Itti Si Khushi 28th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Itti Si Khushi 28th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aman says I spoke to Ma as it was important to tell her. neha gets up and requests him not to tell her mother about her eating ice cream at night. What would we have done if we would have wasted all this ice cream? He notices the melting ice cream and she immediately takes a bite. He smiles sweetly as she continues to eat all the ice cream from the bowl. She offers it to him as well but he denies. she cannot understand how can anyone say no to chocolate ice cream. Don’t know what happens to people when they grow up! Why did you come here? She realises something and goes inside. She hands him Hitler Dadi’s mala as she comes back. I am sure she must have forced you to bring it back right now. He smiles. She knows he is still afraid of Hitler Dadi. I am very smart and intelligent. I get to know everything and can solve any problem in 2 minutes. it doesn’t show on my face but I am. He cannot stop himself from laughing. He gives the credit for the same to her. you do something because of which I cannot do anything but smile. She compliments him for the same. she notices a mice and gets all scared. He covers her mouth using his hand as she shouts in fear. He gets all mesmerised by her innocence. She too ends up looking at him and they share a small eye lock. She finally frees her mouth. Why did you cover my mouth? Mice wouldn’t get scared of me. aman says I got scared. She calls him a coward and runs inside before the mice comes back. He smiles all over again.

Gayatri is unable to sleep in her room as she thinks about Aman’s decision of choosing Neha over Akku.

Sunita too is not able to sleep as she thinks about Gayatri’s sudden departure from their home. She gets up and finds her husband already sitting on a chair, all lost in thoughts. They both look at each other worriedly.

Akku comes out to meet Aman. He confesses to Akku that she was right. I couldn’t understand what you could see. I like Neha. With her I become the real Aman whom I had lost. She can bring out that Aman in me. she really makes me feel happy. I think I should marry him. Akku hides her hurt and smiles for his sake. she nods in agreement. He is still unsure about the fact if he is doing right with her or not. she assures him that she only wanted him to realise the same. This is good. He is confused whether to thank her or apologize. I have asked Ma to cancel the engagement. She says it is good you decided upon this before the engagement itself. I could see it clearly that Didi is your life partner, not me. don’t worry I will talk to my parents in the morning. But he offers to do it. they will be shocked so I must tell them. she assures him that this is the right thing. I am really happy for you both. He appreciates her and wishes that she gets a good guy for herself. He bids her goodnight and walks out of Agarwal House. Akku thinks that I cannot think about the future but just now a very good guy has walked out of my life. She eyes him sadly.

A tearful Akku comes back to her room. She sits beside her sleeping Didi. You were sleeping for those 12 years but I couldn’t sleep well on any single day out of all those years. I am responsible for your condition. My one mistake sent you to coma. In return I am just giving you Itti Si Khushi. I cannot return you those years but I am returning your Aman to you. She kisses Neha’s hand.

In his room, Aman imagines Neha calling him Gittu. Aman looks at Neha happily as she twirls around him. banjara plays in the background. He mentally confesses his love for Neha. I will make you the DIL of this house really soon.

Next morning, Anand and Sunita are still awake. They are not able to figure out what went wrong. She decides to call Gayatri who is in a fix as to what to say to Sunita. Gayatri puts it on fatigue. Sunita suggests talking to her about all the other arrangements for engagement. Gayatri postpones it to tomorrow. sunita agrees but is in doubt. She ends the call and tells Anand the same. he is worried why Gayatri ji is postponing it as there is no time left now. Shagun overhears all the convo from a distance. Sunita still feels that something is up.

Neha brings face pack for Akku. It is your engagement tomorrow. You get all fair skinned when you put this. akku says it is just a way to market it. Akku’s phone rings. neha shows the caller id. It is Akku’s college friend, Surabhi. The phone is on loud speaker. Surabhi talks to Akku about how she has forgotten her friends already even though she isn’t engaged yet. How are the preps going on? When is it? akku is all quiet so Neha speaks up. Akku is actually feeling shy. Neha invites her and all the other friends of Akku as well. I want to meet all of you. Surabhi apologizes as she cannot come. She congratulates Akku who goes quiet again. neha mistakes it to be her shyness. The call ends. Neha tells Akku that one must not be shy with their friends. If it was my engagement then I would have danced and told everyone about it. she isn’t your best friend right? Akku nods but keeps her eyes down. Neha can sense the change in Akku’s behaviour. Akku thinks that it is Aman who has actually changed his mind. Akku declines for the face pack. She offers to put it on Neha who sits in front of the mirror to see her appearance all along. Akku obliges. She prays that everyone’s hearts are like Neha Didi’s, like a kid, this kid only stays happy without any complication just like you.

Neha comes running to her Dida. How do I look today? neha tells her about the face pack. Sunita and Dida compliment her. sunita wants her to come with her to Gayatri’s house to give Shagun’s mehendi. Neha says no, take Akku with you. Sunita insists but Neha is scared of Hitler Dadi. Sunita assures her that she will be with her. Nothing will go wrong today. Neha feigns a leg sprain. Sunita tends to her feet while Dida can see Neha’s smiling face. Dida makes her understand that this ritual cannot be completed without her. A sister-in-law takes mehendi for her brother-in-law. You cannot put ring on plain hands on engagement so you must go. neha goes to change but tells her mother not to stay there for too long. Sunita is sure Gayatri’s house will be all decked up today. it is something else when a DIL is coming to your house. Dida nods.

Jayanti yet again tries to convey her message to Dadi who is unable to understand her acting. She is getting late for temple and wants to go but Jayanti stays put. Dadi takes it all wrong and thinks that Jayanti is saying Aman is going to commit suicide. She runs to stop Aman but Jayanti stop her. she breaks her fast finally. Aman wont marry Akku now. He has fallen in love with that mad girl. he told his Amma about it yester night. I overheard them. dadi gets angry. Aman will not bring that mad girl in our house. I wont let it happen!

Precap: Dadi is at Agarwal House. We wont want to make any relation with you people. Everyone is taken aback. Dadi blames them for making Neha stick with them since she has returned from the hospital. Who will marry this mad girl? Aman agrees to marry Neha.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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