Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 8th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 8th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Dr. Neil calling Dr. Aman and asking him let him speak Pari. Aman asks Sunny tai to hand over phone to Pari. Sunny speaks and asks him to call every week as his one phone call changed everyone’s life. Ragini comes with Pari and asks whom she is talking to. She says Neil. Pari speaks to him and asks why did he leave after surgery without meeting him and says wanted to thank him. He says she can when he comes to India next time. She says she wants him to speak to Ragini. He cuts call saying he will call her later. Pari gets sad. Ragini says all big docs are same.

Pam says Karan that Agam and Suhani are adamant to meet Ragini. He says he will speak to them and if they don’t understand, he will scold them. They both come there. Pam starts bad mouthing about Ragini and says their mom was jus behind money. They say they want to know how their mom looks like. She says their mom was an opportunistic and just used her brother and her family. Agam says it is not like that. Karan says he will not allow them to go and asks them to apologize Pam. Pam says they have hurt me and have forgotten my sacrifices for them, says let them go and see themselves what mom is, they will realize then if Ragini is their mom or she is.

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Ragini says her mom that she will send money to Neil’s children at their marriage and show even she cares about them. Mom thinks Ragini loves even those kids and has save their share of love even now. Whole family gets busy with arrangements.

Neil says Agam and Suhani that they can go to India and meet their mom. They get happy hearing that and ask if he will accompany them. He says he will not. Pam asks why did he allow them. He says Ragini will not meet them and they will realize how cruel their mom is.

Sunny tai distributes wedding cards to her maid friends. One of them asks why Ragini’s husband’s name is not on it. She scolds her saying that her madam has bought up children alone since 15 years and does not need husband’s name. Ragini and Naani hears her conversation.

Pam asks her son to accompany Suhani and Agam and protect them in India. He asks her not to worry. Suhani happily hugs Pam that she is going to India.

Jignesh tries to console sad Nishi by mimicking. She says he cares for her so much, but her dad does not care about her mom at all, says her mom will perform all marriage rituals. He says he is fine with it, but what will he say his grandma. Nishi thinks he has so many family members, but her half family is America and she does not know their exact address.

Suhani reaches India and checks into hotel. She calls Pam and tells she reached India safely. Pam’s son asks waiter about Agam. Waiter gives Agam’s letter which reads he is going out to see hot Indian girls. Pam scolds her son for letting Agam go alone.

Agam in a public transport bus tries to flirt with girls. All ladies start scolding and beating him. Ragini who is also in bus intervenes and asks why are they troubling this kid. Ladies ask why she is rescuing him, if he is her son. She says yes. Agam says she is his mom and came in search of her. Ragini takes him out and asks why did he enter. He says by mistake. She saw him following a girl and says we respect women in our culture, and if she sees him flirting again, she will slap him. He gets happy hearing that. She asks why is he getting happy. He says nobody scolded him like that before. She asks where does he stay, he can take a bus from nearby bus stop. He says he will get cab. She says she will drop him. He says if she is insisting he accepts her offer. They both walk smiling.

Ragini gets a cab to drop Agam. Agam gets Karan’s call and he gives it to Ragini. Karan scolds Agam for going without informing him. Ragini says Agam is fine and she is coming there to drop him. He informs Suhani about it and gets angry on Ragini that it is happening because of her. He checks her pic on net and is about to see it when he hears Agam’s sound outside and goes to scold him. He hits Agam. Agam says lady who brought him is outside and he has to give him 500 rs taxi fair, requests not to scold in front of her. They both go out and sees Ragini has already gone. Agam praises Ragini that she treated him like a mother and asks if he found Ragini on net. Karan says no as there are many Ragini’s on net. Pam calls him and he says Agam has reached hotel safely and will check out from hotel and bring him back today itself.

Pam informs Neil about Agam coming back to hotel. Neil says he will call his friend Karan and ask him to pick them up. Pam says she told kids that Karan and Dimpy are out of town, so they have to stay at hotel. Neil says they are his kids and she doe snot need to worry about them. Pam gets angry hearing that.

Precap Ragini asks Suhani to take her mom’s help in wearing sari. Suhani says she does not have mom. Ragini agrees to help her. Suhani says if her mom would have been there, she would have been just like her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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