ITS COMPLICATED…. — Avneil, Twinj, AdiYa and MaNan ff

Hey dear readers !!!
I’m here with a new story so before starting the story let me introduce you some important characters  .

1. Manik Malhotra

Manik , a 21 year old , perhaps the most popular boy at Stonehill college .
He’s known for his Aggression.  He’s Rude and Arrogant. He doesn’t believe  in love. Doesn’t care for anyone except his best friend Twinkle and shares every secret with her.
Lots his parents when he was 14 so Lives with Twinkle and her family.  Loves his friends (Twinkle , Avni and Neil).

(Yes guys , its Stonehills college {which don’t even exist on this planet ?}and not SPACE, don’t get angry on me for this ??)

2. Kunj Sarna

(???? )
A 21 year old boy , not very rich , got admission in stonehills with the help of scholarship this year. He doesn’t have any friend and gets bullied by other students like Manik and Twinkle for being a nerd. Doesn’t speak much and is an introvert , likes to read and write.

3. Neil khanna

Neil, a simple 21 year old guy who loves his friends and family.  A friend of Manik and Twinkle and has a best friend , Avni. He doesn’t like when Manik and Twinkle bully other students but deep down he knows that they are nice and he loves them. He is carefree and funny.

4. Aditya khanna

Aditya , A 25 year old businessman , cold hearted, and a love hater. Elder brother of Neil . Loves his brother very much . Arrogant and Rude , completely opposite of Neil.

5. Priyank sharma

Priyank , Dream boy of almost every girl at stonehills. He can kill any girl with his dimples and smile ??. He is  football captain of the college and most popular boy . Is a playboy and flirts with almost every girl who is interested ? . A complete charmer.

6. Nandini Murthy

Nandini , A 21 year old girl, topper of her class , is not interested in anything but her studies. She’s not very rich and got admission in stonehills through scholarship. She’s probably the only one who is not scared of Manik and Twinkle.

7. Twinkle Taneja

Twinkle , Dream girl of every boy at stonehills , Daughter of richest businesswomen of india. Money is everything for her. She loves her best friend Manik and is there for him ever since he lost his parents.

8. Avni Mehta

A girl full of life . She’s carefree and believes in enjoying her life. She loves her best friend Neil . She doesn’t like when Twinkle and Manik bully other students but deep down she knows they’re not that bad.

9. Zoya siddiqui

Zoya , A 24 year old girl ,Music teacher at stonehills . Her life is complicated and no one understands her behaviour.  Sometimes she’s sweet but sometimes very rude.

Other characters

10. Ayesha Mehta and Ashish Mehta – Avni’s parents

11. Shweta khanna and Prakash khanna  – Neil and Aditya ‘ s Mom and dad

12.  leela taneja – Twinkle’s mother

14. Manohar sarna and usha sarna – kunj’s dad and mom


I hope you liked the intro. Please like and comment if you want me to continue.  Share this with all Avneil ,Manan ,Adiya and Twinj fans . All four are my favourites so I thought of this story.
Also comment your favorite pair among these four.
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Note : I don’t own any of the characters or the college mentioned above(stonehills), its just a fiction.

  1. Are you on wattpad ?? Because I found a story with same name over there.

    1. Riyaditi

      Yes I am on wattpad and I’m posting there too

  2. You have a very interesting story line would love to read further. Plz post ASAP.

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    The plot seems interesting update soon.

  4. Interesting plot…..Waiting for the episodes….Plz post soon….

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  5. ImRagela

    Woowww Riyu ..Its so interesting ..I am very eager to read this story..And Stonehills college that didn’t even exist ..I was laughing seeing that????…Overall its so superb ..I wish all characters will get equal screen space ..Eagerly waiting pls post soon yaar…Best wishes from your Reji ❤❤…love u lottt ?????

    1. Riyaditi

      ?? Stonehill? I will try to give all of them equal screen space

  6. avniel is my favorite

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  7. Nice start, girl!! It seems interesting. I hope u would post chapter 1st soon.
    And I love twinj and Adiya more??..
    Hope they would be the main leads of ur story❤❤❤❤

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    Wow its really intersting to read my fav couple together am big fan of twinj and manan and also priyank add prinyank love interst also and best of luck post soon

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    Hey dear it’s awesome … plzzzzz do cont…. and stonehills college is not also bad…….heheehe
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    It seems to be interesting please upload the next episode soon and my favourite is Avneil

  12. Lovely
    Big fan of twinj adiya and manan. Love priyank and Neil too

  13. Lovely
    Big fan of twinj adiya and manan. Love priyank and Neil too

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    No words to explain di??.. Its too awesome.. It seems quite interesting.. Pls continue.. I am so glad to see avneil in this.. And my fav is avneil as u know.. Can’t wait to know about the story.. Update soon and lots of love from Pavi??

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