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Itti Si Khushi 2nd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Akku and Neha tell him that they played Dadi ji and Jayanti Massi’s trick back on them. Anand wonders why Neha has not gone back to her home then. sunita ji too is irked with Neha for being stubborn. Akku tells her papa that Didi wants jiju to play for NCL. He is taken aback. Neha says you know how talented Aman is, he used to play so well. He has got such a nice opportunity. There is nothing wrong in trying once. Why should he do job when he is so talented? I came out of coma after 12 years. Did you think that it can happen? You never gave up hope, right. Why should Aman give up hope then? why should we stop hoping for him? He asks her what Aman wants. She replies that he wants to do the job. He doesn’t find anything wrong with it as Aman is thinking practically. Neha says I have grown up now. I am not the same Neha now who had returned from coma after 12 years. I have seen a lot. Please let me take my decisions. I want to fulfil Aman’s incomplete dream. He gives permission to her willingly. She hugs him happily.

Next morning, Neha gets ready. She prays to God to handle everything today. aman is an idiot. Please guide him well. She leaves with Akku.

Aman too is praying. Please forgive me if I have made any mistake. I don’t know what’s right or wrong. Please show me the right path. Gayatri feeds him sweetened curd. Kamini ji too wishes him good luck. He leaves from there.

Akku asks her Didi if she is sure jiju will come. Neha affirms. I know him. he wont show but I know him more than he knows himself. A biker drives rashly and hurts Neha on her elbow.

Akku calls Aman. He straight forwardly tells her to tell Neha that he wont come for the trials. She tells him about the accident and how Neha has got hurt but he thinks that it is Neha’s plan to make him go for the cricket trials. Akku tells him that she isn’t lying. I wasn’t even going to call you but I am not able to get in touch with papa or bhaiya. I don’t want to tell mom as she will panic. I am not lying. She tells him the location. He agrees to come right away.

Anand is doing some work. Sandeep comes to talk to him. his father asks him about the job. I have heard that your company is really big. Work hard and you will be successful. I want to see you as the Manager. All the peons, staff will be after you for every work. Corporate world is entirely different from our shops. At shop, you are both the owner and the servant. I had wanted to run this shop a lot but you are right too. Every kid has a right to think about their future. But don’t worry now I am here I will handle everything. Sandeep gets emotional. I don’t want to do this job where I am neither happy nor respected. I miss you a lot. Why are you saying that you will handle it? you were handling it when we were kids and now we have grown up. Are we not capable enough to handle it now? what will I get by doing this job? A table, a chair and a name plate? I don’t want a name plate where there is no love and respect for you. I want to join shop once again. please forgive me. his father tells him not to be guilty. You have not made any mistake. Sandeep apologizes to him once again. please take me back. They share a hug. Anand says it was my fault. I always criticised you, scolded you for everything. I never appreciated you when you did something good. I used to shout a lot on you thinking that you are my son. sandeep says you have every right to do so. I couldn’t understand anything. I am sorry. Even his dad was not feeling like going to the shop alone. Now that you are here everything will be fine. They share another hug. Sunita ji wipes her tears and smiles seeing them bond.

Door bell rings. Gayatri ji is shocked to see Jayanti standing at the door. why have you come here now? Jayanti touches her feet. Please forgive me. I am ashamed of myself. Where will I go? I know nobody here. Kamini ji suggests her to go to her hometown. Jayanti has been in this house since last 30 years. No one recognizes me there anymore. I have no one to go to except you. gayatri ji asks her if she dint think of all that before trying to kill their DIL. Jayanti accepts her mistake. I swear I will never break your trust again. she turns to Kamini ji. How can you be so cold hearted towards me? I have always been loyal to you till date. Kamini ji agrees. It is my mistake that I taught you jealousy and hatred. I am Gayatri’s culprit fir the same. only she has a right to forgive you. I cannot do anything. Jayanti apologizes to Gayatri ji. I swear I will take care of Neha like my own DIL. Gayatri ji agrees to give her another chance. You are actually Neha’s culprit. You will have to say sorry to her. if she forgives you then I don’t mind it. Jayanti nods. I will apologize to her right away. gayatri ji tells her to keep her luggage inside. I will bring Neha home. Jayanti thanks her.

Aman is concerned seeing Neha’s wound. She tells AKku that she gave tension to Aman for no reason. it is nothing big. Go for your interview now. He tells AKku to take Neha to the doc and then head home. Neha denies. I am going to NCL ground. He refuses to come but she is sure he will. Why don’t you understand? Maybe it is a sign from above. my accident happened here. This place is mere 10 minutes away from the cricket ground. There is a reason. you and I are here as God wants you to try once. He stays put and so does Neha. I will go to cricket ground only. It is almost 10. The cricket ground is just 10 minutes away. please come once. Don’t miss this opportunity for me. he cannot break his promise to his mother. I will go for the interview. She points out that he has promised Ma that he will support family. you dint promise her that you will take up this job for sure. Think, if you become a cricketer you will earn much more than what this salesman job will fetch you. you will be able to support your family in proper way. Please come once. Akku too requests him but Aman sticks to his point. She tells him to go for the interview then. I wonder why are you not able to understand that it is a signal from God. I came out of coma after 12 years. I had thought that my dreams will fulfil once I am fine again. your dreams are my dreams. Please try once. Aman denies. Neha turns to go on her own. Akku tries to explain her but in vain. Aman agrees finally. I have given up in front of your stubbornness but it is wrong to black mail like this. she smiles. It was only for you. you will thank me for this day. They share a hug and then the three of them head towards the cricket ground.

Gayatri is waiting for Aman’s call. His interview must have finished by now. Kamini ji says there must be lot many people. He will call. Jayanti prays for Aman. Landline rings. Gayatri ji smiles thinking that Divakar ji might be calling her to give her the good news. She is surprised to know that Aman’s phone is switched off. I will try to contact him right away. she is worried when she ends the call.

Gayatri ji is trying Aman’s number but in vain. She notices Aman coming in. I have been trying your number. Why is it off? How was your interview? He says I am not sure if I will get the job. She confronts him. did you actually go for your interview? How was it? he lies that it was ok. She asks him about cricket. You dint go there? You are a responsible guy. You will do what your mother will tell you to. You can leave your wife but not your mom. Why are you lying to your mom then and till when will you do it? kamini ji says you cannot hide a lie. You have seen that in the past few days. I lied a lot too but it all came out. Your mother knows everything as Divakar ji has called her already. Aman apologizes to his mother. I was about to tell you. she doesn’t let him say anything else. Enough of sorry. I am fed up of this sorry. Where were you if you did not go for the interview? He fumbles. I went for cricket selection. She reminds him of his promise. You had promised me that you will never talk about cricket in front of me. He says I was going for the interview but I had to go because of Neha. Gayatri ji is upset with Neha. All that is happening around us is what we had never asked for. I got you married to Neha as I was guilty that I have broken your dream. I thought to complete one of your dreams by getting you married to Neha but she ruined everything. Aman and Kamini ji are taken aback.

Precap: Someone comes to tell Aman that he has got selected for NCL. You will have to leave for Mumbai tomorrow itself. Your training will start from day after tomorrow. it will last for a month. Aman refuses to play cricket. Please cut my name from the list.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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