It’s Morning ( Kanchi One Shot )

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It was a lazy sunday morning in Kapoor mansion.Sun rays fell on Kabir’s face through window. He slowly opened his eyes feeling some weight on his chest. First sight of his day and he was mesmerized, there she was love of his life laying all over him.He smiled widely. Her face was looking more angelic in sun light, This was routine now. Every morning he wake up like this and for him this is the best way to start a day. He tucked her hair behind her ear which was blocking his  most precious sight. She cuddled more into him felling his touch. He chuckled seeing her cute antics. This girl never fails to amaze me not even in her sleep he thought. He held her more protectively and kissed her hair.

“Umm Kabir sone do”  she said in her sleep.

His name from her mouth always sounds special not only when she moans his name during their love making sessions but when she screams his name being angry that time also, something which he can’t describe in words. He just knows he loves to hear his name from her. He caressed her face and blew air near her ear, she stirred in her sleep. He held her hand and kissed on back of her hand.

“Umm Kabir sone do. Don’t disturb me”.-Sanchi

“I was just adjusting myself. You are all over me, I would have fallen down.”-Kabir

Seeing her half opened eyes he gave an innocent look.

She looked at him” You always do this. You don’t let me sleep all night and now even in morning”

” You become a lioness in night.. what’s my fault in that ” he tried to hide his smirk but she noticed

She hit on his shoulder and turned away.

He hugged her from behind.

“Leave me. I know why are you saying this, now you think I have became fat that’s why.” said Sanchi

“hmm ! heavy to ho gayi ho” exclaimed Kabir

“Mai ab heavy lagne lagi apko aur kya kaha apne lioness?. Kitne badal gaye ho aap Kabir? ” said Sanchi

“Pehle to chuhiya jaisi cute lagti thi apko aur ab lioness.” Said Kabir chuckling .

” Hmm, this side of you I have never explored before marriage no. But I love this lioness”  he said in his husky voice holding her tight.

She removed his hand and sat on bed while giving him a dangerous look..

“What? You don’t believe me ok just see by yourself what have you done to me ,my lioness !” and turned his back towards her.

Marks of her nails were all over his shoulder. Those marks reminded her their love making last night which was full of passion. Her cheeks became red and she smiled thinking about them together on this bed.

He turned and she suppressed her smile.

” Now you believe me? You lioness..It’s all your fault. This is nothing in comparison of marks you have given to me so now should I call you a lion?? ” Said Sanchi

“Well I don’t mind and pulled her towards him” said Kabir when she fell on his chest

Both smiled at each other. He held her waist and softly brushed her nose with his.

” About which marks you were talking about ? Show me ..” said Kanir giving a smirk

“No nothing ” she said smiling and hugged him tight. Her head was on his chest and his hands were encircled around her waist. Suddenly she realised something and turned around again.

“I don’t want to talk to you “

“Again? now what?”

“You said I am heavy no? How you can say that? “

He smiled and held her from back

I said ” tum moti ho gayi ho” but it’s a good thing no.

She turned back ” really and how?”

” I have got more of you to love. So how can I complain” he said with his million dollar smile and pecked on her lips.

She smiled a bit but still was not convinced.

Both were lying facing each other and holding each other.

” Mrs Kapoor you become fat or you become thin does not matter really because I love you.I want to explore every shade of yours. Only I can see you as cute rat and also as lioness in bed and trust me I love both. ” said Kabir

She smiled and lowered her gaze.

“Bas koi patana apse sikhe.”

“You can’t complain for this either. Jo bhi sikha hai Pyar me apse hi to sikha hai Mrs Kapoor,  no actually Mrs Kabir Kapoor .”

She always loves hearing ” Mrs Kabir Kapoor” .It gives her a sense of belonging. She realizes every time that only she can be called Mrs Kabir Kapoor. He is only hers.

“I love everything about you,  everything. “He said touching her forehead by his.

“Me too and I love you too Mr. Sanchi Mishra “

Both chuckled at this.

She placed her lips on his for a peck but he was quick to turn that into a kiss.
They slept again in each other’s embrace. That’s the favorite place for both in the whole world.They were complete with each other.

Author’s Note : Sorry !  For this stupid One shot .. I was too exhausted to write who said the dialogues . Forgive me .. and a bad news for you all .. I’m working on other 3 stupid and crappy  one shots .. Take care ..Good bye .

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    How are you neha…………tum itna din kaha the…….we miss you so so much dear…………..I am a big fan of your writing specially your os …………..those are really so so amazing and beautiful……… know dear you are my os queen??………… really yaar i am a big and crazy fan of your os………I am really very happy that you repost your all os :-my longest night,making you mine,kitchen romance,i love u and many others those are my most favourite…………now this os also came in my most favourite os list………..such n amazing and so so romantic os yaar…….I am in cloud 9 reading this story yaar……….. please yaar write some more or many os for us yaar………love you lots dear…………tc yaar…………this is one of my most favourite os yaar…….. Thanks dear for giving us this beautiful and gorgeous story…………..

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