It’s All About you! (Ragsan) ( part 3 )

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Part 03


Ragini could hear a sound of relieving sigh from the other side of the phone. Her lips turned into a smiley curve feeling Laksh’s care towards Sanskar.

“ Is he okay..?” Laksh asked being worried and in the very next moment se said,
“What a stupid question, of course he will be all right in your embrace… no doubts” he chuckled. Ragini took a deep breath to calm herself.
“Laksh, he is not okay… he was badly drunk… you know? How can you let him drink alcohol like that.. ? Do you know how he came here today.. he was………” Ragini started narrating what happened at night but the poor girl was wasting words as Laksh was not listening.

‘How could you be this much stupid lucky, you should have understand it, if bhai is disappeared for more than three hours, of course he is definitely near bhabi… this moron, didn’t even care to inform me about his whereabouts, I was searching him, whole town, whole night, at every possible place a drunken man can be, I missed my football match.. my movie… more over my chocolate pudding… and here he is romancing with his wife……. this scores should be settle down brother,…’

Laksh Maheshwari, younger brother of Sanskar. Sanskar’s best friend of all who understand him the most, His business partner who is another individual business tycoon in the city, His criminal partner whether it to be stealing sweets from the kitchen or helping him to romance with his wife, in short.. Sanskar’s minion.

“hey you,.. are you listening.. ?” Laksh’s chain of thoughts was broken by Ragini’s sudden snap.
“Ohh.. yeah.. I was just wondering how will it taste, if I make a salad of bhai…..” Laksh said in a serious note.
“Awful…” Ragini answered with out thinking.
“Really, will it be that bad, how about a juice of Sanskar then?” he asked suppressing his laugh.
“Hehehe… very funny lucky..” Ragini said in a sarcastic tone.
“I am serious Laksh, come soon and take him home..” she demanded. Ragini will surely come to know that really something bad going to happen, if she saw the mischievous grin that Laksh had on his face.

“oh bhabi… who said I will come.. of course I won’t come at this time..” he pretended to be concerned. Ragini couldn’t understand what he meant.
“what? I mean why? You should come and take him home, how can I keep him here.?” She panicked.
“Do you really don’t know bhabi, why I can’t come? I have a serious issue! Don’t you know that we, Maheshwari brothers have a huge problem in night.” he said innocently with a sheepish smile on his face.
Since Ragini couldn’t see his face, she was hell worried about them.

“What is it Laksh? I really don’t know about such thing..”
“Really bhabi, you learnt nothing while staying with us,? I am truly disappointed …” he said faking disappointment.
“tell me clearly Laksh, what’s the issue?” Ragini shouted in concern.
“Wo, actually bhabi, we Maheshwari brothers have a major horoscope problem, yeah…” Laksh said with the most serious voice he could have.
“you guys have a major what???” Ragini couldn’t believe her ears.
“you tell me first, bhai is sleeping. Isn’t he?”
“yes, but what the connection between these?” she asked confusedly.

“You know bhabi, each and every person who checked out our horoscopes had said that no one should wake we up while we are sleeping. Specially bhai. So I can’t come, you see the problem bhabi right? It’s not like that I want him to sleep with you or something. Just this horoscope issue, you see… how can I wake him up and take him home, it will be a bad omen.. even though I am hell angry with him right now, I can’t let something bad happen to him, so handle him for this night bhabi….” Laksh reasoned with one breath while tightly controlling his laugh and it took whole one minute for Ragini to understand what he meant.

“Lucky you idiot moron,,,,” she was about to scold him and she was cut off in the middle.

“say him good night on my behalf bhabi, good night to you too and have a looooonnnggg romantic night while staring at your childish hubby” He chuckled and cut the call.
Laksh looked at his phone screen where a picture of his and Sanskar’s was shown. He had a gleeful smile on his face and muttered,

‘ you owe me brother’

On the other hand Ragini looked at her phone disbelievingly and whispered to herself,

Are all the Maheshwari brothers born like this, without brains..’




Laksh entered into their mansion and his face clearly showed the tiredness and the relief he had. Every one of the family was presented there but the emotions they had in their faces were different. Sujatha was hell worried about her son and tears were all ready to burst out any time. She was fast phasing across the hall making every one present there more nervous. Annapurna was sitting weakly in the couch facing towards the main door, hoping for any news about her son. Only she knew how much she loved Sanskar even though she couldn’t express it in front of the world. Uttara was hugging a cushion to control her emotions and was calling Laksh continuously which he didn’t answer. Pregnant Pari was really concerned and was sitting near Annapurna holding her hand and Adarsh was standing there assuring her that every thing will be alright. Durga Prasad Maheshwari and Ram Prasad Maheshwari were present there, having no emotions.

Laksh scanned through their faces and announced the awaited news.

“He is alright.”

Sujatha exhaled a sigh which she didn’t even notice that she was holding and all the other ladies looked relieved. Laksh started to go to his room ignoring them and stop in the middle when he heard his father’s rough voice.

“Where is he?”

Laksh turned towards him with a sarcastic smirk and answered normally.
“ Don’t worry, he will be there at meeting on time.”
“That’s not the answer for my question, I asked where is he?” Durga Prasad groaned in anger.
“He is safe and in peace, isn’t that what matter?” Laksh tried his best to control his temper.

“Son, we need to know..” Ram Prasad started to tell sternly but he was cut off in middle.

“I said all you need to know at the first place chachu, he will come to the meeting…. then why you people are dragging this? Well I know you people don’t care about his safety and all, so I don’t find it worth to waste my words about telling his whereabouts and of course he will be alright any where far from this place, and don’t worry there won’t be any headlines tomorrow morning about SM which will harm your reputation..” Laksh said in deep dark voice and glaring a angry smirk to all he went to upstairs, to his room leaving fuming Durga and Ram behind. All were confused for while and then started to leave their respective rooms.

Laksh went near his drawer and taking the water jug angrily, poured water into a glass and drank it in one go. He kept the glass with a thud and closed his eyes remembering his evening how he tried to find his brother. His lips turned into a smile curvy memorizing his conversation with his bhabi.

To him, Ragini was not only his sister in law, but also his elder sister he never had, his friend, his companion. He never felt any different between Uttara or Ragini and in fact he felt more comfortable with Ragini as Uttara never allowed him to pull her ponytail.
‘Poor bhabi, she must be planning my murder right now’

He was drowned in his thoughts when he heard the low voice of his door knocking. He had a idea about the person behind the door and he was right. Sujata was standing there being worried and scared as he left the hall a while ago angrily. She was holding a tray which contained a glass of milk and a plate full of food. She had tears in her eyes. Laksh took her in the room and closed the door behind. He smiled at her assuring he is not angry with her. He always loved his chachi, who loved him too as her own son.

“Wo,.. son you look pale.. you should eat..” she mumbled.
Laksh looked at her and let out a sigh. He hugged Sujata and patted her back with a caring smile.

“I am sorry, I was rude down there..” he pouted at her breaking the hug. She wiped her tears and made him sit and gave the milk glass to him. Laksh made her sit beside and answered Sujatha’s unasked question.
“Bhai is with bhabi.. don’t worry.. he will be alright.” He held her hand nodding his head positively. Sujatha’s lips trembled and slowly whispered with a weak smile,

“of course, he will be alright with her…”



Phew.. done.. how is it guys, kindly leave your votes and long comments as they really inspire me. I am really grateful to all the response I had in last chapter but truly I was little concerned as the 2nd chapter had less likes than the first one. but I am very thankful to you all for those lovely comments. Please leave your honest reviews, good or bad, I am willing to take them all. They mean a lot.
My exam results are coming within next three days and weirdly, I am terrified and that’s something never happened. So I couldn’t concentrate on anything except this and don’t know how this chapter turned out too. So leave your comments and likes and tell me about it guys.
And Merry Christmas to you all…! Stay blessed and happy..

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