Itti Si Khushi 6th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Itti Si Khushi 6th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Neha’s parents, Sandeep and Shagun notice Neha sitting alone outside. They understand that Neha must have felt bad. Finally her mother goes to talk to her with everyone following her. Akku is tensed.

Neha gets up to go when her mother comes to talk to her. her dad tries to lure her for ice cream once she eats something but she is not feeling like eating anything. They realise that it is a very serious issue as Neha has said no to ice cream. They try to ask her but she declines saying nothing happened. she does not want to talk to them right now. they suggest sitting in a corner but she heads inside. Sandeep and Shagun hide as she goes in while her parents call out for her in vain. Neha walks inside muttering that she wont talk to anyone. Akku hears this and feels bad.

Sandeep suggests talking to her. I can do wonders. His father is doubtful as Neha said no to ice cream. But Sandeep and Shagun go inside to talk to Neha. Dida too is sure that Neha will only listen to her.

Sandeep and Shagun scare Neha but she gets upset instead. Neha requests them to leave her alone. Sandeep and Shagun sit down to play ludo in her room. She simply walks out from there.

Dida asks Neha to take her to her room. I cannot even find my remote. Neha knows everything. You are trying to fool me but I wont fall for it. She turns to go but Akku comes there. Neha leaves from there too.

Neha sits on the porch as she recalls the engagement announcement. She sits there sadly. All her family members come there. They wonder why she is sitting alone. She lies that she is sleepy. Her mom knows she used to behave the same way in her childhood whenever she was hungry. She tells Akku to bring food for Neha. Neha finally tells them to stop it. No one here understands what I am trying to say. I couldn’t even sleep because I don’t have Dada ji’s shawl with me. her mom promises to get it out of trunk tomorrow. Neha starts crying. No one cares for me. I don’t even have a sketch book. I cant draw. I cannot do anything as you have taken out everything. Sandeep tries to calm her. I will get it for you tomorrow. she denies that they wont get her anything. I want everything like before. This confuses them. she turns to go but faces Akku again. she goes to her room and closes the door from inside. Sunita tells Akku that she did wrong. We were going to tell her but you stopped us. Akku thinks that she knows what’s hurting her sister.

Neha is crying in her room. Someone slips a paper in her room. She gets up to see a family drawing where everyone is sad while the Ninni Bua is angry. Suraj calls out to his Ninni Bua. Neha turns the page and starts drawing. She makes another picture where everyone is standing together with a smile on their faces while Neha stands alone in a corner sadly. Akku too notices it. another picture slips in with everyone holding their ears saying sorry to her. Neha smiles as the spelling of sorry is wrong. She opens the door and starts telling Suraj his mistake but all she gets is Akku at her door. Neha gets somewhat angry again.

Kartik is busy doing exercise in his room. Gayatri switches off the music. She is irked with him for not joining them in the Chowki. He gets an important call. She nods and goes out of the room. He closes the door as soon as she walks out of the room. She is all confused. Aman comes there. She is really worried about Kartik. He doesn’t have anything to do with the house or its people. Aman assures her that he will talk to Kartik but she is still worried as he is quite a different person, unlike you. Everyone has spoiled him. you all will go for shopping tomorrow with Akansha. He nods.

Akku tries to talk to Neha who sits down and starts cutting paper. Akku apologizes to her for hurting her. I wanted to tell you but I couldn’t understand how to do it. Neha walks away while Akku continues to try and talk to her. It all happened suddenly. Aunty brought that relation and I couldn’t understand what to do. If I had known that you have feelings for Aman then I would never have said yes for this wedding. I am sorry but I should have understood it as only I knew about it. I am very stupid. Please say something. Neha leaves from there while Akku rushes out of the room crying.

Everyone is surprised to see her thus. What’s going on between you two? Akku wants to tell them something. Didi has never hidden anything from me till date. You all don’t know a lot many things. Only I know it. For me it was a part of my childhood that’s gone but Didi is still very much attached with those things, just like she was in her childhood. They are confused. Akku confesses that she has made a mistake. I have hurt Didi. Just then Neha interrupts her, calling her stupid. She wipes Akku’s tears. You think that I am feeling bad that you are getting engaged to Aman? Yes, I am hurt. Akku and her parents are taken aback. Neha continues, I am hurt as no one told me anything. Why did you all keep it a secret? Its been full three days that I am back but no one has told me. why? Motu Bhaiya is already married. I have missed so many functions and now Akku! Neha’s dad holds his ears. Neha promises that she wont talk to anyone now if they keep a secret from her. Akku looks at Neha is confusion. Neha too notices her. Its best that Akku is getting married to Aman. When we were kids I used to tease you that you will get married to a monkey. Aman looks exactly like a monkey so its a perfect match. Everyone smiles while the sisters share a hug. Neha is still hurt though.

Akku brings tea for Neha. Neha takes it but continues to focus on what she is doing. Akku explains that it is an arranged marriage. I was confused when his proposal came as I had never looked at him like that. Mumma papa told me to think. Everyone at home likes him so this happened. neeta too was happy that we will stay together. I am sorry. If I had known you still like Aman! Neha stops her. you are stuck on the same thing just like I was stuck on the story that was there 12 years ago. We were kids back then. Now we are grown up. Everything has changed. Akku knows she had a very big crush on Aman. Neha agrees she had. But before that there was Hrithik, Shah Rukh. I have heard about Hrithik’s divorce so I will marry him. aman is nothing in front of him. Akku is relieved. You are world’s best sister. She hugs Neha.

Neeta goes to Aman’s room to seek his help in Accounts. She gets busy in her phone while he checks her notepad. He signals her to return the favour. She starts massaging his head. he has found the mistake that she has made in her balance sheet. Her phone rings. She has oil in her hands so she asks him to tell Akku that she will call her back in a while. He picks it up but before he can say anything Akku excitedly tells Neeta how Neha Di has no problem with her engagement with Aman. I was getting worried for no reason. Thank God, everything is fine now. he gives her Neeta’s message and ends the call. He is in thoughts afterwards.

Jayanti tells Dadi that they should bring Akku home asap. Neha was running around Aman all the time in Mata ki Chowki today. Aman is a simple guy. What if he falls in her trap? Dadi is sure it can never happen. I am here to take care of it. Jayanti continues to add fuel to the fire. Neha has been Aman’s close friend since the beginning. I am warning you because of the same. Dadi gets thinking.

Akku has slept while Neha is on her study table. she is cutting out her name from all the cards (Aman / Neha cards). She looks at the photo that she had pasted together once. We look great together but why is this a photo? She tries to erase it but tears fall from her eyes. Why are you doing this to me God? Why did you make me meet with an accident? Why did you bring me out of coma after 12 years? Everything has changed, everyone! Akku is getting married to my Aman. My life’s 12 years are gone. Now Aman will go too! Why are you doing this to me? Please don’t do it. what should I do now! She cries bitterly while sad songs play in the background. She looks at her photo with Aman again and requests God not to do it.

Precap: Everyone is at the jeweller’s shop including Dadi. Jeweller tells them to call their son (Aman) as he only should select the ring. Dadi points out to where he is. Everyone is surprised to see him with Neha. Jeweller mistakes her to be his would be wife.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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