Itti Si Khushi 4th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Itti Si Khushi 4th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Akku explains that she wore the dress to make everyone relax, so that when Neha arrives she could return it to her. AKku says she would never forgive herself, for what she was about to do. Neha hugs her. Akku says they will get Neha ready in just a while. Kamini says she must take elder’s permission first, if they want their blessings. Today, she come to know many lies, she is hurt. The most hurt is a mother today, and points at Gayatri to decide who the bride will be. She asks Gayatri, does she want Akku to be the bride or Neha. AKku won’t let any drama in their house, but Neha will take away all the peace. Aman says everything has been decided. Kamini says they hadn’t decided about Neha going to school. Dida asks for forgiveness. Kamini says they keep on playing the forgiveness game since the day Neha came back from hospital. She asks Gayatri to think again, who should her daughter in law to be.
Gayatri says to Aman that he hurt her today, she hoped a lot from him. She never thought that he will betray or lie to her. She was always proud of him, and when he asked about marrying Neha she thought he was asking something for the first time. But he kept Neha’s mistakes hidden, and sided her. Aman says he doesn’t deserve a mistake for a life time, Neha also apologizes. She asks Gayatri that she promised to teach everything to Neha. Gayatri says that then, she trusted her. Neha says she will work to win it. Gayatri asks Neha, will she do such things again. Neha promises. Gayatri announces that she accepts Neha as her daughter in law. Aman stops dadi and says he won’t marry someone else, if he doesn’t marry Neha. Gayatri stops him and says he must apologize dadi and they both must promise her that they will go by the rules of the house. Neha and Aman promises, Gayatri also qualifies and says one day Neha will be a good daughter in law. Kamini says they must do whatever they want to, time has gone. Pandit says time is still good. Akku asks Neha to get ready, but Gayatri says it is already late. She asks for her dupatta, and drapes it on Neha.

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Kamini says to Jainti, that she will take all her smiles once she comes home. Anita ties the knot. They take the rounds together, and performs all the rituals.
The couple then take the blessings from elders. Neha looks at Dida, and gets serious. She sits, cries and apologizes her. Dida caresse her. Sunita also cries and tells Neha never to break her promises. Neha asks how she must leave this childhood. Dida says her innocence is her power, she gets happy with small things as well. She tells her to be a little responsible, no one can find a better daughter in law. They both cry, and hug again. Neha hugs Sunita and cries too.

PRECAP: Anand hug both Aman and Neha. Everyone cry, as Neha leaves.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. wow finally the day has come which we r waiting for lets wt our cute neha in her sasural.waiting for that.thank for update.

  2. Love Neha, just toooooo sweeeeet

  3. What is the song which played in the background during their wedding – the jaane tu ya maane na song ? Which movie is it from

  4. Yayy omg they finally got married!! <3
    about the song, I always thought it was the serial's song itself…

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