It’s All About you! (Ragsan) ( part 4 ) by Seyaa

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Part 4

Sunrays tickled Sanskar’s face, making him cover his face by pulling the comforter. He turned his face to other side still sleeping and was irritated with the sensation he felt on his leg. It took seconds him to understand it’s his phone vibrations that made him wake up from his peaceful slumber. He cursed the caller under his breath while pulling the phone out of his trouser pocket. He answered the phone still closing his eyes.

“Yes, SM speaking,,” Sanskar said irritatedly.

“Done with your romance? Come to the office then!” a sarcastic tone answered him making Sanskar jerked and get up instantly.

“Laksh… what the..” Sanskar rubbed his sleepy eyes with his other hand and look around only to see a fully arranged, neat beautiful room which was not his room. He tried to figure out what happened in last night.

“where am I?” Sanskar muttered under his breath.

“Definitely not the place where you should be at right now. OFFICE. Bid bye to bhabi and come here, you idiot. You have to attend to the meeting at 10.15 am and it’s already 9. Who the hell will take care of all these documents? You want dad to kill me along with yourself???” Laksh yelled at Sanskar faking angry. Reality strikes Sanskar and the flashes of yesterday night popped up in mind. He cursed himself and jumped out of bed frustratingly.

“Mind your language Lucky, it’s me who you are talking” Sanskar said in fake stern voice. Laksh suppressed his chuckle over the phone and disconnected the call.

Sanskar looked around and there was no sign was Ragini. He mentally slapped his head while trying to figure out how to face her.

He came out of the room after wearing his shoes which Ragini kept there after cleaning to which he was grateful and ashamed at the same time. He loved the fact that she cared for him and hated the fact that he was irresponsible to make her clean it.

Ragini was sipping a coffee at kitchen table while looking at the phone. Her hair was wet and open and was warning light yellow salwar. She was in deep thoughts and didn’t notice Sanskar was there which gave Sanskar time to adore his wife. Now he was all his senses and immediately understood that any of his answers will not make her approve his journey to her apartment. So he thought to defend himself. He cleared his throat to gain her attention and Ragini looked at him.

“ how dare you to kidnap me?” Sanskar asked her with attitude hoping that she will answer in the same manner, so he can talk with her. At least to fight. Ragini smirked disbelievingly and without saying a word poured a another cup of coffee and kept it on the table.

“ I know you are acting. No need of it. Have this coffee and if you want there is breakfast too. Drink, eat and leave from here, I am already late to the hospital.” She said pointing at coffee and the breakfast on the table with out any emotions. Sanskar was hurt, really hurt with her emotionless response but was not ready to accept his defeat. He is Sanskar Maheshwari after all.

“why didn’t you drag me out of the house at night?” he asked slowly with a weak smile coming into normal, keeping his fake attitude aside knowing she will not talk with him anyway.

“ I tried, and I couldn’t. You was heavy. I even called Laksh. He said he has some horoscope issues about dragging you out of the house while you are sleeping.” Ragini said with a end-of-the-discussion tone but Sanskar couldn’t help but smile at her answer. She finished her coffee and again pointed at the table and walked away passing him.

“ I wish if you could hate me Ragini…..” Sanskar stated which made Ragini stop her steps. She turned to him trying to get what he meant. She gave him a questionable look.
Sanskar took the coffee cup from the table and turned to her.

“ I mean it. I wish at least if you could hate me. After all that way you would have a feeling about me, remember me at least to take revenge or something. I’d have a permanent place in your heart in that way, and I could try to make that hate into love. I could try to change your angry into a smile. But seeing you like this, really hurts in here, you know?” Sanskar said in drowned tone pointing at his heart at last.

“seeing me like what?” Ragini asked.

“like this…. emotionless. Not having any special feeling about me. Treating me like other people you meet. Like when you meet and treat your patients. You smile with them. Talk nicely with them. Treat them, and then it’s over. You don’t have any bond with those people. Nor any emotions about them except sympathy. They are just some random people to you. Neither love nor hate.” Sanskar said emotionally.

There was a time that Ragini hated to be a doctor but now she thanked it whole heartedly which gave her capability of hiding her emotions. She was still trying to understand whatever he said was right or wrong. She didn’t find words to answer him and Sanskar didn’t hope for it either.
“I’ll drink this and leave. You made it, I can’t leave it to go in waste, so,.” Sanskar said trying to smoothen the thick air. Ragini just nodded her head and left to her room controlling her tears and thinking what will the fate bring her in future.





Sanskar entered into Maheshwari industries where every one was waiting for their arrogant boss. Even the experienced and elder businessmen in the city were startling hearing the names of Mr. SM and Mr. LM so what’s there to tell about employees. Every one knew Laksh Maheshwari had no issues about showing humanity he had in him, when it’s needed, but not Sanskar Maheshwari when in the terms of work. Especially not these days when his mood is not at all good.

“Were you guys family planning? What took you so long.? Those wizards are waiting…” Laksh yelled at Sanskar as soon as he entered into his cabin. Sanskar glared at him, it made no sense to Laksh anyway.

“Don’t you think calling your own dad a wizard is a bit above rude?” Sanskar rolled his eyes towards Laksh taking documents.

“ really, was it a bit above? What should I call him to make it sound like a high above?” Laksh stated in sarcastic tone still signing some papers.
“Laksh, you can’t..” Sanskar started to say only to cut in middle by his brother’s serious voice.

“Mr. Gadodia is coming to the meeting by the way” Laksh said. Sanskar was surprised and Laksh answered his unasked questions.
“It’s a joint project, you remember. He is the partner we didn’t know and I came to know about it today morning. He has same responsibilities as he has same percentage of shares like we do and we will be, technically you will be working with him in the upcoming year. Congratulations on working with your soon to be ex-father-in-law and no thanks I don’t want to be a part of your personal family matters. I won’t join in this project in personal anyway.” Laksh stated in one breath, holding a pen in two fingers in attitudinal way.

Sanskar exhaled a deep breath hoping for the best.



Hello everyone! I know I am late and this is a short update but couldn’t help with both. Sorry about it.. ? So firstly, Happy New Year to you all. Sorry for late wishes..
Thanks all who liked and commented in last part it means a lot and sorry I couldn’t reply personally. But I see less likes than the first chapters and it really made me sad. I am really grateful if you could tell me what’s the wrong. Please comment and tell your honest view, so I can get a idea about my writings as this is my first attempt here. Silent readers please like at least if you liked it. And I have no problems about reading, so give long comments.
Hopefully I will bring the past incidents of story in next part and if every thing goes well I will be able to give a early update.
Sorry for mistakes over there and more over sorry if I bored you all.. stay blessed…

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