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Itti Si Khushi 29th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on


The narrator talks about happiness and how in this fast paced life, people have forgotten how to enjoy little things in life. But now she is returning. She has lost 12 years of her life but she hasn’t lost what we all have lost – our innocence! A girl is peeking out of the window. She smiles as she notices the kids playing in the garden. The narrator continues, she will bring “Itti Si Khushi” for everyone. The girl smiles as she looks at her mother’s photo.

A lady brings tea for her MIL who tells her to hurry up as Neha (the girl mentioned above) must be waiting for her. the lady smiles. She will meet Akansha and Sandeep for the first time today. doc has allowed her to meet everyone. A girl (guess Akansha) is excited to meet her elder sister for the first time today. she will recognize me, right? Her Dadi nods. The taxi has come. Dadi tells her to make sure that Neha’s room is well decorated. Shagun (I think Sandeep’s wife) will come from her parent’s house tomorrow so they both will set it together. Sandeep comes running. Papa called to tell that they are discharging Neha. Everyone gets happy. neha was insistent, plus her reports were clear so they have allowed her to go home. Dadi is overwhelmed. Sandeep tells her that docs feel that home environment will be good for her speedy recovery. Akansha recalls that they haven’t decorated their room yet. Akansha and her mom turn to go but are in panic mode when they get to know that Neha will be discharged in two hours itself.

Doc tells Neha’s dad (Mr. Agarwal) that Neha has recovered very fast. I am actually surprised to see it, otherwise there are many complications in such cases. I have checked her physiotherapist’s reports as well. Everything is fine. Mr. Agarwal does not want to take any risk but doc assures him that everything is good. The best part is that she is not in shock. She looks at everything with a curious eye which is good. She has to continue doing the same in future. You must make sure she doesn’t face any stress or shock in future. God bless her. he excuses himself for some work.

Mr. Agarwal goes inside Neha’s room but she is not in there. He gets worried for her.

Neha is playing downstairs with the kids. Itti si Hasi plays in the background. Her feet gets hurt and she slips. Mr. Agarwal calls out for her in shock / concern. But Neha is laughing at it. Mr. Agarwal is relieved and happy to see her thus. It is my Neha only who smiles even after falling. She has not changed at all. The kids are laughing along with Neha. Title track plays. Mr. Agarwal gestures her to be careful and she very cutely holds her ears in return. He smiles.

Akansha, Sandeep and their mom start cleaning Neha’s room. Dadi calls out for them asking them to keep the shells in the room which Neha had brought from Goa. Sandeep assures her that they have all the stuff. Akansha is about to take the decorative items off a cupboard but Sandeep stops her. it belongs to Shagun. He takes it down himself. His mom explains that she had wanted Shagun to do it herself but he reassures her that she will understand. Plus no one will cry in front of Neha as doc has told to avoid giving her stress. They nod. Akansha takes out some cards from a basket. She finds a card with (A / N) written on it over a heart and buries it deep down there when no one is looking. She requests her mom not to tell Neha didi about her. She was not here. Her mom nods. All three of them set the room as per Neha’s liking.

Car honks. Sandeep and Akansha run towards the door to meet Neha while their mother goes to get aarti thaal.

Neha and her dad walk through a narrow road and all their neighbours are glad to see Neha. She is looking around curiously / excitedly. She feels that so much has changed. He reminds her that they had shifted here when she was born. Its been 26 years now. Door opens. Sandeep and Neha are all smiles to see her but she straight away walks past them inside the house. Her mom has tears in her eyes as she looks at her from a distance. Neha stares at Akansha trying to recognize her. Finally Akansha (Akku) gives sister a big hug with her intro. Neha hugs her back. You have grown so big. Sandeep opens his arms to hug her calling her ‘chipkali’. She recognizes him as her Motu Bhaiya. All three of them share a group hug. She remarks that he has become like an uncle. Neha is happy to see her mom. She retreats when her mom wants to put a teeka on her but then complies. They share a hug. Naughty Neha loosens her mom’s hair and they all smile at her mischief. She stumbles in her step. They all hold her and give her walking stick to her.

Neha notices Sandeep-Shagun’s photo. You got married? He gives her intro and of their son, Suraj too. She has gone to her parent’s house right now. Neha hugs Akku once again. they all were dying to hear her voice. Neha smiles. Now I will speak so much that I will bore you all. They both smile. Neha asks Akku if he knows that she has gotten well. Akku is confused about who she is talking. Their mom comes and they both go quiet. Neha wants to eat the kheer which her Dida (Dadi) makes. She calls out for her Dida and is told that she cannot come. Neha thinks that her Dida is dead. Just then Dadi shouts from inside. Now you miss me? Neha runs inside to meet her Dadi while her dad tells her to be careful. Dadi is really happy to see Neha on her feet.

A teary eyed Neha walks inside and stands there with an angry face. Dadi knows that she is angry with her as she dint come out to meet her. neha nods. Dadi adds that she couldn’t come which is why God has sent her here to meet her even if its after 12 years. neha’s dad tells her that Dida’s legs are not good because of which she cannot move around. neha is shocked and immediately hugs her Dida. They both share an emotional hug. Neha says I had missed her a lot. She cups her Dida’s face. You have so many white hairs, you look old. Dadi replies that it happened as she was not with her. Everyone is moved to tears to see her thus. Dida talks some riddle (which coincides with Neha’s story) but Neha is not able to reply. Dadi comments that you have won after changing the situation. You are finally home. They hug again. Neha wants to sleep with her Dida but then declines to sleep. What if I don’t wake up? Everyone gets serious hearing that. I was in coma for 12 years and everything changed. What if I sleep again and I am not able to get up? Everyone is in tears. Neha is scared to sleep. Neha hugs her but hears some noise coming from her Dida’s stomach. The tears turn into smile.

Neha is hugging her Dida as she sleeps. Dadi starts snoring and Neha wakes up with a start. She realises what’s happening and then kisses her Dida’s cheek.

Neha recalls her room. She comes there and loves what she is looking at. She removes a box on the table. there is another symbol of A / N carved over it (in between a heart). She finds a bracelet in the box. She is startled to see herself in the room but then smiles. Akku comes running there. Mom is calling you for breakfast. Your kheer is ready. Neha remarks about the changes that she can see in herself. I have grown taller, the features have changed. Akku hugs her. you are very pretty. Neha gets happy. she asks Akku about him again. he would have turned 29 years older, right? How does he look? He must be handsome, tall. You have his photo? Akku is at a loss of words. Neha wants to know if he got married. Neha is taken aback but shakes her head. Neha lets out a sign in relief. He still lives here? Let us go meet him. akku declines. You are weak right now. You must take medicine and rest for a while. Neha wants to go meet him. akku apologizes. We cannot go now. She walks out of the house asking her to come asap. Neha checks herself in mirror. I look good. How would he look?

Akku is talking to her friend (Neeta). Didi is constantly asking me about Aman. I dint know that she still thinks about him like that. She was asking me if he has got married. What should I tell her?

Neha’s mom wants to keep a puja in the house. Her husband wants her to do it later. Let Neha get fully well first. He agrees. Akku goes to call Neha for food but she is nowhere to be seen. Akku wonders where her didi has gone.

Neha is out in the market. She is surprised to see all the changes around her. She is surprised to find phone in everyone’s hands, including kids. She wonders about the actors as she looks at the poster of the movie Ramleela. She notices a shop she recalls and goes to get ice cream for herself. She tells him to take money from her dad. The guy’s father has no idea about who she is or who her father is. The guy (big fat guy he is!) runs after her. she too runs in fear and collides with someone. She hides behind the guy (Aman). She is unaware that he is Aman. In the process her ice cream has fallen somewhere. Neha is clutching onto Aman as she hides behind him. she is relieved as the fat guy runs away in another direction. Neha moves away and Aman turns to look at her. she is about to thank him but notices that her ice cream has spoiled his shoes. She says, sorry uncle and walks off. Aman wonders, uncle
! he looks pointedly (in a cute way) at her as he notices the ice cream on his shoes. Neha leaves from there while he shakes his head at what just happened.

Precap: A lady, Aman’s Dadi, falls (guess because of Neha). Neha offers to help her when the lady calls out for Aman. Neha is shocked to see him. I called him uncle. Neha’s father is talking to Aman’s Dadi. She has just come so she is unaware of anything that has happened here in the past. On the other hand, Akku notices Neha talking to Aman. Aman’s Dadi tells Neha’s dad to tell Neha that they had to fix their younger daughter’s alliance before her because of the circumstances. Akku’s friend talks to Akku about what she has thought. Akku agrees to tell tomorrow on Mata ki Chowki. She looks at the smiling faces of everyone and wonders what will happen once she tells Neha about it.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. really it was itti si khushi neha is. wow i like the serial the way it was so cute of neha.and one of my fav is is is somewhat new story line.overall looking forward for the show.thank for update.

  2. like aman.he is so cute.

  3. Nice serial.

  4. nice but what is happening in precap just didnt understand

  5. I think either amam is engaged to akanshka or she loves aman.

  6. Pooja

    Akku is engaged to Aman and maybe the Mata ki Chowki has been arranged, like it is arranged a few days before someone’s wedding.

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