Itti Si Khushi 14th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Itti Si Khushi 14th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aman reaches the meeting point a little late. He apologizes for the same to Akku. They both are not so comfy with each other. They order cappuccino. She says she wanted to talk about them. I wanted to clear a few things.

Neha agrees that her Motu Bhaiya is right. I am not a kid anymore. I have grown up. DIda is also right. We only get our real life partner. Those who are not meant for us go separate ways. I will have to distance myself from Aman as he is getting married to Akku. She picks two boxes in which there are a lot many memories relating to Aman. She is in tears as she looks at every single picture (of them) and the cards that she had made especially for Aman. She reminds herself that she must not cry. She says Goodbye Aman. She picks up the boxes and walks out of the room.

Aman stops his bike near his house and offers to accompany Akku till her home. Neha too comes in the courtyard and lights the box. She bids goodbye to him once again. She turns and notices Aman and Akku together. She panics and tries to blow out the fire but in vain. She goes outside the gate to greet them (divert them actually). How was your date? Aman wonders if she had again come out to steal ice cream. Neha shakes her head. I dint even steal it that day. She takes Akku with her so that she is not able to see the burning box. She tells Aman to go too. Don’t look there. He is confused. Aman is about to go back when he notices the same. He blows out the fire and notices the articles inside the box. He looks around to make sure no one is there and then picks the box.

Gayatri asks Aman about his meeting with Akku. He forgot to bring the stuff that she had asked for. He is all lost as she asks him about food. She is curious about the box in his hand. He doesn’t reply and goes inside to freshen up.

In his room, Aman looks at the contents in the box. He thinks of Akku’s words. Neha Didi has always liked you, back when she was 14 years old and today as well when she has returned home after 12 years. She reminds him how Neha Didi always thought of an excuse to cling with you or used to buy gifts for you. She always used to tell me and Neeta that she is in love with you. I will marry Aman only when I grow up. She has the same feelings till date for you. She loves you just as much as she loved you back then or maybe even more. You both share a very different / special connection. You completely change when you are with her. You laugh, smile and talk. I think you should give it a thought. We haven’t even got engaged yet. I don’t want us to take any decision that we will regret in future. This is for our whole life. You can think about who you will be more happy with – Neha Didi or me.

Akku looks at Aman’s photo in her mobile. I don’t know if I did the right thing or not. wish someone could tell me what should I do! Neha too is awake and sad. On the other hand, Aman is thinking about Neha. He keeps a card on his bed near him. Neha looks at the clock. It is 12:30am. What did I do? I could have kept them in some corner of the house. Why did I burn them all? She checks if Akku is asleep or not and then carefully walks out of the room. She comes out in the courtyard. She is not able to box anywhere. Where did it go? It got burnt completely? Did anyone pick it? Dadi will not spare me if she gets the box somehow. Please Lord help me. she is sad to have lost everything that she had kept so safely over all these years.

Akku wakes up to drink water but the bottle is empty. She cannot even find Neha anywhere and looks around. Her mom wakes up as she hears a noise. She tries to wake up her husband as well. They both think that a thief has entered in their home.

Downstairs, Neha has dropped some utensil. She is hungry so she wants to make pakoras. Akku helps her in getting the batter ready as the one she has got is really thin. Neha asks Akku about her date. Akku doesn’t reply. I hadn’t thought that it will turn out to be like this. Neha is confused. Akku focuses on pakoras yet again.

Anand and Sunita come out of their room carefully. He is holding a rod in his hand. They are surprised to see their daughters in the kitchen at this hour. Neha and Akku smile seeing them like that. Sunita notices the mess in kitchen. They get concerned for her as Neha is hungry / cooking at 2 am. Even Sandeep asks her the same question. Neha simply replies that she is hungry. He knows that she only cooks when she is upset. Tell me what’s wrong. She lies that it is nothing. I am grown up enough to cook for myself. Sunita teases her about the batter. They all sit down to enjoy tea and pakoras. Shagun too gets up. Neha and Sunita cook them together. They all compliment Neha but Sandeep compliments their mom. Neha and Akku gang up against Sandeep. Akku and Neha even feed each other lovingly.

Aman wakes up with a start. He realises he is late as he notices the clock. He notices the box again. picking up Neha’s card, he thinks of AKku’s words. He keeps it back in the box and then keeps it under his study table. he goes to take a bath.

Jayanti comes to Aman’s room to keep a paper. She hears the noise of water in bathroom and turns to go but notices the box under the study table. she eyes it curiously. Aman comes out on time just when she was about to open it to see what’s inside it.

Precap: Aman wants to meet Akku at this moment (it is night). You told me to think and decide. I have thought over it.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. i hope aman u decide well.plz make right matter.hope it doest not hurt neha and me alsoa

  2. What decision did aman take?

    1. He decides to marry Neha……….. WOW……………

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