Itti Si Khushi 30th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Itti Si Khushi 30th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Neha reaches Aman’s house. She goes in flashback when she used to stand outside his house in a similar way when she was younger. Cute background music plays. She carefully opens the gates and walks inside. She smiles as she recalls Aman’s room. Back then, how once she had thrown ball inside his room to signal him to come to the window. He was the captain of the local cricket team. He had declined to come for the match as his mom had told him to study. She had convinced him saying his mom is not home. She wont get to know anything as she will take hours to come back. His door was locked from outside. She had hinted him to climb over the empty space above the window. He thanks her after she pesters him for it and then goes to play the match. She was so dreamy eyed about him in the past, just like she is now. Flashback ends.

Neha walks towards Aman’s window once again. she notices a guy (Aman) taking out clothes from his cupboard. He has his back to her. He starts to change then and there itself and Neha covers her eyes. She peeks in shyly. He is Aman? Just when she is about to call out to him, Aman’s Dadi calls out for her from behind. Neha recalls her as Hitler Dadi.

At Neha’s home, no one is able to find Neha. They all are in panic mode. Dida prays for Neha’s well being.

Aman’s Dadi questions Neha about who she is. What were you doing there? Who are you? Neha starts running around to save herself with Aman’s Dadi following her in an attempt to catch her. Aman’s Dadi falls in the process. Neha immediately goes to help her when when Aman’s Dadi calls out for Aman. On instinct Neha lets go of Dadi’s hands. Neha is surprised to see him. Uncle? Aman! Wow. She waves at him excitedly while Aman notices his Dadi who is still on the floor and in pain because of the fall.

Mr. Agarwal and Sandeep decide to go register a complaint in the police station. He is surprised to see an incoming call from Gayatri ji. Akku gets thinking. Oh no, has didi gone to Aman’s place?

Aman helps his Dadi and makes her sit on the sofa. Jayanti (maid I think) looks at Neha from top to toe. I wouldn’t have recognized her after all these years. Aman asks Neha to sit which irks Dadi. I have been hurt because of her and you are worried for her only. Neha reasons that she was helping her only. You stumbled on your own. Dadi does not like her reply. She asks another girl (Neeta) to apply the balm nicely. She also shouts on Jayanti to apply ice on her feet. Jayanti obliges. If she will shout this much then even the ice will melt as soon as it is applied. Neha smiles at her comment but goes quiet when Dadi looks at her pointedly. Have you lost your mind? Let your family members come. I will talk to them nicely.

Just then, Neha’s family comes running there. They greet her but get an irritated reply from her side. neha’s mom goes to talk to Neha. You should have told someone before going out. Neha replies that she had gone out to get some fresh air then I saw Aman’s house and I came here. Aman’s mom (Gayatri) comes there. They all exchange greetings. She is also not happy upon seeing Neha in her house. Neha must have come here without telling anyone! I couldn’t think about it. it was something else earlier but now we couldn’t even recognize her. She tells Neeta to bring water for everyone. Neeta leaves. Gayatri checks with Dadi if she is feeling better now. Mr. Agarwal thanks her for calling him. we were really scared and were about to go to police station. Neha is taken aback. Gayatri reasons that they were worried for her. what if something would have happened to you? Neha apologizes to them. Dadi comments that Neha had come here to make her fall. Don’t know what enmity she has with me. neha swears to her dad that she dint do anything. I was only helping Dadi ji. She asks Aman about it. you saw me helping her, right? He agrees finally but Dadi tells him to be quiet. His mom is unhappy about it too. Your Dadi ji got hurt. Dadi knows Gittu (Aman’s pet name) is not worried about her. Neha smiles hearing it. You are still called by that name? Her parents signal her to be quiet. Aman’s mother and Dadi are all the more upset with her. she is so shameless to laugh like this. Has anyone called doctor? Gayatri had called Dr. Prakash but he was not in his clinic. Aman tries his number again.

Neeta offers water to everyone. Only Neha takes it. neha’s mom apologizes to Gayatri for the trouble. Mr. Agarwal too joins in. Gayatri tells him to be more careful. Explain it to Neha that she is not a kid anymore. She is anyways unwell and now Ma ji got hurt. Neha apologizes to Dadi ji. Dadi retorts that there is nothing called sorry. Relations have changed and have become more delicate than before. Understand it! Neha is confused. Akku tells her Didi that it is very late. Come, you need to rest. Neha greets them all. She continues to eye Aman as she walks till the door. she points out to Jayanti that Dadi ji is hurt on her back, not shoulder. Jayanti realises it too. Dadi pushes her hand back and gets up. Yes, my back is hurt. Guess your mind has been hurt. You were unconscious for 12 years but looks like you have completely lost your mind. Neha’s family does not like it though Dadi continues. She has become shameless. Think, you are grown up now. You are not 14 years old anymore but of 26 years. You should stop this childishness of yours. see yourself in mirror. Look at your face and mind. You haven’t grown that ways even a bit. Sandeep says she has come today only but Dadi doesn’t mind it. don’t know if God has done good by making her well or has actually cursed her! Neha, her family and Aman look affected by it. neha is in tears as she walks out of their house. Aman feels bad about it.

Akku tries to make Neha understand that Dadi talks just about anything but Sandeep talks against it. She should have thought about Neha’s health. Neha goes to her room without saying anything to anyone. Her mother (Sunita) wants to go to her too but Mr. Agarwal tells her to let Neha go to her Dida. She dint talk to anyone on her way back home. We were worried about this only. Sandeep is angry at Aman’s Dadi as she was talking rubbish. Does she have no idea what has happened with Neha? Poor Neha was listening to everything quietly. She must have been hurt. Akku agrees that Dadi ji crossed her limits today. Mr. Agarwal knows that no one can act like a 26 year old in one day. How can she become like us in one day? Don’t know what she will be feeling. She must be thinking about how to meet anyone, talk to anyone. she doesn’t even know why she was scolded so much.

Dida caresses Neha’s head. Neha is still sad over what happened. Dadi’s words echo in her head. She asks Dida if curse is bad. God curses bad people, right? Dida puts it on perspectives. She relates a story of 4 vedic saints. They had written Vedas. One day they praised Mahadev a lot which angered Prajapati Daksh. He cursed them all that they will be kids forever. All the saints smiled at this. It is really good to be a kid as they look at the world from their own eyes / perspectives. They find something new in this same world every day. I too say that this world is like an open sky for kids where there is no bondage.

Sandeep talks about the society. People are never going to understand. Mr. Agarwal is also worried about Neha. Don’t know how she will handle things. She has come back after our so many prayers. I cannot see her all broken up. I cannot see tears in her eyes. Sunita notices Neha standing there and they all follow her gaze. Neha wants to ask something. You (her dad) promised to take me to eat ice cream. Shall we? Everyone starts smiling in relief. Neha’s Dad agrees and she hugs everyone excitedly. They start talking about the flavours and Dida too smiles in her room hearing their happy banter. The family shares group hug. Dida tells them to go fast. Bring a kulfi for me too. They all leave.

Dadi asks Neeta for the pillow. No one cares for me here. Jayanti helps Dadi in lying down. Gayatri gets haldi milk for her MIL. You don’t have to get an x-ray done. You only need to take medicine. Aman brings her medicines. Dadi talks about how injuries in this age are dangerous for life. If something happens to me then I wont leave anyone. she drinks haldi milk. Jayanti remarks that they should stay away from that mad girl (Neha). Neeta is younger to her yet she is so sorted. Even Akansha is better than her. Neha is a mad girl. Aman interrupts her that Neha is not mad. She is perfectly alright. She has come out of coma after 12 years. She has lost so many years so she will take time to understand things. Dadi is amazed at his smart reply. You are so sympathetic towards her. I got hurt but you are thinking about her only. He tries to say something when his mother diverts him asking him to have food. Neeta is told to serve him food. All three of them leave.

Jayanti talks to Dadi. Does this look right? Neha got up from her illness and came here directly. She was peeking in at Aman’s room. Surely there must be something. Aman and his mom hear it. They used to spend so much time together in their childhood. God knows what will happen now. Dadi is listening intently. Epi ends on Aman’s face.

Precap: Neha asks Akku if she has a boyfriend. Gayatri fixes Aman and Akku’s engagement on the 30th of this month. Akku’s friend talks to Akku about what she has thought. Akku agrees to tell tomorrow on Mata ki Chowki. She looks at the smiling faces of everyone worriedly.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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