It’s All About You! Part 09

It took seconds for Ragini to understand what was going on and to realise that she was still sucking the lollipop in front of her in laws and husband. Maheshwari family was amused and was not reacting while Sanskar was looking emotionally at her. She took lollipop out of her mouth instantly and pulled her hands to her back hiding her lollipop from them and made a puppy face like she did nothing while clearing her throat. Sanskar laughed internally seeing her cute antics.

Oh little marshmallow.. you never change….

The nurse was bit scared as one of renowned doctors was dragged to attend a minor cut, only if she knew the relationship between doctor and the patient.

“I am sorry doctor.. I told them that you don’t attend this kind of..” nurse was blabbering when she was cut by Ragini.

“It’s all right. I’ll take care of it.” Ragini said while pretending to ignore her family members’ gaze and glaring towards Laksh who was smirking.

“But doctor..” nurse started to say when Ragini again disturbed her.

“Why don’t you do me a favour by informing doctor Vickram that I will be late for lunch while I attend this patient.” Ragini said in a stern voice which made nurse stand and nod in agreement at once before she left the hospital room. Sanskar’s face turned paler which was already pale because of blood loss, hearing name Vickram from her. Even Laksh was stunned for a moment hearing that name as he didn’t expect it in the moment.

Ragini came closer to Sanskar and sat where the nurse was sitting  while keeping her lollipop aside on the small table beside and gave a keen look on his wound. She turned her head to look at Sanskar and then at the family who were still standing without any movement.

“Ahem… I will treat him.. nothing to worry…” she said in a normal voice.

“..maybe a little, to worry” she added looking at the wound again to which all the family members obediently nod. She gave a small smile towards them and started to clean Sanskar’s wound from where nurse left. Sujatha wiped her tears looking at her son and daughter in law together after a long time and so was Annapurna.

They both gave small smiles towards Ragini and left the room giving them privacy. Laksh who was internally grinning seeing the couple, turned to left when he saw Adarsh and Uttara still in the room without moving, looking at Sanskar. He went near behind them who was standing near to each other and gave slaps to back of his brother’s  and sister’s heads at the same time. Adarsh and Uttara whined in pain and Sanskar and Ragini looked at them startled not understanding  what’s going on. Laksh clutched  both Adarsh’s and Uttara’s shoulders from behind as if hugging them both while grinning towards Sanskar and Ragini.

“Oh you two carry on….. we are not here..” he said chuckling and then glared at Adarsh and Uttara while turning them both towards the door.

“Just take your own sweet time..” Laksh again fake smiled towards the couple and dragged his brother and sister along with him.

“Are you idiots having potatoes inside your skulls..?” he huffed, looking at them with a twisted face.

Ragini shrugged her shoulders in disbelief  and then again looked at Sanskar who was already looking at her emotionally and captured her in a small eye lock. His eyes was flooding with emotions while Ragini was trying to figure out what are them. She soon came out of dazed zone and again started to treat his wound, giving Sanskar time to adore his wife. It took almost a minute to him understand that it’s the moment to talk with her without any disturbances.

“Ragini..” he said in a small voice trying to grab her attention to which she didn’t give any heed.

“Raginii….”he again said little louder while patting her shoulder fully knowing that she is ignoring him. He pouted as she was not replying and since he was stubborn too like her, decided to get her attention in anyway.

He waited for a moment to gather strength to which Ragini exhaled a soft breath as she thought he stopped his attempts of bothering her only to be prove wrong in next second.

“RAGINIIII……….” he screamed in his full voice near her ear making her almost deaf. She gasped in fear touching her chest with her hand, dropping the cotton which was on it. She closed her eyes in annoyance and snapped at him in the next moment.

“Have you lost it Mr. Maheshwari?” she almost yelled at him to which Sanskar grinned with satisfaction as he succeeded in getting her attention. She nodded disbelievingly and again looked at the wound.

“Ragini I swear I didn’t do it intentionally…that mirror…” he said in a small convincing voice.

“I don’t care how it happened Sanskar” she said sternly cutting him. He looked at her emotionally for a moment when his brain gave him a alert. He smirked and tapped her again with his other hand.

“Hey.. aren’t you supposed to behave nicely and dearly to your patients, doc? You are being mean to me!” he complained with a pout. Ragini looked at him and closed her eyes.

Is this really happening….

“Why don’t you just shut up and let me do this thing?” she asked him.

“Isn’t it obvious..? I simply can’t..” he said in small voice as he was tired and pain was evident on his face. Ragini understood that he is in utter pain and was trying to control it heavily only have to chance to talk with her. She exhaled a sigh and touched his hand.

“Look Sanskar, these cuts are deep and you’ve lost lots of blood, you are weak so please don’t stress yourself..” she said softly, looking at him with utter sincerity. His eyes filled with tears instantly seeing her concern and because of pain. His heart flattered as he could sense she understood his pain.

“It’s paining…” he complained like a kid. “a lot..” he added again.

“I know..” Ragini said softly while again looking at his cut marks. “this may need a stitch..” she said with a nod tilting at Sanskar. Sanskar’s face filled in horror in the  next moment and he grabbed his hand from her.

“I agree that you have the all the rights of the world to punish me for the crime I did to you but that doesn’t mean you can prick a needle through my skin mercilessly. Is this the way you are taking your revenge doc?” he scowled and turned his head away from her.

Did he got a cut on his skull along with the arm…

It took seconds for Ragini to understand his behaviour.

“Seriously Mr. Maheshwari, out of all of things in the world you chose needles to be scared of?” she smirked.
“What?.. noo… I am not scared of those.” Sanskar turned his head again towards her hurriedly. “I simply don’t like them” he added in a convincing manner.

“Good.. cause I don’t care what you scare or not” she said and prepared to stitch his cut.

“Why can’t you just put a plaster and keep things simple?” Sanskar was almost pleading.
“it could work if I behave like a good boy and keep my arm steadily without moving, you see…” he asked in a small voice. Ragini smirked hearing him.

“Overcome your fears.. then you’ll have nothing to fear” she said like a counsellor.

“I could tell the same to you Ragini..” Sanskar said emotionally looking directly at her eyes and it didn’t took seconds to her understand what he meant.

“Alright.. I will put a plaster and keep on your mind to behave like a good boy.” Ragini said ignoring his line. “That.. I will keep..” he agreed with a relief.

Sanskar was looking at his wife without making a sound while she dressed his wound with a bandage. It felt so strange to him as he had so many things to tell her when he finally meet her and when she met, he was unable to form words and then he was not surprised as he found himself froze most of the times when she’s around him since the very beginning.

Only if I could understand what I felt for you earlier little marshmallow…by now we could…

“Ragini I don’t want to get divorce” Sanskar was surprised hearing his own voice speaking.

“Done.. now you need to rest and keep your hand steadily” Ragini said nonchalantly.

“Ragini please… I want to ….”

“Don’t worry, I’ll give you a pain killer.. that’ll reduce your pain.” she said ignoring him.

“I know what pain killers do.. Ragini please I am asking you something..” Sanskar whined when Maheshwari family entered the room. Ragini thanked all her stars for making them come in as she knew that he won’t stop asking it over and over again.

“He will be alright, just keep his hand steadily for at least a week and don’t let him do work. Make sure he rest properly as he is weak by losing blood. I’ll prescribe a pain killer, give it in every eight hours.” Ragini said in one breath not particularly to one but to everyone while standing. She was about leave when Sanskar clutched her hand with his unhurt hand.

“Thanks..” he mumbled slowly. Ragini turned at him and gave him a weak smile. “it’s my duty as a doctor” she said. Sanskar’s hurt was evident on his face as she spoke.

Wasn’t there any part, you did as a wife…

Their small eye lock was broken by  rhythmical exclaiming voice came near from the door to which all turned at the door.

“Hey buddy-bud-bud..” Vickram almost barged inside the room when he saw people in there. “Oops.. sorry.. I  was..”
that’s when he noticed the family inside was his friend’s in laws who have little connections with her painful memories.

He saw Sanskar was holding Ragini’s hand and he looked at her keenly for confirmation if she is okay. “Are you alright?” Vickram asked sharply. Sanskar’s clutched on her hand tightened unknowingly as old memories were disturbing him.

“I am alright.. I was about to come..” she told Vickram with a convincing smile. He nodded and went few steps away giving family the space for there good bye. Ragini slowly pulled her hand out of Sanskar’s grip while he just looked at her intensely.

None said anything until Annapurna talked just when Ragini was about to step outside the door. “Thank you beta..” she said in weak voice. Ragini looked at her family who had gratefulness all over their face but her attention was grabbed by Annapurna.

Why badi maa looks so pale and weak..

Ragini shook off her thoughts while nodding with a small smile. She went outside as Vickram was waiting for her while everyone was looking at her in gratitude..


Vickram is played by Harshad Chopda

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