It’s Not About Me It’s About Us (Chapter 3)

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On the next day, Riddhima, Kabir and Sejal arrived at the airport.Riddima had lagged behind from the two as her luggage had not arrived..

When she came out, she could not find them. She was thinking about their whereabouts, suddenly she realised a handkerchief with chloroform on her mouth. In the nick of the time, she sprayed pepper spray on the person, but she got unconscious soon.

After 5 hours,,

Riddhima gained consciousness. She opened her eyes slowly, she realised that she was in a big mansion. As soon as she remembered everything, she tried to run away but she collided with a tall, handsome guy wearing casuals but looking too attractive.She fell in his strong, masculine arms ,for sometime she was lost in his dark eyes even he was lost in her attractive fragrance with natural beauty but then she said leave me.

He left her and she fell on the floor hurting herself with a slow sound.

Then everyone came hearing her sound she was shocked to see Kabir and Sejal.Then she realised that it was Singhania Mansion.

She stood in shock and happiness then,,,

Uma – Vansh what is this? First you kidnapped her then made her slip on the floor??

Vansh- But mom she only said to leave..

Uma – Leave it I will talk to you later.

Then she went to Riddhima.
Uma – I am so happy to see you after such a long time.

Riddhima – Even I am happy , bestie..

Uma – So you are still the same chirpy Riddhima.

Riddhima – Obviously how can I forget you?

Then they hugged and she met Vansh ‘ s dad.

Ajay – How are you beautiful?

Riddhima- Fine as always Dude.
They shared hi- fi.

Then Ishani, Riddhima and Sejal shared a girl gang hug

Ishani- Now this is Girl Gangg..

While Vansh, Aryan and Kabir in unison– Ohhh hello this is called a Gang..

Then Riddhima asked Uma– But bestie why did he kidnapped me?

Uma – Actually, the challenge was given to them to take you to home. Whosoever will be first will win the challenge..

Riddhima to Vansh– So Mr Kidnapper, just for winning a challenge you did this??

Vansh– Yayy, Vansh never loses..
Even you were not innocent you sprayed pepper spray, my eyes are still burning.. ,Miss Pepper Spray…

Riddhima– So i can’t even defend myself.And Mr Kidnapper make losing your habit because you can’t win against me..

Vansh– Ohh let’ s see who will lose( pointing towards her)

Uma– Stopp both of you Now you both are no longer children. Behave yourself.. Vansh tell me how did you recognise her??

Vansh— It was too easy Mom, she had teady in her hand like a small girl. Noo now even small girls don’t take it??

Riddima — Don’t you dare to speak about Mr Golu okay?? ( making angry face)

Vansh– oo someone is angry .

Riddhima – youu…

Uma- Stop it , you all go to your rooms and take rest

Riddhima went towards Vansh and said — Now just wait and watch Mr Kidnapper..

Vansh smirked in confidence and they all left to their rooms

While at midnight—

Uma went to Riddhima’s room and saw her reading a diary sitting near the window.

Uma — You still read Kitty.

Riddima- Yeah it gives me the feeling of mom.

Uma- Why did you do that child?

Riddhima – Nothing is hidden from you bestie.I have only one reason to live that is my mom’s presence which I get in Mumbai.

Uma- I understand but your dad also loves you

Riddhima– I know Bestie but I can’t forget what happened Ten years ago. Now I don’ t believe in relations.I am afraid of losing my dear ones that’s why I don’t befriend anyone..

Saying so tears rolled from her eyes.

Uma hugged her and said your mom must be very happy to have a daughter like you.I know you will handle your past.

Uma ( to herself) — I know you are dealing with insecurities but one day you will overcome it..

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