Sorry guys I know I am verrryyyyyyyyy late but just here me out I had exams and no good food well I still have no good food I miss my mom’s cooking and so I need sympathy and consideration for posting late 

I have a college fest this week and it’s my first so I am excited as hell and this is like the only good and exciting thing in the life of a medical student apart from the Anatomy dissection we have removed every part of the cadaver starting from the upper limbs (hands) to the brain and the brain and heart look so amazing 

So getting back to the story :


“Twinkle I am sorry I need to leave Mahi has cravings and Kunj is a good guy His family and Mahi’s family are pretty close” Bhai said kissing my forehead “.. and Kunj if Twinkle is angry I would say you rather keep your head down and don’t say anything “ Bhai said hugging him “Bhai I don’t get angry “ I said narrowing my eyes at him “ See this is when you keep you head down and leave “ Bhai said laughing and practically running out of the house 

“Bhai give my love to Mahi bhabhi and my champ” I said closing the door 

“How about some love for me ?” Kunj asked I could feel his hot breath on my neck and I feel its difficult for me to breath it makes me feel so hot all I can think about his turning around and kissing the hell out of him control Twinkle control “You know you don’t have to control your feeling about me I know everyone wants a piece of this “He said smirking pointing at himself and I could see his abs through his shirt and I could just imagine how his abs would feel under my touch “Twinkle” He called me out grinning as if exactly knew what was I thinking Urgh !!!!!!!!!!!

“See Mister now this is the living room this is the kitchen and this is the bed room” I said showing him around the house “ This is my balcony and this is my swing” I said taking a seat in my swing “Okay so do you have any do’s and don’s “ He asked “1.Well since you know how much I love dogs NO DOGS ALLOWED IN THE HOUSE “ I said and he chuckled “ 2.The toilet seat should be down when you leave after finishing your business 

3. When I am in the house the TV remote belongs to me 4.Switch of the light and fan when you leave the room 5.We have a maid to clean the house and cook but if you want you can cook on your own Do you know how to cook? “ I asked him and I nodded I don’t mind getting ready made food he said “Now can I go and sleep “ He asked walking towards my room “What the hell where do you think you are going mister thats my room “ I said almost sprinting out of the swing that I was about to fall and I closed my eyes cursing myself but I never fell down I felt his arms around and me and my hands wrapped around his neck like it is the most normal thing to do we were actually lost in each others eyes that it felt like minutes after I realised we were in such an awkward moment 

“Umm.. I was going to sleep” he said pointing towards my room “Yeah well see I thought UV said I was sharing a room with a girl so we could share the rom but now …” I said not continuing the line “Yeah so what should we do ?” He asked “Umm well you can sleep on the couch “ I said “Why I am paying the rent its not that I am staying here for free “ He said “So” I said walking towards my room sitting crossed leg on my bed” “I should also get a chance to sleep on the bed “He said pouting and his lips no twinkle don’t go there I thought looking back to his eyes he looked tired “Okay so see there is no way in hell that I am going to let you sleep with me “ I said and he was about to say something when I stopped him using my hand “ Listen we will sleep on the bed taking chances like today since you are tired you can sleep on the bed but tomorrow it’s my turn” I said and he nodded “So can I ?” He said pointing towards the bed  and I nodded my head getting up from the bed he removed his shirt and  dropped himself on the bed his back is so well toned and hot I thought “I know the view is amazing Miss. Makanmalkin  but I don’t think I can sleep knowing the fact that someone is staring at me” he said burring his face into the pillow.

“Good morning sunshine” I heard someone say and I jumped up “Hey chill it’s just me “ I heard “Dude I know I told you about sleeping on the bed and couch alternately but we need a couch-cum bed “I said rubbing my back and neck siting up “ Umm okay I would get it before you comeback” he said “Don’t you  have to go to work ? “I asked walking to the kitchen to drink some water and he followed me “I am here for a break and work from home “ He said “Oh “ I said when I heard the bell ring and I walked towards the door “Umm Twinkle do you think its okay to open the door if you are in this “ He said pointing to my outfit which was a long shirt which was an inch above my thigh “Oh..”  I said pulling the hem a bit down and I could see Kunj’s eyes darken and he messed his hair a bit by passing his hand through his hair  but I still walked towards the door I knew exactly who it was “Good morning Kamla Maushi” I said “Gud morning Baby ji” she said walking inside “Maushi you look beautiful today “ I said closing the door “Th-ank uh “ Baby ji she said “how are you ?” She said narrowing her eyes on Kunj “Maushi how nahi who” I corrected her “Ha same to same “ she said “Maushi he is Mahi bhabhi’s family’s friend “ I said and she nodded “Maushi I wont be home for lunch but Kunj would be so can you prepare something for him “ I asked walking towards my room to pick out my outfit “ Ji baby ji and babyji I need a leave my daughter and  son-in-law are coming home with my grandson they would be here for 5 days so can I take a leave ?” She asked and I nodded and I gave her some money “ Buy your grandchild a present from my side “I said  She smiled so brightly and I smiled back and I walked in to get ready 

“Umm Maushi this is so yummy “I heard Kunj say “Baba when I come back I will teach you how to make this “ Maushi said patting Kunj’s head lovingly while he was eating. 

 “Maushi you are mine and you cant be in his team “ I said walking up to the table taking an apple and rushing out “Baby ji breakfast “Maushi said holding my hand “Maushi” I said giving her a puppy dog look but I know she is so immune to it and then her famous do-what-I-say-or-it-wont-be-good-for-you look made me take a seat and I heard Kunj chuckle but then he almost choked and I did the most embracing thing I stuck my tongue out to him way to go Twinkle way to being mature 



“Twinkle what the hell how did you burn this “ Kunj said looking at the pan 

Ignore the grammatical errors I am sorry 

Lots of love and until next time keep being mature like Twinkle 😉

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      Yeah I know I am sorry the title of the ff was supposed to be
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