Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 9th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 9th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Pam seeing Nivedita vamp packing her bags and asks where is she going. Ugly minded vamp says she is gonig back to Kolkota as her engagement is not happening. Pam says Neil agreed for engagement and asked to distribute the remaining cards. Vamp acts as getting happy and hugs her. Pam asks her to send her clothes back to Kolkota as she needs new wardrobe for US.

Suhani tells Agam that Ragini is misunerstood that Neil had an affair with Rupali, even Nivedita thinks the same. Agam says they should clear Neil and Ragini’s misunderstanding. Ragini’s mom listens to their conversation and gets shocked.

Ragini and Aman come home. Suhani opens door. Ragini goes in while Aman asks where is super naani. She says she is in. Aman comes in. Suhani in naani’s voice calls him chaman lal. Aman gets afraid and runs behind Suhani. Ragini sees them and gets happy. Ragini’s mom comes and asks Ragini to go and rest, she goes to room and asks her to send stranger Kareena to her home back as she does not want any complications. Ragini asks if anything happened. Mom says nothing happened and she wants to be careful. Ragini says she will take her papa’s number and ask him to come and take her back. Mom thinks Suhani will create more troubles in her daughter’s life.

In the morning, mom prepares paranthas and asks Sunny to give it to Suhani. Sunny asks if she mixed something in it and wants her to trap. Mom asks to stop doubting and gives paranthas to Suhani. Suhani calls her naani and thanks her. Mom says she is not her naani and wants her to call aunty. Ragini comes and asks where is Arav. Mom says he has locked inside room since yesterday. Ragini goes to Arav’s room and asks him to open door. He says he is not hungry. She insists and he opens door. He opens and asks why is she pestering. They start argument and she says she does not want him to do business before completing his studies. She says it is her and naani’s house and if he wants to stay here, he has to obey her and asks him to come and have breakfast. Arav starts crying. Suhani who hears their argument silently walks out.

Ragini comes to hospital and scolds peon for not getting documents signed. Aman comes and sends peon and asks Ragini what happened. She says Arav has locked himself inside room and wants to do business before studying, something is wrong with this generation. She says in our generation we used to think many times before taking any steps, but look at Nishi, she married before completing her studies in young age and now Arav wants to do business. Aman says he knows Arav will succeed in business and is very confident. Ragini says she is afraid of his overconfident.

Neil comes and says he has handed over cases to Dr. Asthana and will not come to hospital tomorrow. Aman asks he is still in India, then why is he quiting. He says after his engagement, he will leave and does not want to trouble some people in his hospital. He shakes his hand, says it was nice working with him, and leaves looking at Ragini. Ragini reminisces their marriage, events thereafter, events in hospital, in Nishi’s marriage, etc. Kuch to tha tere mere darmiyaan….song.. plays in the background. She starts crying seeing him walking out. He stops and reminisces she telling that he could not become her children’s father and stop trying to become their god father as Aman is there to take care of them.

Arav goes to meet Nivedita. She asks why did he come at this time. He says he wants to organize her engagement event if she does not mind. She says she does not mind, but he should take Ragini’s permission. She says if Ragini will know, there will be a big problem, so if he convinces Neil, Ragini will keep quiet. He asks if he can meet Neil. She says it is not the right time to meet Neil, so he should come some other day. He says okay and leaves. She smirks like an usual ugly vamp.

Aman sees Ragini crying and says he is missing Neil after he left and says Ragini she cannot forget Neil and neither Neil cannot forget her, so she should not let him go. She says we have a bad past. He asks to forget the past and start a new story. She says story cannot start as a lot of new pages have been added and if they she has to get close to Neil, she will have to tear those pages.

Precap: Suhani asks Ragini if she did not try to convince Agam’s dad. Ragini says she tried, but after Rupali’s death, he did not believe her, and without faith, relationships don’t work.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. This show is getting ridiculous. How much can u stretch a story yaar. If Ragini has no feelings for Amen, when the hell are they together all the time. And she still has some feelings for Neil, how come she always pushes him away every time he tries to come close to her..Ekta Kappor always messes up good stories. It’s suppose be a sweet love story between Neil n Ragini…not a over stretch crappy drama…

    1. True, Ragini is misusing Aman’s friendship to fool Neil. She herself is not honest and expecting honesty from her kids. Ragini’ s character is pathetic.

    2. Yes Raghini is misusing Aman friendship, he cannot have any other woman in his life coz of her……

    3. If I know ekta ki kamaal well, she will keep Ragini married to Aman and then to Neil again and then back to Aman and look for some more characters to marry. its typical of balaji telefilms..

  2. Hello thre, Im from South Africa, i think this is an awesome serial, Pam is a very god actor, i thik this is a good family story, unlike the others with shootings and riduculous drama. Looking forward to more family values and good storyline, the kids make up this series.
    i think the indian serials have to much of women who ae so vile and ugly, they need to change this set up.

    1. Where do live in SA?

    2. Fantastic serial – I live in KWa Zulu Natal

    3. Where do you live in SA ?

    4. Totally disagree, it started with awesome story line but sad to say now it’s going no where, it is always the problem with Akta kapoor. Execution is very poor.

    5. i think too tht indian dramas r osome but this kind of editing is just lyk wathching d same things over and over actually the same place where its pointing too so its wasting our tym lyk now if they show us tht how niel n ragini cud get back 2gether wid d kids instead of how arav plans d wed n niel n nvidita etc but rather neil must no ragini is not married n d family cumin 2gethe etc
      who agrees

  3. As all ektas serials this story also started well but now as always happens is stretching too much the same emotions playing and replaying is getting very boring. The good in ektas serials r too good aman is shown as a good character but he has become pathetic pam and mivedita the vamps have become boring . Doc neil and ragini r sounding stupid . The story now needs to end either way neil gets married pushes off and ragini carrying on as always or the vampsgetting smacked and neil and ragini together. Either way do it fast before people stop watching

  4. Story is going no where. Ragini is a confuse character. At home she says that she can’t see Neil marrying to some other girl and gives her stupid advice to Neil to get marry… Too much of dragging has almost stopped many of us watching this serial. Very sad to say but execution is very poor.

  5. I agree.This serial started with a bang and is now dragging. For the life of me I cannot understand how Doc. Neil has not figured out that Ragini is not married to Dr Aman yet people around him knows about it. Ragini is a hypocrit as she has lots of feelings for Neil but keeps pushing him away and uses Dr Aman’s to her advantage.

  6. This story is only dragging. I’ve even stopped watching it.. I read d written updates once n a while. Knowing Ekta serials only after 6 To 8 months of dragging one will see something nice..

  7. like the way writer call nivedita ugly minded vamp…bt nw serial is getting boring

  8. quboolhai4ever

    Aarav is stupid but good looking
    I don’t really ( ok not at all) understand why Neil and ragini divorced. Ekta also directed pavitra rishta right
    I read Jamai Raja, Qubool Hai and Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyar updayes daily. I’m from the Caribbean for crying out loud. Please directors of these shows. Make them something I would want to watch all the time

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