IT’S COMPLICATED… — Avneil , Twinj , AdiYa and MaNan ff (CHAPTER 4)

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Chapter 2 –

IT’S COMPLICATED… — Avneil , Twinj ,AdiYa and MaNan ff (CHAPTER 2)

Scene 1 – Park , stonehills
(Night , 9 Pm)

Twinkle and Kunj were sitting on a bench near fountain. Kunj was writing his lyrics and Twinkle was smiling by reading something on her phone. She wasn’t even paying a little attention on her work.

“Twinkle , I wrote something.. can you check and tell if It’s okay ? “. Kunj asked her giving her the paper he was writing in.

“Yeah, it’s good.. umm actually I have a slight headache … so I won’t be able to write anything now.. sorry”.  Twinkle said touching her head.

Kunj said that its okay but he knew that she’s lying, and that headache is just an excuse for not doing work .
He also knew that Twinkle is not going to contribute anything to the project and he’ll have to this all by himself.
But he can’t do anything about it. If he complains to the teacher then he will get bullied again. He had no choice but to do whatever Twinkle says.
He sighed and then picked his notebook from bench and held it close to his chest .

“Its really late Twinkle. I think we should get back to hostel”. Kunj says standing up.

“Yeah okay.. whatever and don’t tell anyone that I came out of the hostel at this time”. Twinkle says still looking at her phone.

“Hmm”. Kunj replied and then walked towards his hostel.

Scene 2 – Boys hostel ,stonehills

Manik was lying on his bed , thinking about something or someone..
He looked a bit sad god knows for what reason …
He took his diary which was kept on the table and then started turning the pages.  He had a habit of writing his diary daily. Everyone knew a manik who was rude ,always angry, insensitive amd stone hearted but his diary knew everything that other’s didn’t.  He kept a side of himself hidden from everyone.

Have you ever talked nicely ?
I hate you Mr. Manik Malhotra

These words that Nandini always told him ran through his head…

No I’m not that bad …

He wanted to cry but he couldn’t… nobody has seen him crying till date and nobody could see. He wrote something in his diary and closed it. He got up from bed and picked up something that was kept on table and turned to go to bathroom.

“Hey.. what’s in your hand ? Are you doing this again ?… just throw it now”. Neil shouted at Manik entering the room.

Manik steps back and hides that something from Neil.

“No bro.. just going to bathroom.. Nothing else , I promise”. Manik says and runs from there hiding the thing which was in his hand.

Neil looked tensed. He stared at the ceiling thinking what to do. He was tensed because he has seen Manik like that two years ago and he didn’t want to see him like that again… he couldn’t see his friend sad again.
He takes out phone from his pocekt and called avni.

–call connected–

Neil – hello Avni… listen dude.. actually Manik… I don’t know what to say… please don’t get tensed and promise you won’t tell Twinkle, she will worry too much..

Avni   – what happend to Manik.. Ya sure I won’t tell Twinkle but what happened to him ? Is he okay ?

Neil – I’m not sure… but I think.. I think he started it again…

Avni – what!!!but I know he won’t do it simply.. is there something bothering him … was he frustrated?

Neil – I don’t think so .. he was really happy as far as I know… we haven’t seen his mood swings these day too…I think I’m worrying too much..

Avni – yes Neil.. he is fine I think.. don’t worry .. bye .. good night.

—call disconnected—

Manik still hadn’t returned. Neil wondered what took him so long but then convinced himself that he is worrying too much.
He turned off the lights , grabbed his pillow and lied on the bed. His eyes closed and soon he was asleep.
Kunj entered the room and went to bed.

I don’t know why I broke rule because of her , I don’t know why I never answer her back , I get it that I’m not very brave but then also I stand against Manik sometimes but why it’s different for Twinkle.. maybe.. nooo kunj stop thinking shits.

He closed his eyes as he thought this.

Manik still hadn’t returned…

Precap : “why do you keep calling me but don’t say anything”. Aditya shouts on the phone. Manik and Nandini get thrown out of the class… Avni gets a proposal from….


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