Itna tumhe chahana hai…Tum soch na sakogi!! (krpkeb) Episode 39

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D: don’t u wanna know the reason?
S: no….I guess I have stopped clinging onto that reason nd that person, whom I bother no more.

Saying so Sona moved ahead towards the door nd was about to open it when dev backhugged her tightly.
Sona was affected by him, but her broken heart couldn’t let her find peace at this very moment, so she started struggling out from his hold.
D: pls Sona…. Don’t!!
Let me say wat I have been keeping in myself for a year.
Sona stayed calm for a bit, while dev narrated the whole incident….Still backhugging her.
D: u know right after ur car accident….Someone kept on threatening me. Initially I thought it was some kind of scam…But soon accident on u increased. I tried to find out that person, but I couldn’t catch hold of him.
On the day of our marriage, he blackmailed me saying that the moment I’d step inside the church, he would blast the whole church. So having no answer I ….I…Left u.
Sona turned…Her tears were about to slip out of her eyes
S: y didn’t u tell me…Or contacted me?
D: I…I…Was afraid if he got to know abt this he would try to harm u again…This whole year…I tried to find him.
And in recent days…I got to know that blackmailer died in an accident himself, he was some of my rival from business world.
I was relieved nd went to see u, nd just then I saw u with ritwick nd that kid…Happy.
I thought u moved on…So I tried to stay away from u.
Dev held sona’s hand in his hand….While Sona was trying to calm herself.
Sona got rid of his hands , turned nd went out…. Leaving him all startled.

Sona kept on walking, with tears dropping from her eyes. Until she was again caught in a familiar embrace.
S: leave me alone dev
Dev tightened his grip on her nd placed his face on her shoulder nd nodes no.
Sona struggled to move out of his grip, but the more she resisted the more stronger dev gripped her.
D: I am sorry for being so selfish… But I can’t let u go now. This year was tough for me too.
S: it was more difficult for me…Atleast u knew why to stay away from me….Bit I didn’t know anything. I kept on thinking.. Did I do something wrong, was my love not enough, or did u find someone better!!!
U shouldn’t have done this!!
Dev wipes her eyes nd turned her to himself so that she faced him. He slowly wiped her tears nd took her in his embrace.
They stood like this for quite a long time…Both feeling each other….After that long emotional breakdown nd separation.
As Sona calmed down, gently took her hand in his…Nd dropped her at her home as it was late nd she needed some rest.

After dropping her, dev nd Sona both were drawn in same thoughts. None of them wanted to leave each other’s company.
They wanted to spend some time with each other but tgey felt awkward after all that happened.
They both tried to sleep but sleep was far away from their eyes.

At devs apartment

Dev was turning here nd there on the bed trying to get sleep but he couldn’t.
D: why isn’t it getting day?? I want to see her again.
He picked up his phone nd opened her contact…But kept it aside.
D: ughhhh…Maybe she slept!! Wat should I do?
I want to see her , hold her…. Tomorrow I will get her here!!!
He got up nd moved towards the fridge nd drank water.
Suddenly bell rung nd he moved to open the door as he was quite surprised as to who it could be at this odd hour .
As soon as he opened the door, he was shocked seeing Sona with her bags.
S: I…Umm…I just…I…Was missing u!! I hope I’m not disturbi….
Sona’s words were left incomplete…As dev locked her lips with his, showing how much he missed her too.
They moved a bit back until Sona touched a table behind her.
Dev without breaking the kiss, picked her up nd rested her on the table….As time passed, both were hungrily nd madly kissing each other uptil their lungs were ready to burst as they were out of oxygen.
As they ended their kiss, both rested their heads against each other’s…Nd tried to gain breath.
Dev looked at her nd moved his hands all the way from her wait upto her neck. He slightly tilted her face , nd kissed her again with all his love nd passion which he had been keeping inside for long.
D: I missed u too Sona!!
( Caressing her cheeks)
He picked her up from table nd put her on ground. He held her hand nd with other he pulled her bag inside the room.
After keeping her bag, he looked at her eyes seeking permission…
Nd after getting so….He again picked her up in bridal style nd kept her on the bed nd leaned on her lips, capturing them with his.
Slowly slowly, all of their barriers were gone, nd their bodies laid together, moulding perfectly into each other’s, as they made love again…..

In the morning
Sona opened her eyes nd looked at devs face ….She wanted to touch his face with her hand but retarded her hand…Nd tried getting up without disturbing him….
But she was again pulled in such a way that her head feel on devs arm while devs other hand held her hand. They both looked at each other.
D: I love u Sonakshi….Please forgive me
S: I have already forgiven u
D: please love me Sonakshi
S: I already do love u
D: please keep me in ur heart, like I have kept u in mine
S: u are already there in my heart, u never left it…
Dev broke there eye stance nd pulled her into his embrace, such that her face was hidden in his chest nd his arms caressed her head.
D: I love u Sona…I promise that I would never ever leave u
S: I love u too….Even I promise
Sona kept silent for some time, nd getting to answer dev pulled out of the hug nd looked down in her eyes.
D: what promise?
S: next time if u leave me, I won’t wait for u nd I would get married nd have kids!!
Dev got angry nd tightly kissed her…
D: don’t ever think of getting married to anyone else, but me. Nd don’t worry I would make u a mother soon?
Sona got embarrassed nd hid her face in his chest.
While dev chuckled.

Episode ends********
Hey guys I know you all are worried for me..
I’m so sorry for disappearing like that but an urgent work came up so I couldn’t write.
I’m not back yet…As I have mailed this episode to kriya hoping she’d put it up for u guys soon as I found some time out.

Don’t worry for me.
The FF would end in the next part.
I hope you all like their so awaited reunion.
Nd ritika!!! Sorry for making u nd others wait.

Aarohi signing off?

Hello guys I am kriya again posting this on behalf of Aarohi. I hope u would like it nd let me know how u liked it so that I could tell aarohi that her efforts didn’t go in vain.

She would be back soon!!
I guess by Saturday.
So till then thank u a for being such patient readers….But I want u all, even silent readers to comment this time….
If not for me, but for aarohi!!

Thank u

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  1. awesome. I was eagerly waiting for it. thank u aarohi di and kriya di. I loved it. at least devakshi reunion hua. I am now relieved. there was a veryyyyyyyyyyyy big smile on my face after seeing it on my phone screen. I missed u and ur ff a lotttttt.
    and don’t need to be sorry. everyone has their personal life.

    love u???????????

  2. Akshita

    Thanks kriya for posting on her behalf ☺
    lots of love?
    post as soon as possible

  3. plzzzzzzzzzzz don’t end it so soon. I am in love with ur ff very much. plzzzzzzzzzzz thora aur extended kardo. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz??????????

  4. Hi dr…this is my fst time to comment fr ur ff dr..actually i am a silent reader …nd very big fan fr ur ff…i am always waiting fr ur post…nd this epi was awesome and very emotional…no words to describe it..i loved it…eagerly waiting fr d next epi…thanks kriya fr posting this epi…really u r a very gud frd…

  5. Rekhadhir

    Nice n romantic aarohi

  6. Rekhadhir

    But krpkab main humlog comments kyun nhi kar pa rhe??????

    Are tu walo kya problem hai aap ki btao jra kab se wait kar rhe hai

  7. Wooohoooo…!!!
    Yeah yeah…!!!
    Now please fatafat se get them married….
    Bohot hogaya ab…
    It was a fab episode…
    Will be waiting for your next update…?

  8. really veryyy niceeee plssssss don’t finish it so soonnnnnnn

  9. Nehal

    Just one word wow

  10. Richa144

    Loved it to the core… Thank you for posting.. waiting for next episode

  11. Riti1107

    Aarohi ko 11 mulko ke fans dhundh rahe the but Aarohi ko dhundhna mushkil hi nahi namumkin tha
    Thanks Kriyaa for posting this
    Nd thanks Aarohi for writing such a wonderful story … I’ll always remember it ❤❤

  12. Sgatik

    Finally, so happy to read ur ff. Amazing n romantic episode. Pls dont end ur ff this soon aarohi. Eagerly waiting for next episode.

  13. Hii guys…. Im a silent reader
    Arohi , your ff is soooo…………I ve no words to describe. It was fab….

  14. Awesome episode dear

  15. V.V.harshita

    Awesome really missed ur ff and poat soon. ???????????????????

  16. Madhu.r

    i really missed your story a lot

  17. Kriya di, Aarohi di wapas ageyi kya?

  18. Priya12

    It was just amazing di…
    I luved it to the core…
    Their reunion…aww…
    Heart touching and emotional epi di…
    And thank u kriya di for posting…
    Pls come back and post ur epi soon di…pls

  19. Plsss post soon

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