right then, Akku notices Neha standing there. Everyone is shocked to see her.

Neha wipes her tears as she walks inside. They all feel bad as she walks in the room staring ahead all blankly. Sad track plays. She picks a bag and turns, tries really hard to keep her tears in check and then heads upstairs. Mr. Agarwal apologizes to Sandeep. I dint want Neha to know all this. I was angry and dint realise what I was saying. Dida rebukes him for the same. There is no point talking about the past. Neha must have been so hurt. She is not even capable to understand our problems. Why did you say all that? He realises he is at fault. Sandeep goes to talk to Neha. He is in tears too.

Jayanti talks about Aman’s wedding. We must get him married soon after which kartik too will get married. Gayatri stops Kartik. Did you bring Ritika here? He nods. She doesn’t like it that he brought her home when they were not at home. He calls Ritika his friend but Gayatri is against it. it doesn’t happen in our house. He reasons that he dint hide it from anyone. jayanti mausi was at home too. Jayanti talks about the big car (Mercedes) that Ritika has, plus a driver. Dadi likes it but Gayatri stays put. Kartik is busy texting on his phone while his mother talks about rules and discipline. She warns him about it. I wont permit you to go against our culture. He tries to talk against it and she loses her cool. Dadi steps up in Kartik’s behalf. He atleast doesn’t roam out in streets with her. Jayanti supports her but Gayatri asks them if they will let Neeta do the same thing. There is a limit to everything. Kartik retorts that he cannot tolerate all these cribbing and taunts. If you have so many problems with me then I will leave this house. I am not a kid anymore. Look at my friends, they enjoy so much but look at me! I promise I will leave this house. Dadi tries to explain it to him but he continues to repeat it. Aman calls out his name angrily. Enough, go to your room. Kartik leaves finally. Aman agrees to talk to Kartik straight forwardly. Dadi looks at him first and then at Gayatri (she dint like it at all).

Sandeep is outside Neha’s room. He is in a real fix how to go inside or knock. Shagun comes there. Till when will you stay outside? Go inside and talk to her. he is in tears. How do I go to talk to her? She feels that her brother wanted to kill her. how do I tell her everything? Shagun knows that papa wasn’t right. Try and speak up once. He declines and walks away from there.

Inside, Neha is sitting in dark as she cries. Shagun switches on the light as she comes there with a tray. She has brought Suraj’s favourite mixed fruit jam sandwiches for Neha. She sits beside Neha. I have heard a lot many stories about how favourite this is for you too. Sandeep never touched this jam as he used to think about you. Neha gets all teary eyed again. shagun says, you cannot imagine how everyone here spent each and every day of these past 12 years. They used to wait for your return every single day. I have only heard everyone talk about you (hospital, reports, doctors, staying back). It dint feel like you were in coma. It used to feel that you are going to return anytime from hospital. Sandeep used to tell stories about you to make me smile. I have seen him yearn for you in these 8 years of our married life. Neha gets up from there. Shagun follows suit. Everyone was really worried to see you hanging between life and death. At times the doctors too used to give up hope. It had become really tough for Sandeep to see his younger sister struggle to survive on life support system. He thought of it to be some punishment, which went up to 12 years. One day he was feeling so helpless that he spoke about how we should remove it. Remove Neha’s troubles for forever. but it dint mean that he wanted to kill you. Do you understand it? he loves you a lot. Please don’t misunderstand him.

Neha hugs her bhabhi. I know Motu bhaiya loves me a lot. She tells him an incident. Once Suresh had pushed me on ground and blood came out of my hand. Motu Bhaiya beat him so badly that his mom came to complain to our parents. I know Motu bhaiya feels really bad when something happens to me. he is very senti. Shagun jokes that he lost weight because of the same. Neha jokes back and they both end up smiling. Shagun suggests her to talk to him. he must be sitting in a corner, crying to himself. She wants Neha to eat sandwiches first. Neha has brought a gift for Suraj – white sports shoes. I dint know the size so here’s the receipt. You can exchange it if you want. Shagun is touched. They share another sweet hug.

Neha comes to her Motu bhaiya’s room. He wipes his tears as she switches on the light. She gives him a serious look but then starts tickling him. his stomach hurts as he laughs so hard because of tickling. He tells her that he wanted to see her all well since always. I dint know that! She hugs her senti bhaiya. I know you love me a lot. He is really happy now. Akku observes them from outside. Neha pulls his cheeks. Akku joins them too. Neha wants to change his name to Gunnu. He teases her back, calling her nakchadhi. Neha and Akku team against him, tickle him and they have a cute pillow fight afterwards. Sandeep tells Akku to tickle Aman’s hitler Dadi. Aman will have to come to your rescue then. Neha’s smile disappears while Akku continues to hit her brother playfully. Neha is in tears again.

Precap: Neha talks to her Dida (who has her eyes closed). I lied to Akku when she asked me if I still like Aman. But the fact is, I still like him a lot. She hugs her Dida as she cries. Why did I come out of coma! Dida opens her eyes and has obviously heard her.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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