Itti Si Khushi 15th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Itti Si Khushi 15th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kamini ji agrees with Aman that Neha isn’t mature enough for this responsibility. God knows what you do when. How will we live with her? we will all wonder what will happen next. Neha asks her and Jayanti Massi not to lie. Please tell the truth. Trust me Aman. Gayatri asks Neha if she wants to prove Dadi ji a liar. Neha begs Aman to listen to her and understand her. why would I lie? Aman tells her to stop. Now you will also say that Dadi ji has stolen the jewels and she had asked you to dance on your muh dikhayi. Neha requests him to please understand her but he declines. He agrees that he loves her but it is his responsibility to stop what’s happening right now. I cannot see my family members and you worried like this. we literally rushed for this wedding. It would have been better if you would have stayed at your house for a year or two. Neha looks at him in shock. You mean this wedding shouldn’t have happened? he repeats his words. You should be your home. She realises that he is asking her to go. you cannot fulfil this responsibility. It isn’t your cup of tea. You should go to your home. Neha is stunned by his words.

Neha quietly leaves from there and starts packing her clothes. Their photo falls on floor in the process. Neha is in tears seeing the broken glass. Sad song plays in the background. Aman too walks inside the room and looks at her. she composes herself and starts packing her bag again. she is all the more heartbroken when he doesn’t even say a word to her or tries to stop her from leaving. She walks out of the room sadly.

Neha touches Dadi ji’s and Gayatri’s feet but they stand rooted to their place like stones. All the memories flash before Neha’s eyes as she looks at the house tearfully. Aman holds her suitcase outside. She gets happy for a second thinking that he will stop her but he walks out with her bag. She eyes him heartbreakingly and then follows him.

Jayanti asks for her prize from Dadi. She is happy that she fooled both Aman and Gayatri. I finally did what I wanted to and that Neha is out of my house now. Jayanti compliments her for the same. but what if Neha would have hurt you for real? Dadi ji replies that she would have stopped that but Neha isn’t that strong to do any such thing. Jayanti tells her to sleep peacefully tonight as that hasn’t happened since Neha came here. Kamini gets irked thinking that they got embarrassed before the society and their relatives because of Neha. She had made a joke of us but now I have taken my revenge for all her pranks. I am sure she will be in hell right now. Jayanti fears what if Aman melts down and brings Neha back in this house. Kamini ji takes it as a challenge. I will make sure that happens. I will make Neha’s family shed tears too then only will I be at peace. Jayanti is surprised to know that. Kamini ji smirks.

Aman leaves Neha with her bag near her house and turns back. Neha looks at him and he too stops in his tracks to look at her for a second but then walks away. Neha picks her bag and walks in. She rings the doorbell.

SUnita ji and Akku wonder who it could be at this hour. They are shocked to see Neha with a suitcase in her hand. They ask her about the same. neha tells them that Aman came to drop her. everyone is angry with me. They think I am wrong. Now I wont go back there. They are taken aback. Sunita ji and Akku tell her to explain. Neha repeats that she dint do any mistake. Sunita ji gets worried thinking about what she should do now. Your father and Dida are also not here. Neha tells her mom that she will stay here only from now onwards. Sunita ji asks Akku to call Aman and ask him everything. Neha tells her against it. Even he thinks I am wrong. I dint do anything. Even Aman dint trust me or hear me out. He too blames me for everything. What could I do if the jewels got stolen? Sunita ji agrees that she was at fault there. They have just scolded you. You should go back. I will drop you till your home. Neha stays put. Her mom reasons that she cannot come here like this. People will bad mouth against us. You can come here anytime but not like this. You have to live your relations. We too have done that. What has happened after all? Neha tells her that they all think that she is mad. They all think I am at fault. She tells them everything in mute. Do you think I am mad?

SUnita ji denies. But ghosts aren’t real. How did ghosts come at their house suddenly? Even Akku says the same thing. neha tells them that she has seen the ghost with her own eye. Even Dadi ji and Jayanti Massi saw it. Ask them. Sunita ji supports Aman. His anger is justified as he saw you aiming a knife at Dadi ji. How many times will they forgive you? We will discuss this later. Understand one thing, no girl can come and live at her parents’ house after walking out of her in-laws house. Neha questions her over the same. Can the girl, who has been thrown out by her in-laws and whose husband has also not supported her, not come to her parent’s house in such case? Is this not her house anymore? If papa was here then he wouldn’t have said all this. he would have gone ahead and fought with Dadi ji. He wouldn’t have said that I cannot come here. Sunita ji calmly explains her that she can come here anytime but fights are a part of life. You have to sort out things instead of leaving them unresolved like this. you wont find any solution this way. Go back I will come to explain it to them. Neha refuses to go back there. If you want me to go then I will wait outside. I wont come inside. Sunita ji looks at her in surprised.

Aman looks at his wedding ring. He thinks of Neha and how happy they were when they got married. He gets emotional thinking about her. Gayatri notices him thus. Are you alright? I dint think it will turn out like this. I thought I will teach everything to Neha and she will understand slowly but I don’t know what happened to her all of a sudden. He knows Neha isn’t like this. She can be all kidding but if she takes some responsibility then she fulfils it religiously. Her heart is pure. She knows how to be happy and how to keep others happy. I don’t know why she did all that. Gayatri ji understands that he loves and understands Neha a lot but it isn’t necessary that the one whom we love is mature / responsible enough to handle the responsibility of a wife. You were right that Neha isn’t fit for such a responsibility. She should stay her house for a while. He replies that maybe she is right. Maybe she will realise her carelessness attitude by then. Gayatri wonders what if she doesn’t! Epi ends on Aman’s face.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. No precap? And this is today’s episode right, not the 15th’s??

    1. Pooja

      Couldn’t find it any of the three videos that I tried watching. And no, this is of yesterday. The timings have been changed for this show and no one knew which is why the late update..

  2. Ohh I see! Thanks a lot though… Really appreciate ur efforts 🙂

    1. Pooja

      You’re most welcome 🙂

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