Itti Si Khushi 20th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Itti Si Khushi 20th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Neha tells Aman to wait here for a while as she goes to bring something for him. Neha shows him the ball that she had kept with herself safely till date. He is confused. She reminds him of the 4 that he had hit with the same ball in 2001 in the inter school competition. His team has won the because of it. I had bought this ball from the guy who was standing at the boundary by giving away all my pocket money and chips. I kept it with me as I had thought that I will take your autograph on it when you will play for Indian Cricket Team. I threw away everything (Aman thinks about that box) but I dint throw it. When I dint let go then why are you doing it? He sadly replies that sometimes you have to do it. She is still not able to understand his logic. You were so full of energy when you used to play matches. Your every stroke, the look in your eyes said it all that you want to do something, that you want to be something. What has happened now? Please play! He tells her to stop acting kiddish. Try to understand. She declines to do it. Everything has changed in these 12 years, including you too. She gives it to him. Keep it with you. Throw it in the dustbin wherein you have thrown your dreams already. I don’t know why I was holding onto it like some chep! She turns to go but says, maybe things don’t stay the same way like they were before. But I want only my that happiness when I used to dream – Aman Goyal, Breaking the record; Man of the match! Aman looks at her and then the ball as if someone has really shaken him out of his reverie. She leaves from there whereas he gets thinking.

Neha’s words echo in his head. He walks in a trance. Little Neha’s words ring in his ears. You will take me to your match when you will play for India right? I will cheer for you from a corner. He had agreed, calling her chep! He collides with a guy and the ball falls. He picks it up yet again. I had shut those dreams somewhere but Neha is still nursing them with little hopes. You want my happiness more than me.

Kartik’s girlfriend comes to drop him home in her car. He invites her to come in but she doesn’t want to meet his mom wearing a dress. He goes inside to change while she waits outside in the car for him.

Akku and Neeta discuss the same thing. neeta assures Akku that it is bhaiya’s nature. He never talks too much. But it doesn’t mean that he is not happy. akku reasons how he smiles / laughs when he is with Didi. Neeta asks her why then Aman bhaiya said no when I asked him if he likes Neha Didi. We both asked him the same question. What else can we do? Do you want to marry him or not? Akku only wants to clear things beforehand. Neeta says it is done then. My bhaiya needs a loving and caring wife like you. Relax, everything is sorted. It was just a crush for Neha Didi. Everyone has crushes, even we had so many. Have we thought about marrying them all? Stop thinking and come home as my sister-in-law. My biggest wish will come true. She leaves for her college.

Kartik is getting ready when his mom comes there. She reminds him of Aman’s engagement. He is doing all the arrangements on his own. He is handling his work, shopping and everything. He retorts that he is doing his part of work. She knows he is doing nothing except going out with his friends. He gets a message from his girlfriend and gets up to go. gayatri remarks that Aman wouldn’t have gone anywhere if it was his engagement. He would have handled everything on his own. It doesn’t affect Kartik in the way she was intending to. I am happy to be selfish if that’s how you will take it. I cannot be great like bhaiya and sacrifice all my happiness just to become a good boy for you. If I don’t listen to you then you say that I am getting spoilt. She doesn’t like his way of talking but he says you force me to talk like this. I pity Aman Bhaiya. He has been doing everything as per your wish. He has no life. He is even doing job of your liking and now wedding too! I cannot be a puppet for you though! She warns him that one day he will regret talking / doing what all he is doing. He too tells her to wait for the day when Aman Bhaiya realises everything. We will see what all he will say to you then! He leaves after telling her that he will return late. She thinks of Kartik’s words and looks tensed.

Sunita likes the saree that Sandeep has bought for Shagun. Shagun tells her of their dinner tonight. Sunita suggests her to go out with Sandeep more often. However be the circumstances at home you both should take time out for yourself too. Everything will fall into place eventually. They discuss the preps needed to be done for Diwali.

Aman is still looking at the ball. He thinks of what Neha had said. Throw this in the dustbin wherein you have thrown all your dreams already. Akku’s words about Neha liking him rings in his ears; Mata ki Chowki; Neeta’s questions; how Neha saved him in his mother’s wrath when they were young. He wonders if Akku is right. Is Neha the key to my happiness?

Neha, Akku and their parents talk about the Diwali preps. Aman’s family will come over too on Diwali. Neha goes quiet. Aman’s family is coming over for dinner tomorrow. sunita thinks of inviting Shagun’s parent’s too. Just then Suraj comes crying and hugs his Ninni Bua. Shagun is in tears too as she enters inside. She heads inside and Sandeep walks in looking all serious too. They all are confused and worried about what has happened after all. Neha comforts Suraj.

Sandeep and Shagun are discussing about the incident that happened in the restaurant. He forgot that his account has no balance as he bought that expensive saree for Shagun. Why did you insist for me to pay the bill when your friend’s husband was offering to pay it? you dint even check with me. She couldn’t help it. It would have looked so weird that they should pay the bill when they have come to our city. Its my fault. We shouldn’t have gone there. Neha offers to go to talk to them but her parents tell her against it. even Akku tells her against it but Neha insists. You all come to talk to me when I am upset then why should I not try to talk to them. she also knows that Suraj wont sleep here. She tries to wake him up so that he can go and lie in his room. Akku says bhabhi looked so pretty today. Maybe someone has cast their evil eyes on her. neha takes Suraj inside.

Dadi talks about the cost cutting going on in her home. The whole city is lit up but there are only a few days lit outside our home. Gayatri has got more diyas ready. Plus Aman will bring lights with him today. he is doing everything. Dadi is not interested in hearing her love for her son. When my son was alive then the whole house used to come alive and there were so many lights all around. has the stuff for puja come or it will come tomorrow itself? Gayatri wonders where Aman is. He shouldn’t be this late.

Aman comes home still lost in thoughts. She asks about the lights but understands that he dint as he keeps mum. She tells him to freshen up and offers to serve him food but he declines. she looks at him in confusion as he heads to his room. Jayanti remarks that the groom to be is all lost. I guess there will be bigger fireworks this Diwali. Dadi tells her to be quiet. Serve me kheer. Gayatri looks on.

In his room, Aman looks at the ball as Neha’s words echo in his head (Aman Goyal, Man of the match!). he gets up and takes out his cricket kit from under the bed. He smiles as he opens it. he happily takes out his bat from the bag and starts aiming in the air. He looks really happy. putting the ball in his handkerchief, he ties it using a rope. Applauds echo in the background as he holds the bat proudly.

Gayatri is not able to sleep in her room. She hears some noise. Aman is practising in his room. She gets up to see where the noise is coming from. Meanwhile, Aman continues to practise. Gayatri comes to Aman’s room and he is taken aback to see her.

Precap: Neeta asks Aman directly if he loves Neha. He looks at her in shock. Aman keeps smiling as he looks at Neha. Neeta can see that his brother has fallen for Neha. He himself has not realised it yet. Aman continues to look at Neha with a big smile. She too is smiling but feels shy as he continues to look in her direction sweetly.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. arey wow yaar neha ur so cute.aman atleast apa tho say it naa that u also want neha only and u love saying it neha will be happy and iam also.anyways pooja thanks for update yaar.

  2. wow……superb episode….can”t wait for the next…..aman ,plz realise it soon and tell it to neha….she will be soooo much happy….love the show yaar…..NEHAMAN rocks……neha is so sweet and aman is so gentle… of luck….keep rocking…..

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