It’s All About you! (Ragsan) ( part 5 )

Part 5

Sujatha was mumbling to herself while fast phasing across the hall. Every one was nervous there except Annapurna. She sighed seen her sister in law’s antics when she is overthinking about a fact. All are waiting for any news about the meeting that house’s men had with Shekhar Gadodia and after all it’s a fact to overthink.

“You can mumble to yourself while sitting here on this couch also, you know Sujatha?” Annapurna said in exhausted voice.

“Why aren’t you taking this seriously jiji……. I haven’t seen Sanskar since two days and he went to meet Shekhar ji….. God knows how he will react after all these and you also know about jijaji when it comes to business… and Sanskar… don’t know how he will manage to work with Shekhar ji….”
Sujatha reasoned in one breath. Annapurna agreed to her with all of that on her mind.

“There isn’t anything I could do even if I take it seriously. Is there?” she asked Sujatha. Sujatha knew that her sister in law is right like always but there is no way that she will sit and be calm like her.

Exhausted Maheshwari men entered into mansion all at once startling Sujatha as she was in dilemma about whom she should ask her all the questions. Her eyes moistened seeing Sanskar after two days and after all she is a mother who thinks her children are still kids and need to take care of them as babies. But she also knew asking him about the meeting will be meaningless and moreover she wasn’t sure how he will react. Asking it from older Maheshwari’s was indeed a bad idea and she choose Laksh as always while Annapurna, Parineetha and herself taking bags from their respective partners.

“Laksh you two were alright? Weren’t you? How was the meeting? Was there any problem? Did Shekhar ji said something? Did Sanskar come on time? Did you guys eat on time? He was all okay, right son?” Sujatha kept asking questions from Laksh while others were standing there looking at her amusedly.

Sanskar’s eyes filled with a tear seen his mother’s care, he was seeing her after two days and it hurtled him that she choose Laksh over him ask all the questions. And he knew it’s all his fault that his own mother thinks that he will not answer her questions as a normal son. He was not jealous of Laksh but grateful for being the son that he couldn’t be to his mother over these months.

However Laksh rolled his eyes towards Sujatha which made her panic.

“Good evening to you too chachi! And Yes I have no problems about having a coffee from your hands..”

Annapurna made a thin line out of her lips to preventing herself from letting out her laugh while Parineetha giggled. Sujatha mentally slapped herself for being insensitive.

“Sorry son.. I was just…. you know what I was just…. don’t you?… I will make coffee for you all….” Sujatha tried to explain and make up the situation. Well Laksh was in his full mood and didn’t has any idea to let the moment go.

“For your kind information chachi…. your son also has a mouth and tongue which he use to speak some times and you could try asking him all those questions and you might get some results, you know?… plus don’t think I will answer that question paper without any advantage back… I am a businessman you remember? ” Laksh said in fake serious voice. Sujatha’s cheeks turned red and Sanskar glared at Laksh which made no effect on Laksh.

“what do you want son?” Sujatha knows about Laksh and his ways of asking his needs from her.

“Don’t you think having just coffee is a shame in such a mansion? I don’t mind having any kind of sweet stuffs, you know..?” Laksh said sheepishly and jogged towards his room.


Everyone knew Laksh purposely missed answering questions to avoid a awkward situation and men’s faces clearly showed that nothing serious happened. Everyone left to their respective rooms except Sujatha and Sanskar. Sujatha was heading towards kitchen while thinking which kind of sweet stuffs to prepare unaware of the fact that Sanskar was following her. Sanskar took baby steps towards Sujatha and his face was filled with sorrow and guilty.

“Mom?” he slowly mumbled to take Sujatha’s attention as she didn’t noticed him still. Sujatha looked at him with tears and surprise. Gulping her huge urge to hug him tightly, thinking he won’t like it, she asked him,

“You also want something?”

It was the call for Sanskar and he leaned forward to hug his mother, tears making their way through his face.
“ I missed you mom… and I miss her too…..” he sobbed on his mother’s shoulder like a kid who just came after the first day of his school. Sujatha let out a deep breath and took him in her embrace letting him pour his emotions on her. After months she felt, she got her old son back who was fun, loving, caring and all.

God creates different kind of women but same kind of mothers. As they say a mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world, it knows no law, no pity. It dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path. God gave women this special capability of sensing future, whether some bad going to happen or some bless is going to shower. When a woman becomes a mother her senses change and they get this ability to peek through her child’s eyes and see the every emotions that hidden behind them. Sujatha could peek through her son’s eyes and sense these utmost comfort feelings that she didn’t feel for ages.

‘Everything…… soon gonna be alright….’



Sanskar was having his best day after a long time. He met his wife. Managed to sleep on her lap. Meeting went well. Got his mother back. Explained her every thing. Every thing was perfect. He eventually thought that the meeting with his father in law will be a disaster but Shekhar Gadodia did nothing but giving him a cold shoulder. Well he knew he won’t get any warm welcome after what he did to his daughter and getting his cold shoulder was more than enough for him.

‘I have a year to make up with you papa and I have whole life to make you mine again Ragini…. I won’t let you go…. not this time…… I won’t let anyone come between us and no one will able to make you away from me.. no one.. not even you Ragini… my little marshmallow….’

After having a warm shower, Sanskar went to dining area with a relieved heart. Every one was present there and Laksh who had no manners when it comes to food was having his dinner already. Sanskar gave a slight slap behind Laksh’s head and sat next to him. Every one was feeling relieved and comforted seen that Sanskar is back to normal after ages and Laksh is not in angry mood after yesterday’s outburst.

“Don’t you have any manners, you idiot… it’s a sin to harm innocent eating people… have you lost your brain or something?” Laksh snapped at Sanskar while chewing a piece of his flat bread.
“Manners and innocent… we need to change the meanings of those words in order to make them suit for you lucky…..” Adarsh chuckled seeing his brother’s irritated face.
“Was that a joke.? Should I laugh?” Laksh asked making faces towards his brothers.

Durga Prasad scanned through the dining table and seen everything in order decided to talk. He glanced towards Annapurna and she slightly nodded her head thinking what tornado will come after this announcement. He cleared his throat to gain the family attention.

“ We are going to arrange your marriage Laksh…”

Adarsh’s spoon stopped in the middle of air, Parineetha gasped in shock, Uttara gulped big lump of saliva, Sanskar gave a strong hard look while Laksh gritted his teeth.

“And who gave you the permission for that?” Laksh tried hard to be cool as possible as he could.
“I don’t need anyone’s” Durga Prasad stated.
“so is there any Laksh that I don’t know.? Because I won’t marry to anyone’s order…” Laksh smirked towards his father.

“I am not any one to you Laksh… I am your father and I have every rights…” Durga Prasad said in stern voice and Laksh was losing his cool.

“No you don’t… not over me…” He clearly said ignoring Durga Prasad’s glaring. Sanskar knew where this will go and he knew he has no right to interfere either. It was a matter between a father and a son.

“ Laksh… you are not getting any younger.. we have found suitable girls for you from suitable families and you can choose one of them” Durga Prasad tried to sound normal keeping his anger aside. He very well knew his younger son is a total exception from the others.
“ what do you want this time dad?” Laksh burst out losing his self control. Sanskar closed his eyes knowing what will come next.
“what do you mean Laksh?” Durga Prasad asked in dark voice.

“oh you very well know what I mean… don’t you dad? You needed a hotel complex, you made Adarsh bhai marry Parineetha bhabhi. You needed to expand your empire and reputed family so you made Sanskar bhai marry Ragini bhabhi…. you needed a partner and you fixed Uttara’s marriage with Karan…. and what you want now…. that you are trying to fix my marriage? ” Laksh stated with utmost displeasure. Parineetha’s eyes got moistened by the sudden flashback and Adarsh squeezed her hand under the dining table with a bitter smile while Uttara’s eyes twinkled with tears and Sanskar’s throat hardened with something that he felt like a stone. Laksh stood up and didn’t stop his outburst.

“ And I wonder what are you gonna do after getting me married dad… what will you do if you need any thing else, you don’t have any more children… so who you are gonna use..? your unborn grandchild.?” He pointed at Parineetha and was about to slam the table out of anger when he saw his bhabhi gasping with fear and shock. He put down his hand and making his sound low, looked towards Adarsh.
“Bhai… please take her to your room” Adarsh nodded and made Parineetha stand up. He wrapped his hand around her shoulders and took her to their room whispering soothing words to her ear. Their moving figures made Laksh heart little light and he looked straight into his father’s eyes.

“ I am not going to make another girl’s life a deal dad. NEVER…..”

Laksh marched towards his room and slammed the door behind leaving helpless Sujtha who looked at Annapurna, who already knew this kind of thing happen. No one else was there as all the others left the area with different kinds of emotions such as anger, sympathy and guilt.



Sanskar was looking at moon at his balcony. All the past events were playing in front of his eyes like he was watching a movie which was filled with sorrow and bitterness when he heard some one entering his room. He could figure out who came to his room at this mid night by the sound of familiar foot steps, even without looking at the person.

“It was not just a deal lucky….. it was a bet……”

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