Itti Si Khushi 23rd December 2014 Written Episode Update

Itti Si Khushi 23rd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aman first asks Dadi ji if Jayanti Massi was right or not. Neha says Jayanti Massi maybe intoxicated but she is telling the truth. I dint make any mistakes, I was made to do all that. Please believe me. kamini ji says Jayanti is unconscious. She wont know it by morning all that she has just said. Akku adds that a person never lies when he is intoxicated. They don’t lie in that condition. Gayatri is unable to understand anything. Kamini ji calls it all a delusion. No one has an answer for that till date. Aman thinks of something. He sprinkles water on Jayanti and starts asking her random questions. He starts with asking her if she is married, about the missing engagement ring. Jayanti tells that Kamini ji was behind it. She also confirms mixing bhang in the laddoo that she had given to Neha so that Neha acts all mad. Dadi would be able to prove her mad then. Kamini ji tells him not to listen to Jayanti as she is mad.

Sandeep and Sunita ji come there too. Neha tells them how Jayanti Massi is telling the truth to everyone. Jayanti once again confirms stealing Neha’s jewels. Kamini ji tells Aman not to make fun of Jayanti’s situation. Sunita you can take your daughters from here. Aman stops her. He asks about the location of the stolen jewellery. Jayanti tells him. Akku suggests bringing Dadi ji’s trunk but Kamini ji declines. Maybe these girls have bribed her very well which is why she is lying. I don’t want any more drama, I am leaving from here. Neha tells her to stop till everything is sorted. Kamini ji says don’t you feel ashamed that you are blaming your Dadi. Neha replies that she too was blamed a lot. If these are false allegations then you will be proved right. It will be proved if Jayanti Massi was right or not. Dadi pretends to be disheartened by all this. Neha explains that no one believes what they hear but they certainly believe what they see for themselves. Kamini ji declines to allow anyone to touch any of her stuff but Aman stays put. I will go and bring it.

Kamini ji tells Sandeep not to put the jewels in her trunk stealthily, just like your sister has kept them in our house tonight. Neha points out that she only has the keys of her trunk. How can Motu bhaiya put anything in it? Sandeep leaves from there. Kamini ji turns to Sunita now. Your daughters have insulted me so much that now even my own family members are not ready to trust me. gayatri tries to say something but Dadi tells her to be quiet. I should go to my hometown today only. Aman and Sandeep bring the trunk. Kamini ji thinks of something. She starts crying and cursing herself. Sandeep tells her to open the trunk. Jayanti mutters in her sleep. Now the truth will be out.

Kamini ji opens her trunk. Everyone is on the opposite side so they don’t notice her hiding the jewel pouch underneath her clothes. She takes out her few clothes and even invites everyone to see for themselves. Akku and Neha are shocked. Kamini ji continues her rant. These girls created drama at night in our house. You all listened to what that Jayanti said but no one was ready to hear me. what is my position in front of a servant now? Gayatri ji apologizes to her immediately. She scolds Neha. Aman and I trusted you whereas you used Jayanti for your own benefit today. what do you want? Neha denies using anyone. I dint break anyone’s trust. I actually wanted to win your trust. I did all this as I wanted to bring out the truth in front of everyone. Please trust me Aman. I dint steal any jewels, neither did I send you any message. I had in fact come there to meet you but you dint come. Akku explains how she had overheard Jayanti Massi’s and Dadi ji’s convo. This is how I got to know that they have done all this. we were just waiting to find some proof. Neha again requests them to believe her but Gayatri ji tells Sunita to take the girls home. Enough of all this drama! Sandeep angrily tells Akku and Neha to leave. Aggarwal family leaves from there quietly.

Sandeep scolds Akku and Neha for going there like a thief. The whole thing turned out to be nothing actually. You guys actually embarrassed us there. He scolds Akku for supporting Neha. Why the problems continue to increase always? Sunita ji agrees with him. your way was really childish. Sandeep is fed up of everything. The mortgaged shop, new job, I am not able to concentrate on anything. I had thought that everything will settle down after Neha’s wedding but she only has come back in the house. Sunita signals him to be quiet but he doesn’t stop. You cannot protect them forever. they must realise their mistakes. At times I feel Kamini Dadi is actually right about Neha. She will never grow up. Neha looks at him in shock. This isn’t a way to solve any problem. Kamini Dadi insults us all the time and we always stand there quietly before her. she acted childishly today as well. Akku tells him to stop but in vain. There is a way to solve a problem. I could have talked to them or we could have waited for papa to return home or Dadi would have suggested a way out but you guys actually worsened the whole thing. we turned out to be liars and thieves too. He scolds Neha for Jayanti Massi’s condition. You really thought that will help the situation? Neha replies how she had done the same thing with her. Jayanti Massi actually told the truth in front of everyone but in the end we got caught. Akku tells her brother not to talk like Kamini Dadi. Neha supports him though. I am not mature enough. Nothing can happen to me now. She leaves from there. Sunita ji tells Sandeep not to get angry. We wont get anything by fighting amongst each other. He leaves from there quietly.

Gayatri offers to help Kamini ji but she tells her to let it be. Aman says sorry to Dadi. Dadi says Neha taught you all how to say sorry very nicely. You couldn’t control her but you all became like her. jayanti laughs in her sleep. Aman notices a pouch in her trunk and picks it up. This is exactly like Neha’s. Kamini ji takes it from him saying that this is hers, it is mere coincidence that we both have a similar coloured pouch. He still takes it from her to check its contents. Gayatri and Aman are shocked to find Neha’s missing jewellery in the pouch. Kamini ji pretends that she had no idea how they came here. Someone has done this intentionally, I am sure it must be Jayanti. Jayanti confirms the same in her sleep. Aman smiles. Interesting, earlier you were not ready to believe Massi but now you agreed immediately. Thank you so much for clearing my doubts. Neha can never lie. She is still the same like she was in her childhood. I know her. Kamini ji pleads innocent but Gayatri ji tells her to be quiet. Now we have understood the truth. Aman cannot understand why Kamini ji is after Neha. Kamini ji simply says I just cannot tolerate her. she always pinches me. I have no certain reason but I just don’t like her. you can bring anyone in this house but not Neha. He tells her not to be stubborn but she repeats the same thing. I don’t like such girls who are always smiling. She is my defeat. Whenever she looks at me I feel that she is insulting me. I just cannot bear her. Aman says everything will be fine if you change your outlook. Start loving people, feel the emotions. Change for good. She has been trying since so many years but you still dint love her. I have respected you for life but you dint even touch my head sweetly ever. You get irked with Ma too. Has she ever behaved badly with you? Gayatri says I am not sure if anyone will be able to forgive you for what all you have done today but you have actually distanced yourself from people because of your deeds. You are all alone now. She asks Aman to go and bring Neha. He leaves. Kamini ji is in thoughts.

Doorbell rings. Akku and Sunita ji are surprised to see Aman at the door. I want to talk to Neha. She is innocent. Sunita ji and Akku are relieved.

Neha prays to God. I am very bad this is why everything is going wrong. Dida says good happens with good people. But what mistake did I commit that you are so angry with me? when I came back home after 12 years, everyone said that I am very lucky but maybe this just isn’t my luck. I am unlucky. I am troubling everyone since I have returned. Aman says it is me who has troubled you. You should not be upset with God but me. we have hurt you. She is surprised to see him there. Are you not angry with me? he replies that he is angry with himself for not trusting her. you can punish me the way you want to. Please forgive me. he tells her that he got all the jewellery from Dadi ji. You kept on saying but I couldn’t support you. I promise I wont let it happen again. she hugs him. he promises that he wont let her go away from him. come, lets go home. She denies. I have one condition. He agrees to do anything to take her back with him. she shows him the newspaper. He says this cannot happen. She refuses to come home then.

Precap: Aman asks Neha once again if she is coming with him or not but she shakes her head. Sunita ji him the reason. he says Neha is not listening to him whereas Neha says the same about him. Aman says if this is your decision then I am leaving, but think calmly later on. He leaves.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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