It’s all about love yrkkh

Hello friends I am Sanjhu I wrote stories of yrkkh now I thought to write FanFiction of Shivangi Joshi and Mohsin Khan story name is its all about love  I don’t anything about how they first meet on yrkkh set how they become friends and how they fall in love and I don’t know so it’s all my imagination 😹 soo please forgive me for mistakes so now in this story Shivangi Joshi and Mohsin Khan going to marry so this based how their life change after their marriage but I want support and suggestions then I will able to write so  now let’s go to character sketch of its all about love 🙂

Character Sketch:

In Shivangi family

Shivangi father : Suman Prakash Joshi he is a government employee

Shivangi mother: Yashoda Joshi she is house wife

Shivangi sister : Sheetal Joshi she is college student

Shivangi brother : Samarth Joshi he is college student

Mohsin Khan family

Mohsin father : Abdul Waheed Khan he is a government employee

Mohsin mother : Mehzabin Khan she is housewife

Mohsin sister : Zeba Khan she is fashion designer

Mohsin brother : Sajjad Khan he is college student

So guys this is character sketch of its all about love I hope you all like this story if any mistakes please tell me and waiting for your suggestions



















  1. Kavya_P

    Waiting for first one n also Update other stories too

  2. Superbbb 💖. waiting for 1st episode ☺️

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