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Scene 1 – Boys hostel , stonehills

Why ? Why was she being so nice to me ?

Kunj sat on his bed and ran his hands through his hair. So many thoughts were going on inside his brain. He looked down and sighed . And then he took the paper she gave him and went to his study table.

Wait!! Why am I doing her project ? I should have denied her the moment she asked me to do it

Kunj rested his head on the table thinking all this. There were so many questions running through his head.

“How are you nerd”. Kunj turned back to see Manik in his room glaring at him.

“Now what did I do”. Kunj asked Manik in frustration. He was really frustrated with Manik and his torture now and he wished to kill him for making his life hell .

“So now you think you can shout at me?” . Manik grabbed kunj’s collar and pushed him against the wall .

“Just leave me or..”. Kunj finally gathered courage to shout back at Manik .

“Or what… you’ll complain to principal.. aww kunj baby will complain now… go and complain then”. Manik pushed him on the floor.

All though Kunj didn’t teared up but it was clear by the look on his face that his back was badly hurt. Manik left the room slamming the door shut behind him . Kunj wasn’t even able to stand up properly , he felt pain. He was really Sad now.. why was he treated like this , like a piece of shit , he wanted to stand up for himself but then he lacked courage to do so. He broke down in tears , how long could he control it after being bullied everyday for no reason at all.

Scene 2 – Khanna Mansion

Why you left me ? What did I do wrong? Why you broke me into pieces ? I always loved you but now… now I hate you, I hate you with all the passion.  I just want to find you and hurt you… I want to see pain in your eyes that’s all.. that’s all.

These thoughts ran through Aditya’s head. He was not a bad person , not at all but love changes everyone and not always in a good way. Aditya was a heartless person now , thanks to her.

He turns his head back when he heard a knock on his door.

“Come in”. He said and then gave a fake smile to his mom who just entered the room.

“Adi.. want to eat something ? See I made you your favourite food”. His mom asks him keeping the food on the table.

“Mom , I don’t want to eat now please”. Aditya says handing the plate back to her .

“Okay , come down when you are hungry”. His mom says with a sad smile.
No wonder his mom was really worried . Her son was not eating properly, she knew he was hurt but it has already been a year since she left him. How long will he survive if he lives like this.. without eating properly.

Scene 3 –  Girl’s hostel , stonehills

“Priyank seems really interested in you Twinkie ..  both of you should really date… and you know whole college already ships you both afterall you’re the hottest girl and he’s the hottest boy?”. Avni says winking at Twinkle.

“Hmm.. he is really perfect for me…but he has never really asked me out… I mean I can date him… every girl at the college wants him and they would be really jealous to see him with him”. Twinkle said hugging her pillow and winking back at Avni .

“Oh god Twinkie… you’re unbelievable.. like you will date him just to make those girls Jealous.. I don’t know why am I even friends with you”. Avni says sighing .

“Because you love me Avnuuuu ?”. Twinkle says hugging Avni and pulling her cheeks.

“Ahh!! Get off now…”. Avni says pulling back from her hug and throwing a pillow at Twinkle.

“Huh.. Bad bad Avni”. Twinkle said pouting at Avni.

And then both of them burst into laughter when they realised how stupid they act around each other.

Scene 4 – Next day , college campus

“Oh hello , little Elephant “. Neil shouts running towards Avni.

“Hey donkey “. Avni replies him back frowning.

“Well you won’t believe if I tell you”. Neil says in excitement.

“Tell”. Avni looks curiously at him.

“I am in love , bff … your Neil is in love”. Neil replies happily.

“Oh”. Avni replied sadly.

Not just sad ,she was actually shocked… she felt like crying but why.. she should be happy,her best friend found someone he loved , he is happy so she should be happy too but she clearly wasn’t…

Avni.. what are you thinking… you should be happy for him… it’s not like you love him

Avni slapped her head when these thoughts ran through her mind.

“Haha? look at your face now ?? god you look scared as hell ?”. Neil says laughing at Avni.

“What??”. Avni looks at him in confusion.

“I was joking ?”. Neil says laughing even more.

“Well that wasn’t a good joke”. Avni frowns.

“It was ? that look on your face”. Neil laughs.

“Hey what’s up guys ? Where is Twinkie?”. Manik comes to them running .

“Twinkle… I don’t know.. we haven’t seen her since morning”. Neil replies .

“Ooh.. so what were you guys laughing about?”. Manik says keeping his hand on Neil’s shoulder .

And then Neil tells him whole story and then they both started laughing at Avni and Avni looks at them angrily before walking to classroom.
Neil runs after her.

“Where is this girl?”. Said Manik looking around for Twinkle but she was no where to be seen.
And then a little smirk plays on his face when he sees Nandini walking towards classroom.

“Miss topper”. He shouts at Nandini from back .
Nandini looks back and finds him standing there with a smirk on his face .

“What’s your problem ? Don’t you have a better job ? See don’t mess with me you know I’m class president and..”. Nandini says looking at him angrily .

“And.. what Miss topper .. well I was not messing with you.. I just wanted a company to the class so I stopped you…nothing else.. I’m not as bad as you think”. Manik says and the smirk on his face turns into a sad smile.

“Right.. you are worse than anyone can ever think “. Nandini says rolling her eyes and then walk towards the class leaving Manik behind.

“Why do you hate me so much ?”. Manik says looking down sadly .

He runs to the classroom when he hears the bell ringing. It was music class that means he has to sit beside Nandini. And that means he had a chance to ask her why did she hated him?

He entered the classroom and thank god teacher was not there yet. He looked around searching for Twinkle but she wasn’t there yet and even kunj was nowhere to be seen. He rushed to his seat and sat beside Nandini when he see Zoya coming.

“Good morning class , so  yesterday I thought of giving you guys a unique project and let me tell you this is important because the marks will be added in finals”. Zoya says greeting the class and then started writing something on board .

“Well so you have to do this project in pairs and I don’t have any time to make pairs so your benchmate will be your partner”. Zoya continued to speak  .

“You have to make your own song..that means you will be the writer , composer and singer of the song.. make sure you give your best, all the best”. Zoya said moving her eyes to every student in the class .

Avni looked at Neil ,still angry at him for that stupid joke .
“Sorry Avni.. it was just joke”. Neil says with a apologising look.

“Now talk to me , you know I can’t live without talking to you”. Neil apologies again.

“Its ok, now if you say sorry one more time I will kill you”. Avni says smiling at him.

“So when will we start working on project ?”. Neil asks her .

“Umm.. after college I will come outside your hostel and then we can discuss it in campus”. Avni replies him.

Although Manik was Excited about the project but right now he was really worried because Twinkle still hadn’t come to the class and he wondered where she is.
Not just Twinkle but Kunj was also missing .

Scene 4 – Library ,stonehills

“Twinkle now your project is complete, now I will go to the class I have already missed half of it”. Kunj says standing up from his bench and handing Twinkle her project.

“Thanks for helping Kunj”. She says hugging him.

Kunj’s eyes widens in shock.
Why is she being so nice to me ? It was just yesterday she called me nerd and now…

He pulled back from the hug and hesitantly said bye to her and walked out of the library.

Twinkle honestly didn’t wanted to attend Music class so she stayed back at library only .
She walked through the library searching for a good book to read to pass the time .

“So here you are”. Twinkle gets shocked when someone whispers in her ears. It was Priyank.

“So you were looking for me ?” Twinkle says in a low voice .

“Hmm.. what if I say I was”. Priyank says with a playful smile . Twinkle smiles back.


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